Although I don’t care much for Alex Jones’ delivery, much of his information is accurate regardless of other agendas he may have, and this 8.5 min. piece he did on subliminals being used on the public is excellent!  But, for my focus in this article, I’d like to call our attention to a particular portion of this video. At 2 mins 37 seconds into the video, we see a slowed down portion of a nationally run ad for Sharpie products where banners clearly say “STOP PROTESTING!”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i0uq_fAG3k

This tells us much about opposition.   For one thing it tells us that THEY DO NOT LIKE IT WHEN WE PROTEST!  When we come together to protest peacefully for something we all choose to see happen, such as coming together FOR GMO-free, pesticide-free, healthy, life-sustaining food coming into being, and we are doing so in a peaceful manner feeling the love for each other and actively bringing about a world based in love and abundance FOR ALL in unity and togetherness… well, this gets up the cabal’s nose right and proper, so what they have done is to send out waves of agitators to protests everywhere to try to turn them violent and negative in any way they can.

They have also sent ideas out through the lightworker and lightwarrior communities NOT to go against anything or any idea…going against things is bad… and just basically be a doormat… you don’t have to do anything or be anything, just let nature take it’s course and sit upon your butt type messages are what I’m talking about here.  Now to me that’s just silly because we came here to be and to do in a VERY physical experience.  In other words, we came here to be and do something physically, so let’s get to it. 🙂

Another message being sent through the lightworker and lightwarrior community is that when we focus upon a problem that we are energetically making the problem bigger.  But, we don’t focus upon problems.  We focus on solutions, and we must study the problem in order to do that.  And, on this planet energy flows in and manifests as it works with physicality.  So, for example, I used to be the guardian of a cat that was very smart, a calico Manx female named Gizmo.  She was a very type “A” personality.

One day she decided she wanted to get to the top of the bookshelf we had in the living room because cats do love to survey their territory from above.  Gizmo began pacing up and down the length of the bookcase on the floor and staring intently at the spot she wanted to get to, and visually studied the entire bookcase.

She paced up and down for several hours only taking a few cat breaks to eat, drink, and sleep here and there.  During her problem-solving-manifestation process, she made a few attempts that were failed attempts, but not really because they were  mistakes that helped her to correct her course, and by the end of the day, she was on top of that bookcase surveying her family from above, and she was LOVING IT!

Here is what DID NOT happen in Gizmos solution manifestation process…the bookshelf did not get taller or wider, nor did it branch any new shelves, which is what opposition are trying to get us to believe happens if we focus upon anything that could be perceived as “negative.”  So far as I know, solutions are not negative…quite the opposite in my opinion.  When I manifest a good solution, I often do a little celebratory touchdown dance and high-five anyone standing near me! 🙂

So, if we feel called to look at something, but we are uncomfortable focusing on something because we are construing it as “negative”  then flip it and think about it in a positive fashion so that it feels better, but we must not fear to look at what comes up for our attention that needs looking at!

Now balance is another thing… I do believe we need a good healthy balance in ALL things.  The job of opposition is to UNBALANCE US.  To that end, they are sending out messages through the lightworker and lightwarrior communities that we must only focus on love and light.  Doing that is just as UNBALANCED and extreme as only focusing upon hate and fear, AND it causes people to be fearful of looking directly at whatever they feel is important to look directly at.  When spirit guides us to look at something, we do not need to fear it.  We do not need to fear anything! 🙂

So being aware of how we are thinking about something such as “I am thinking about problems” versus “I am thinking about SOLUTIONS to problems and ALLOWING my heart to guide me while maintaining a good balance” is really what many of us would feel better doing.

Something else I’ve found really helpful is this where finding direction and balance are concerned: Feelings are a built in feedback to us telling us what we are being, so adjust accordingly and make changes to what is being chosen as you see fit in order to achieve the proper balance.  You are the boss here of yourself and you decide whether or not advice from others will be helpful in the direction you are choosing or not… including mine! 🙂

Thinking about things in terms of personal balance is very freeing and creative, in my humble opinion, because it unshackles us from the jumping from one foot to the other from directives coming through from opposition and from other beings that may be completely well-meaning, and gets us into a state where the focus becomes the direction in which we choose to move guided through our hearts instead of whether or not we are bad little boys and girls, or good little boys and girls which seems to be a more limiting way to think and experience.  Heart-centered individual self-responsibility through self-balance and self-direction is very freeing, expansive, and empowering!!!  And, when I’m able to maintain that balance, I feel like I’m up on top riding the best metaphorical wave on my metaphorical boogie board!

This comes from my heart and is offered for your consideration.

Love y’all!!! 🙂



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  1. Michael44

    Teriffic Aticle Tif.

    You said – “Here is what DID NOT happen in Gizmos solution manifestation process…the bookshelf did not get taller or wider, nor did it branch any new shelves, which is what opposition are trying to get us to believe happens if we focus upon anything that could be perceived as “negative.” “.

    Yes Tif, I love it. 🙂

  2. wanderer

    stop protesting as a subliminal sounds like desperation 🙂

    • It does sound like desparation to me too. If they were NOT worried about what happens when we protest together in unity, then they certainly would not bother sending in folks to turn them negative and violent, which clearly, they ARE doing. Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate ya! 🙂 Tif

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  4. Darren Lewis

    Brilliant perception. Thanks for all your work.
    I’ve been interested in reverse speech since “stairway to heaven” was reported to say things backwards. I remember getting every record we had and putting them on but runni g it backwards with my fingers to hear what I could. There were some pretty weird ones.
    Over the last couple of years I’ve been researching (researching researchers mainly, lol and fact checking (not snopes. Lol God no. Not snopes etc) actual documents etc when I could. Since Isaac Kappy came out and started naming people.
    I knew how much he loved Claire and Seth Green so to out them, he must be telling the truth, he’s actually SO SORRY he did it but had to. KUDOS TO him.
    I would drop anyone in a heartbeat at the first inkling.
    It’s a very difficult thing to hear what they are saying sometimes and you do a great job of interpreting what’s said.
    I’ve got a little app now called “say it backwards” I try to hear stuff in everything now. There’s a TV evangelist older guy short, wrinkled face like a puppet, Copeland I think. Talks in tongues occasionally. I can’t work out what he’s saying but gut instinct is bad. I can feel badness in other people sometimes, not specific, just a “no” feeling. I’m 99% right if I can shake your hand, but only with men, I find it very difficult to “feel” the soul of a woman. Cost me a lot. Lol.
    Sorry for waffling. 😊

    • Thank you so much, Darren. I have a ton of stuff not on my site on our Youtube Channels- Our Still Small Voice and Tifvision.
      Here are two interviews I’ve done with The Goldfish Report-
      What is RS, what is it, and where does it come from?

      The GoldFish Report No 500 Part 1 The Greatest Threat to Mankind with Tiffany Fontenot, Certified Reverse Speech Analyst-