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3D Close-Talkers vs. Telepathy and Channeling… Trust vs. Gullibility… And SEX :) <3 <3 <3

Hi guys, before you read this article, I’d just like to emphasize that I have discovered that it has been hacked into TWICE NOW.  I stored a copy in another place and have added back the parts that were deleted from it in bold face print.  You may like to consider the implications of why someone would do that and the parts they chose to delete.  I’ll be checking the article regularly for any more irregularities.   Thanks!  Hope you enjoy it!!!  Tif

Bringing through your own higher-self being more clearly is a form of channeling that I DO condone.  However, foreign entities, or beings that are not you, are a different matter to consider.  I know most people are really just using telepathy when they say they are channeling because it has become a bit of a catch-all term to describe communication with non 3D beings, but there are some folks who are still channeling in the literal sense… You don’t have to swallow your cell phone in order to talk on it, right??? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Why risk your body when you can just listen to someone telepathically?

Let’s just consider a couple things here… We are careful of who we invite into our homes and cars, yes?  And, hopefully our bodies as well, right???? 🙂 <3  However, If you are one who is using channeling in the literal sense of the word and inviting FOREIGN ENTITIES INSIDE YOUR BODY TO COMMUNICATE THROUGH YOU, please be advised of the following…I ran into a guy a while back who thought The Domain were great and decent folks.  And, the guy said he read The Domain
transcript.  But, really he just skimmed it and didn’t read the
transcript CAREFULLY.  It is quite lengthy. It can be found here:
So, then this guy tells me that he went to a group where they were CHANNELING these Domain beings, and I felt as if I needed to give him a heads up opportunity to look at the Domain Transcript again because he seemed to have missed a few things.I said that: Yes, I read that entire piece.  And, that if you read it carefully, Airl comes right out and says that THEIR GROUP ARE CONQUERORS and that their STRUCTURE IS HIERARCHICAL and that THE MEMBERS THAT ARE THE MOST FREE IN THEIR SOCIETY ARE AT THE TOP OF THE HIERARCHY just like the cabal on this planet.  They are telling us who they are.  Are we listening?Conquerors throughout history have lied to get what they want step by step…JUST ASK A NATIVE AMERICAN.  I’m glad that at least Airl told the truth about her race being conquerors and how they exist in their structure in her transcript. But, what do conquerors do?  They conquer.  How do they conquer?  By the use of force, deception, and lies. Conquerors are the same no matter time nor place.
ET’s that are truly positives, and do NOT belong to the “positive side” of the demiurge (both sides pos. and neg. of the demiurge are negative, but that’s another story,) have evolved past the consciousness level where conquering is still acceptable.
They do not believe that the concept of conquering other races and lands is mutually respectful, so they do not practice it.  Do we see the difference yet?  Conquerers are NOT positives…The Domain, Rigelian Greys, and Reptilians and their Cabal on this planet are all negative role players here that want to force control against the will of those people they are choosing to conquer.  Namely, they wish to subjugate Terrans and our beautiful planet.
Other things to consider: The channelings from “Archangels” “Mother Mary” “St. Germaine” “Jesus” and a whole plethora of others are usually coming from those I affectionately call the golfers, or GFofL (Galactic Federation of Light or CONfederation, or Federation of Light….they have many different names they go by) of whom Sheldan Nidle is a main contactee.  Many follow them.  They are closely associated with Ashtar command.

Most agree that the early Billy Meier visits were genuine and Semjase (Sem YA’ say,) one of Billy Meier’s ET contacts, spoke these very words about them…  She said that Ashtar Command in ALL its forms PAST AND PRESENT, IS DISINFORMATION AND LIES.   Golfers are encouraging people into “ascension chambers.”  Ascension is a natural event like a rainbow.  We do not need to experience a rainbow inside of a rainbow chamber, right??? 🙂 <3  *I think that Semjase has to also be handled with care because she is also problematic.  When dark beings see humans reaching out for contact, they are usually the first in line because you have something they want.

Right now, our natural gifts of telepathy and the like are coming back online after a looooooong hiatus, but most of us are still UNABLE to hear and see properly.  Please do not allow people you cannot see or hear, and do not know intimately into your body to communicate through you.

