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Updated Article– “Comet” ISON and ET Military Maneuvers

Strange things are afoot with the ship being escorted by two other ships who are ALL hiding inside of, and masquerading AS “Comet” ISON.  There has been a new development in FRONT of ISON.  Apparently, there is now a sphere right in front of what NASA is calling “Comet” ISON.  NASA, (Never A Straight Answer) has over 60 instruments pointed toward ISON and yet none are live real time video feeds to the public. NASA knows what’s going on, but they’re not tellin’. BIG FAT NASTY RASPBERRIES to NASA for keeping secret this vital information and being complicit with the cabal against the public! Shame on y’all!!!!

The following video is of the sphere found traveling DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ISON. It looks as if it were ATTACHED to the front of ISON while completing some sort of “mission.” Kudos to those who found this sphere amongst all the other videos as the sphere was found IN SPITE OF all NASA’s ever-more-transparent and tiresome shenanigans (Video approx. 1 minute.)

The sphere leading ISON looks very similar to the biospheres seen back in the March 2012 NASA footage of the sun, which were later confirmed to be friendly ET biospheres by Andromedan Council contactee Tolec, Galactic Federation of Planets (GFP) Diplomat Sunfire, and Silver Legion Prime Commander, Tanaath. The large biosphere in that video is called the Sarsta, but if you look very carefully, at least two other biospheres can be seen on the sun in that footage.  Here is the NASA footage of friendlies on the Sun from March 11, 2012.
(Vid. approx. 3.5 mins.)

Even though Tolec continues to say the ships hiding inside of “Comet” ISON are friendlies, Tanaath, Sunfire, and GFP President Pa’al have stated that all three of these ships are reptoid ships.  I tend to agree that they are reptoid ships from personal experiences I’ve had. I have been wondering of late if the sphere that is now in front of “Comet” ISON is a friendly ET ship on a mission to commandeer and re-purpose the reptoid ships as one of Tanaath’s Tau Cetian Protection Team members, Hank, suggested might be a good solution to the “Comet” ISON reptoid problem in a recent interview with Tanaath. This is important because it has been alluded to that these ships may be vehicles for first contact somehow. That remains to be seen…

But, one thing is for sure and for certain, It’s a very exciting time to be alive!!! Here’s to the big worldwide Earth Freedom, Reunion, and Shift party we will be attending soon with our awesome cosmic brothers and sisters!!!

Update on This Post As of November 29, 2013—  At some point AFTER this sphere appeared RIGHT IN FRONT OF ISON…   GFP diplomat, Sunfire, announced that the ships hiding inside the “Comet” had been fried by the Sun. So, this  biosphere that WAS in front of “Comet” Ison MAY HAVE ALTERED the reptoid ships hiding inside it in some way so that those reptoid ships could indeed then be fried by the Sun. We know that ET ships can withstand going through sun stargates as well as to land on suns as seen in the March 2012 NASA video above.  And, it was sometime AFTER the biosphere was seen in front of ISON that the announcement came from Sunfire that ISON had been fried… And, as a result, she said that the bad ETs in ISON were no longer a problem.  So, even though ISON lives on, it is now a kinder and more gentle version of itself now that it has been neutered!!! 🙂

Update on This Post As of December 12, 2013—  I’m gonna go on a short rant here to vent about the cabal pertaining to ISON for just one moment… I am sure that what Richard Hoagland is saying has some truth to it that  the group messing around with ISON has filled IT and all aspects TO DO with it with symbolism the cabal claim in the form of all sorts of numbers and other such symbols since those very selfish reptile folk do love a good ritual.  Adding to the symbolism is a whole lot of propaganda in the form of channeling.  Tons of “channeled” messeges are being sent out to our unwitting population from groups like the reptoid front, The Galactic Federation of Light (Lizards/Liars) also known as the The Galactic CONfederation as they do love to CON folks… who like to use artificial intelligence to parrot what legitimate sources are saying and then twist that message JUST enough to fit their own control agenda for humanity.

More propaganda is being channeled through beings like “Bashar” and other people whose intentions toward humanity have been called into question not only by GFP and Silver Legion Terran representatives, but many others who are taking a very careful look at how these groups are using deception to create followers instead of independent thinkers in order to get as many folks as possible to follow them in their own version of the Pied Piper where they are leading people astray step-by-step inch-by-inch ever so carefully in order to get them to a place where they are so lost that they are unable to get back from cult-ville by themselves.  Congratulations to those of you who have come to your senses before they got you too far away from the heard, and good luck to those of you still following these folks.

So these type folks and the very retarded cabal want their symbolism and meaning, and propaganda attached everywhere in our physical surroundings and coming through our physical senses even though most folks have no clue that it’s there… I guess so that they can just feel smug, AND to try to terrorize people who ARE consciously aware of what all of these symbols mean… TO THE CABAL.  But, right here is just a little bit of news for the ever-influencing, ever-manipulating, deceitful, arrogant and full-of-themselves cabal…WE DECIDE INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY WHAT MEANING TO ASSIGN TO THINGS regardless of YOUR intention FOR IT.  THE JIG IS UP. Now, that there “comet” ISON has been many things to many people… but… I do believe, the cabal are trying to set up ISON to the public at large to mean something in particular.

