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I’m a Retired Classroom Teacher and Reverse Speech Analyst Trained by David Oates. Find Reverse Speech in CIA’s Rdg Rm as They’ve Studied It. It’s Basically Our Shared Consciousness Field Expressing Through Our Forward Speech & Is The BEST Place to Get Your News!


More Detailed Bio:

Ms. Fontenot (Fawn’ to know) took disability retirement from her career as a public school teacher around 2010 due to bioweapons assault. She has been working to help heal her body as well as to facilitate the healing of others.

She took a leap of faith in 2013 when she had her opiate pain pump removed, and started making big changes in her life mentally,
physically, and spiritually.

Ms. Fontenot has come back from being nearly bed-ridden, depending on a cane, and only being able to travel in a car for 30 minutes, to having reached a physical goal of traveling for a month in Europe in the summer of 2016.

Ms. Fontenot continues to work to move her body into full health, and no longer relies on a cane to be able to walk. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education. She earned Level One and Two Certifications from Dolores Cannon before Dolores passed, in Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy method.

Ms. Fontenot has now completed both her Reverse Speech Investigator and Analyst training. And, she has now completed her Reverse Speech Practitioner’s course taught by the discoverer of Reverse Speech over 30 years ago, with her teacher, David Oates, starting in February of 2016.

Ms. Fontenot works hard to see challenges as opportunities for improvement, and has overcome many obstacles in her life’s journey.

Her hobbies are: spending time with her very large family, playing the French Horn, writing, and doing Reverse Speech to assist people to vet public figures as a tool to improve discernment, make better choices, and to assist in choices concerning placing support to best create stronger unity and balance at home and around our world.

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  1. Alexander Nelson

    Hello, Tiffany. Just a note of encouragement. Your story is inspiring. I am one of David’s clients, and found you because I was looking for reversals on Cory Goode. Best wishes, Alexander

    • Hi Alexander, Have you seen the ones I did on Cosmic Disclosure? I’m going to be doing more ASAP. Gotta catch up on David’s Practitioner homework before I do anything else though. 😀 Thanks so much for visiting! I so hope you’re thinking about taking the courses…yaaaay! That would be so awesome! <3

  2. Laura Cristiana

    Hi Tiffany,
    Thank you so much for all you do!
    Have you ever consider doing Eric Pearl and “his” The Reconnection in reverse? They’re so called “Lightwork Healings” stink to high heaven’s as far as I’m concerned… Would be curious to see a reverse speech confirmation of what seems to be very obvious to some that are more sensitive / aware, but that fools so many thousands around the globe…
    Much love from Romania ♥

    • Thanks so much Laura Cristiana!
      No, I’d never heard of that one, but I’ll bet you’re right. I have found that darkies (those not of the light) will provide healings in exchange for herd rights even though you are not aware of that on a conscious level. I’m very hopeful that this information can spread and that RS can be used to find out proper ways of healing. We already use RS as a healing modality as well, but I’m sure that we could use it to vet others and come up with new ones besides staying in balance in the first place, I mean. HA! <3

  3. Michael Osborn

    Hi Tiffany,
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (and the top too!) for all the work you are doing! You are very brave and I am praying for you and sending healing your way. I am a long time spiritual seeker of truth, I have followed David Wilcocks career and research for over 15 years and Corey Goodes story from the beginning when he was on avalon’s forum. I watched the attacks on both of them and it triggered my underdog defense mechanism, and made me feel protective of them! I am an intuitive/empath myself and have a lot of intense experiences with psychic attacks and paranormal shit.My number one priority is the truth and growing spiritually, and I am amazed at what your reversals are showing and I feel the truth of all of it! I am convinced these inner earth beings are behind most of this channeling nonsense and loosch gathering! All the channeling sounds the same! ” Dear ones, your Nesara check is in the mail!”. As soon as you finish your training I will definitely have some sessions with you!
    Thank you so much for what you are doing!!
    Bless you, Michael Osborn

    • Thank you so much, Michael!
      Yes, that was interesting what I found out because both of those sides are guilty of the same sin and neither can see it. Bill Ryan appears to be hooked in through other ET stuff and L. Ron Hubbard, and we all know who Corey is the mouthpiece for. I hope they see it soon and pull out of it because they will be so much happier and so will everyone else connected to them. These spiritual scams are causing so much honkin’ damage on this planet! I’m so glad that you were smart enough to see it! <3

  4. J Stone

    Hi Tiffany,
    I am so impressed with the work you are doing and what is coming to light through it. I just saw your post on FB goldfish report and was wondering if you know about this site? https://www.lessemf.com/personal.html#222
    They sell clothing and even fabric that you can cover your walls with. Stay safe, Jen

    • Thank you so much! Yes, I ordered from them! The stuff I ordered helps shield at night, but does not fully block what’s being done as they switch to another mode of delivery, but at least it keeps some of it out. <3

  5. J Stone

    Sounds intense, you are a beacon of truth!

