Silver Legion Updates from Tanaath and Lt. Col. “A”

If you love super hero movies and tales, there’s a reason that you do. Here is some Silver Legion news. The Silver Legion are part of Earth Liberation forces here with many other ET groups helping with the shift, dealing with the cabal, and are very excited to meet and party with their Terran cosmic brothers and sisters once the worldwide cabal coup has finally been put down. It will then be time to party hardy in the streets!!! Those of you who are new to this, hang onto your hats!!! You’re in for some great times ahead. This video is Chris Hales interviewing Julien Wells who brought through one of the Silver Legion Officers. The officer, whose rank is Lieutenant Colonel, commands the Silver Legion Trollfaced Battalion which is the division responsible for capturing ships and personnel. The video is 45 minutes, and Tanaath of the Silver Legion has said that the skirmish did happen more or less the way it was described by Julien in this video. Truth is way more awesome than fiction!!!!

And, even more Silver Legion news: Tanaath, Prime Commander of the Silver Legion, and an Earth Incarnate was on The Talk With Vince Show today, Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 11am to 1pm Las Vegas, NV, USA Time, however, the broadcast apparently was not clear as it went out live so we are excitedly waiting for that to post to the archives, or on Tantarum 1’s Youtube Channel.  ****Update!!!! Here’s the interview!!!! Yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!! Tanaath’s interview starts about 21 minutes in and includes more detail about the skirmish that took place, as well as more information about the Julien Wells interview above.  Both are excellent interviews!!!  We live in exciting times!!!  Congratulations to the Trollfaced Battalion, The Silver Legion, and all the rest of the liberation forces!!! We are so glad you’re here, and we love y’all so much!!!!  It’s been a long time and we miss y’all!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  C u soon at the Earth Liberation and Shift Party!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Love from Tejas!!!


Click the link below to hear Tanaath’s interview. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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