Smart Meters for Dummies

Just a few words to those of you who have smart meters: When I lived in an apartment complex, the other side of our living room wall had ALL the electricity meters for the whole building on it. There were 17 of them. During the two years that the smart meters were installed, I had an internal pain pump implant inside my body, which can interact with the smart meters to make health matters worse.   My body quickly went down hill after having my medical condition be stable for over 12 years after the smart meters were installed.

So over a two month period of severe deterioration in my condition, I had to get my ass on disability fast. My roommate was diagnosed with colon cancer five months after the smart meters were installed, and my cat died. I was told by the power company that installed the smart meters that the Public Utilities Commission in Texas told them that they did not have to ask we consumers for permission to install them.  I had no clue that they were installed and found out by accident that they were even causing health problems for people.

I told the power company rep. that the Public Utilities Commission did not live there in my apartment, I did, and to send the analog meters right back and reinstall them. I was told that they immediately did away with the analog meters once they installed the smart meters, therefore, they would be unable to reinstall the analog meters. The smart meters affect everyone to some degree, but there are some groups more at risk. Those groups are included in the article.

Able-bodied people are having problems with one meter installed. Please be mindful of this if you live in an apartment with multiple smart meters installed in your unit. Here’s the article:

The happy ending for me so far:  Because I discovered that there really is no cure for degenerative conditions such as degenerative disc disease and arthritis, and that all they can do is up the dosage on pain meds and muscle

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