In fact I actually agree with a small slice of it. Seeing ISON now as a positive beacon is the meaning that I AM CHOOSING to assign to it.  This meaning seems to square with what the cabal are wanting us to see it as. However, they are also adding a dimension of fear into the mix trying to get folks to manifest and fear worldwide calamities and get into a disempowering mindset.   So, the KIND of change and things to come from this harbinger “comet” are where we differ. AN END to systems based on lack, fear, greed, deceit, manipulation and THE BEGINNING of systems based in abundance, tolerance, love, peace, hope, honesty, integrity… THAT IS WHAT THIS COMET NOW MEANS TO ME!!!! And, I am on the hunt for evidence that systems of LOVE are happening!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT WHEN I SEE PEOPLE POSTING STORIES ABOUT EVIDENCE OF THE NEW SYSTEM COMING IN!!! Here are two that some people posted the other day… I was so inspired to have read these stories!!!! (Both story links are provided at the end of the article.)

Those of us alive at this time on Earth have heard stories about the Christmas star that heralded the birth of Christ, and now I HAVE CHOSEN to see ISON as a beautiful “comet”  heralding the return of Christ CONSCIOUSNESS to a weary planet.  I for one look forward to seeing the Christmas time comet in the sky, and know it in MY heart as a harbinger of very good things to come!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  What do you choose??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂 Lots of Love from Fort Worth, Tejas (Texas) !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Positive Stories Indicating The New Systems and Consciousness Coming In:



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Silver Legion Updates from Tanaath and Lt. Col. “A”

If you love super hero movies and tales, there’s a reason that you do. Here is some Silver Legion news. The Silver Legion are part of Earth Liberation forces here with many other ET groups helping with the shift, dealing with the cabal, and are very excited to meet and party with their Terran cosmic brothers and sisters once the worldwide cabal coup has finally been put down. It will then be time to party hardy in the streets!!! Those of you who are new to this, hang onto your hats!!! You’re in for some great times ahead. This video is Chris Hales interviewing Julien Wells who brought through one of the Silver Legion Officers. The officer, whose rank is Lieutenant Colonel, commands the Silver Legion Trollfaced Battalion which is the division responsible for capturing ships and personnel. The video is 45 minutes, and Tanaath of the Silver Legion has said that the skirmish did happen more or less the way it was described by Julien in this video. Truth is way more awesome than fiction!!!!

And, even more Silver Legion news: Tanaath, Prime Commander of the Silver Legion, and an Earth Incarnate was on The Talk With Vince Show today, Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 11am to 1pm Las Vegas, NV, USA Time, however, the broadcast apparently was not clear as it went out live so we are excitedly waiting for that to post to the archives, or on Tantarum 1’s Youtube Channel.  ****Update!!!! Here’s the interview!!!! Yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!! Tanaath’s interview starts about 21 minutes in and includes more detail about the skirmish that took place, as well as more information about the Julien Wells interview above.  Both are excellent interviews!!!  We live in exciting times!!!  Congratulations to the Trollfaced Battalion, The Silver Legion, and all the rest of the liberation forces!!! We are so glad you’re here, and we love y’all so much!!!!  It’s been a long time and we miss y’all!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  C u soon at the Earth Liberation and Shift Party!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Love from Tejas!!!


Click the link below to hear Tanaath’s interview. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Reality Care and Maintenence

Attached is a picture from the movie Hitch. I do love that movie, don’t y’all??!!! Hitch was released in 2005 AFTER 9/11 happened. In the picture from the movie you see 311dial911 between the picture of the man at the top and the candy bars at the bottom. The Fukushima disaster in Japan then occurred a few years after Hitch was released on March 11, 2011. Our unfine, unfriendly cabal folks enjoy planting stuff like that in all sorts of media. If it involves control, fear, lack, or SEPARATION then it supports putting money and power into their pockets. This makes it much more important for all of us to think about what we are thinking and feeling. Are we coming from a place of love and unity in our thoughts and actions? It’s not always easy!!! Let’s all keep workin’ at it!!!

Also, posted below is the same crisis actor interviewed once for 911 and once again for the recent LAX false flag events designed to create fear and get more power and money to our not-so-fine, friendly cabal folks. If you know people that are still engaging in being left-haters or right-haters, they are getting scammed by our unfine, unfriendly cabal folks too because the right and left hands both belong to the same beast that brought you this crisis actor. And this of course feeds that fear/chaos/separation system. It’s very important to check and recheck which system we are feeding. Here is the link to those two short interviews.

Fear paradigm supporters love for you to hate other people. Whatever keeps you continuing to separate yourself from others, or from uniting with yourself and others is what you are doing that is helping them to accomplish their fear and loathing, chaos paradigm. In spite of that, we are moving in a great direction full of so much potential, hope, and abundance. So exciting to see all the beauty and love around me every day! We have so many vibrant, creative, funny, wonderful people on our planet and watching over us!!! Love y’all so much!!! Tif:0) Go out and make someone’s day today!!!! We ARE getting there!!!! Macy Gray– Beauty In the World–

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