  6. Hi Tiffany,
    I heard ‘W’ called in on an Abel Danger 12/31/18 video and talks to Field McConnell towards the end . Please consider reverse speech on ‘W’ , it is not very long. Thank you.

    • Hi Lee,
      That sounds like a very interesting project. I have so many already. Plz leave the link and I’ll take a look. In the mean time, the ireversespeech app is available for download in the app store. RS is a check against the deception, secrecy, and darkness plaguing our planet. I’m only one person. So, if everyone will dig in and learn this stuff, we can really make great change! <3

  7. Vasily

    Tiffany, your Reverse Speech Technology (RST) research and analysis is truly excellent. You articles are fascinating reading. I was wondering if you could do some more RST voice analysis on Stewart Swerdlow? Most people know Swerdlow is a charlatan, a fraud, a con artist and a Satanist. Swerdlow was never even on the Montauk Project and invented his entire backstory. Information from the lies Swerdlow made up about himself at the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in February 1999, in Daytona, Florida has now given a clearer picture of the charade Swerdlow has built as his entire persona. That period in 1999 is when he really began to develop his series of invented lies about himself.

    Swerdlow does use various kinds of occultism. However, he is pretty much useless at that as well. Most of his ex-clients despise him and Janet Swerdlow because neither of them are trained, certificated or registered to deprogramme or heal anyone. Both of them have given many clients bogus advice and caused significant psychological problems for them. Swerdlow has also never done any deprogramming on ‘supersoldiers’. That is just another hoodwinking gimmick he and Janet made up. Please consider doing more reversals on Stewart Swerdlow. Then people will know he is a disinformer and a con man who simply plagiarizes other researchers information and pretends he learnt it on the Montauk Project.

    • Thanks so much, Vasily. 🙂 I have so much stuff on my plate that I’m not sure I can get to it in the near future, but I encourage you to download the ireversespeech app and see what else you can find on him. The RS I’ve found was enough for me to know that I personally will not move in their direction. Thanks so much for visiting. I so love RS. It has the potential to change our entire planet if people will roll up their sleeves, dig into it, and use it. <3

  8. Tim

    Hey Tif, check out X22 Report on YouTube for credible geopolitical and economical reports to be current with the world situation. Thanks!

  9. par

    all rights reserved

    ..if it will suit you talking on this parasitic force in action ..sorts of the “cult of anti-life” Inside The Eye Live dot com will via me invite you for an interview ..check the page out and it is surely the same force you describe in what you share with us in the GoldfishReport the same trace running through history well before the “evil addition” form the Asiatic steppes “joined their forces” ..Dennis show is never shying away from the core of reality is in the fruits of the labor as opposed to mere “beautiful words”.. ..the “two teams” (lets call them the destroyers and the builders for a visual) uses the same (beautiful/creative” words ..though the one party leaves what they say after themselves and the other leaves the quite opposite as the trail of the despair in their path.. ..Dennis has this as his main focus in his show ..and why not join forces to share your experience with him in an hours live radio interview.. ..contact me if so..


  10. Tricia

    Hi Tiffany,
    I saw you on the GF Report. Really awesome stuff you are doing. I admire your courage to continue your important work despite being targeted. I have several insights from what I have learned from a retired MI source regarding what the parasite is, how it came to exist, where it is in their hierarchy, and it is relevant to the robot you mentioned. Please contact me as I think it will help you with your work on understanding the AI.

  11. Joe

    I keep a skeptical but open mind as I find things that defy conventional science, it can not explain it all, so I’m open to this speech analysis.
    I have a special request for analysis & would prefer to discuss it in private, it does not concern any politicians, celebrities scandals etc.
    Get back to me if you are interested at the provided email, and I will set up a separate one just for any conversations.

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