Reality Care and Maintenence

Attached is a picture from the movie Hitch. I do love that movie, don’t y’all??!!! Hitch was released in 2005 AFTER 9/11 happened. In the picture from the movie you see 311dial911 between the picture of the man at the top and the candy bars at the bottom. The Fukushima disaster in Japan then occurred a few years after Hitch was released on March 11, 2011. Our unfine, unfriendly cabal folks enjoy planting stuff like that in all sorts of media. If it involves control, fear, lack, or SEPARATION then it supports putting money and power into their pockets. This makes it much more important for all of us to think about what we are thinking and feeling. Are we coming from a place of love and unity in our thoughts and actions? It’s not always easy!!! Let’s all keep workin’ at it!!!

Also, posted below is the same crisis actor interviewed once for 911 and once again for the recent LAX false flag events designed to create fear and get more power and money to our not-so-fine, friendly cabal folks. If you know people that are still engaging in being left-haters or right-haters, they are getting scammed by our unfine, unfriendly cabal folks too because the right and left hands both belong to the same beast that brought you this crisis actor. And this of course feeds that fear/chaos/separation system. It’s very important to check and recheck which system we are feeding. Here is the link to those two short interviews.

Fear paradigm supporters love for you to hate other people. Whatever keeps you continuing to separate yourself from others, or from uniting with yourself and others is what you are doing that is helping them to accomplish their fear and loathing, chaos paradigm. In spite of that, we are moving in a great direction full of so much potential, hope, and abundance. So exciting to see all the beauty and love around me every day! We have so many vibrant, creative, funny, wonderful people on our planet and watching over us!!! Love y’all so much!!! Tif:0) Go out and make someone’s day today!!!! We ARE getting there!!!! Macy Gray– Beauty In the World–

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