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Reincarnation Life-Beacons from 911 and OKC Bombings Beckon Us Home

In a television series called The Ghost Inside My Child about children who are pulling through startlingly clear, re-searchable facts about their previous lives, there are a couple of very important episodes that I’d like to highlight here in light of our current planetwide growing pains. 🙂  In one of the episodes, a little boy who’s race is white this time around, was able to remember so much detail of his past life as a black female named Pam, that his mother was able to find a news article on the Internet about her death in a fire. Yes, the idea of reincarnation involves white people having been black, and black people having been white, and many other races, religions, and orientations.  We’ll revisit this concept here in a minute because it is very fascinating 🙂 🙂 🙂 …

In the same television series another child’s experience of past life recall is recounted as one of the many we lost in the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001, and still another child’s past life was explored from the Oklahoma City Bombings.  Isn’t it remarkable to think that we are already getting back some of the folks we lost on those days? (See TV Series and Episode info at end of article.) This phenomenon of conscious past life recall is absolutely amazing because if we allow it to guide us, it holds within it the strength to usher in a new wave of cooperation and tolerance such that we have never seen before on this planet that will reach a tipping point rippling out to the rest of the population like outward-moving ring-waves formed like a stone dropped into a pond.

Now let me tell you why remembering who we used to be will bring this expression of worldwide sky-is-the-limit cooperation to us…  People who hold others in contempt for whatever reason usually do so because there is something that “irks” them about another person or group.  In past life regressions, one of the things we are finding is that these “irks” many times come from unresolved past lives.

For example… the woman who in this life hates people who she believes are inconsiderate and selfish because she had a past life lived as someone who was very inconsiderate to other people by thinking only of her needs and wants and never those of others.  She did not resolve this issue of being inconsiderate in that life, so she came into this life choosing instead to express and experience being highly considerate of others so much so that she developed a distaste for inconsiderate people.

Once she truly remembers that she, herself was an extremely inconsiderate person in another life, it helps her to more easily tolerate those she deems inconsiderate in this life because she will respect that their experience now will lead to something better eventually since it did so for her.  This concept also brings her peace of mind that we are moving to something better by being patient and tolerant with each other as we move through this difficult growth spurt in our planet’s future history that we are presently traversing. 🙂  While these things are true, I do believe, however, that these past life memories are NOT coming to us as an excuse to stop improving who we are in this life.

They are coming to us as tools to use in order to learn to be MORE LOVING by accepting each other as we are all growing.  Babies do not go through teething or needing diapers forever.  These are phases we are all moving through and allowing space for toward each other, and loving guidance without the hateful/hurtful stuff is helpful and is creates the loving space we prefer, which moves us more in the direction of the unity we all crave.

When we start having: men remember themselves living lives as women and women living lives as men; minorities remembering lives as being in the majority and the reverse; poor people remembering living as the wealthy and rich living as the poor; straight men and women remembering lives lived as being gay, lesbian, and transgendered people; diseased drunks and smokers remembering lives as health nuts; dwarfs remembering lives as people so tall they bumped their heads on every doorway;  Terran humans remembering lives as being all different races of ETs;  Buddhists in this life who remember being Atheists, Mormons, Satanists, Sikhs, Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Muslims, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Republicans, Democrats, Russians, Africans, Americans, Latinos, Asians, Natives, soldiers, pacifists, animals, plants, insects, trees, rocks, and clouds…  we can then choose to incorporate these past life memories of beings we already were that lived in more loving ways making it easier for us to accept ourselves and  help us give more respect to the paths of others AS WE GROW.

In these ways we will begin to throw off our petty differences and intolerance for each other in earnest allowing us to stem the urge we feel so often to control others to make them more like us.  Our reality will shift from a them and us mentality to a reality where IT’S ALL US.   SEEING EVERYONE AS US produces a HUGE cascading shift in how we see each other that in turn causes us to begin to live differently as a race of humans.

IT BREAKS DOWN THE SYSTEM OF CONTROL THROUGH FEAR we’ve been experiencing CONCURRENTLY on the planet, AND TRANSFORMS IT into an era of celebrating who we are by living in ways that are LOVING, ACCEPTING, AND ABUNDANT.  So, I welcome these experiences with open arms.  When these memories start coming in, don’t panic and run to a psychiatrist. Instead you might prefer to just relax and allow them to filter through in order to start comparing and examining those past lives with the one you’re living now knowing the great things that are in store for all of us by releasing who we were so that we can set free the united people we’re choosing to become NOW!!! 🙂

In closing, I’d like to make something abundantly, extremely, and remarkably clear about why I felt as if I needed to write this article.  I see so many people who are very unhappy and hateful about the system we now have in place where the few are ruling the many.  However, the fact that we reincarnate and have experienced being both the victim and the aggressor means that we have all played the part of both the villain AND the hero, so it leaves us with no fingers of blame left to point at each other.

BOTH of these viewpoints are important.  And, they are both very good and very bad based on where we are choosing to be in the future.  The negative feelings are good because they HIGHLY motivate us to change the current system into something we prefer to experience.  However, those hateful feelings are bad if we are choosing to live in unity, love, and freedom because we cannot harbor those feelings toward each other and still be able to live in love and unity with each other.

So instead, we are now having to learn how to readjust our awareness by PUTTTING DOWN THOSE NEGATIVE FEELINGS about each other and how mistreated we’ve felt WHILE also USING THOSE FEELINGS AS the MOTIVATION for change.  It’s a moving adjustment from using those feelings for motivation to change, and then laying those feelings down when looking at how we feel about others.  We must learn to walk and chew gum at the same time here and be able to hold a space for both of these things within us in order to both make the changes we want to make in our world, and still become who we’ve chosen to become as a people united in PEACE AND ABUNDANCE FOR ALL on the planet.

Even though it’s clear to me that reincarnation is a fact of life, I do NOT think it gives us a pass on changing the inequality on this planet, but it does more easily allow us to LET GO OF THE BITTERNESS we feel about that inequality as we move into experiences based in love rather than in the lack of it. So, it most definitely is NOT AN EXCUSE for continuing acting in ways that are hurtful to others.

Reincarnation is a very important tool that  helps us let go of that hatred and intolerance so that we can truly step into a more loving way to live with each other and our beautiful planet.  So BOTH things are VERY important to hold in mind…the reasons we choose to change our world, and why we must let each other off the hook for choosing to engage in those experiences so that we can NOW EXPRESS AND MOVE INTO a new experience where we can ALL play the hero for finally having made the choice collectively to truly live in love, unity, and peace worldwide.

Love y’all so much!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 <3 <3


***The television series mentioned in the article is called The Ghost Inside My Child.  The following is more specific information about the episodes including the lives mentioned in the article gotten from the Internet Movie Database at;

The Ghost Inside My Child: Season 1, Episode 3

Orphan Trains & Hotel Flames (Aug. 2013)Erika and Nick were so excited when their son Luke was born. But when Luke told his mother his name was Pam from the “time before” and how he “was pushed out of heaven,” Erika became nervous.

The children in the television series, The Ghost Inside My Child, who had past lives from 911 and the OKC bombing are curiously hard to find, and I’ve not even been able to locate the correct Season and Episode, but here are Youtube clips.  Better luck to other folks who are searching and wanting to watch the entire episodes:

…Clip from a little girl named Carson who had a past life where she passed in the OKC Bombing:

…And, here is a clip from the episode with a little boy named Cade who had a past life where he passed during 911:


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