Physical example reflecting spiritual truth:  Beings can be at a respectful distance to you and still speak to you where you can hear them telepathically just as we expect 3D beings to do with us.

Physical example reflecting spiritual truth:  We do not tolerate personal space bubble invasions in 3D very well, do we???  Anyone know any “close-talkers?”  Do they get on your nerves and start unhinging you after a very short while because they are unaware of what a respectable distance is?  Remember Elaine’s close-talker boyfriend played by Judge Reinhold on Seinfeld?  Eh??? 🙂 <3 <3 <3  See a couple of belly-laughing scenes from that episode at the end of this article.
🙂 🙂 🙂

Lightworkers and Lightwarriors have VERY BIG HEARTS and have been taught by many messages streaming in through Negative role-players (Opposition) into our communities that we must trust in all situations.  Trust is awesome!  I love trust!!!  But, these messages are are teaching us to trust IN AN OUT OF BALANCE way.

TRUST must be BALANCED WITH PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE.  If not, then experience will be the teacher of that balance as in the case of people who are being too gullible who are taken in by criminals and con men.  Experience on this planet IS A GIFT FROM YOUR HIGHER SELF TO LEARN FROM.  It also reflects the spiritual.

Everything 3D started as NON3D, right? Everything started from a thought/vision and/or feeling and eventually became everything 3D that we can see and touch around us, right?  One is the reflection of the other and vice verse… spirit to physical, physical to spiritual reflecting back and forth… do-si-do and around we go doin’ the Cotton-Eyed Joe in the dance of life. 🙂 <3

The problem on the spiritual level is that we cannot fully see, hear, or remember, such as the chosen life at this time on the planet of a Terran, and therefore, we cannot FULLY understand and appreciate the consequences of the choices we are making on a SPIRITUAL level when we are listening and practicing the teachings of all these “Acended Masters” and the like. We may not even realize for a VERY LONG TIME what those consequences are.

Negative role-players (Opposition) take advantage of this precarious and vulnerable situation we find ourselves in as Terrans of being a bit blind and hard of hearing where the spiritual are concerned.  Opposition have been attempting to crush out our spiritual abilities and trying to divorce us from ourselves and nature for thousands of years on this planet.

What’s great about that is that Terrans are now turning the tables in a big way… very exciting time to be alive, eh??? 🙂 <3 However, opposition, being who they are will always attempt to put down our independence.  So, we need a very good process for vetting what is coming through to us in the form of messages and teachings from 3D and
NON3D folks.  (I have found that Reverse Speech can be used to actually vet these beings.  I went on to become a Reverse Speech Analyst AFTER I wrote this piece.)

So, linking our physical experience in life as a reflector of what happens spiritually is a great practice to embrace because ONE DOES REFLECT THE OTHER, right? This is the part that is largely left out of all those messages that opposition crank into our lightworker and lightwarrior communities.

Here is a great physical example that reflects the spiritual situation.  We take proper precautions when we practice sex, right?  And, how well we know and trust a sexual partner IS OF VERY HIGH IMPORTANCE IN THE TERRAN VETTING PROCESS ABOUT WHO WE CHOOSE, AND HOW WE CHOOSE TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM OR HER, RIGHT???

This physical scenario is reflecting the spiritual one that we also need to take proper, BALANCED precautions with non 3D beings as well.  See how it works?  The physical example I brought up earlier about who we allow into our houses, cars…even those we allow into our lives would be another good example.

So in a balanced response to our non3D folks, there is no need to run down the street and scream when we are approached by them, but certainly it behooves us to NOT invite them to use our bodies either. Non 3D’s earn trust and respect just like Terran 3D beings.

Thinking of NON 3Ds simply as other beings, like you were before you were born into your current body, and like those friends and family, and all other people in the history of the Earth who have crossed over…  instead of either thrusting them onto a pedestal and being mesmerized by them on one extreme, or throwing off your clothes screaming down the street in fear of them on the other extreme, using our physical experience allows us to place them into the proper balance in how and whether or not we choose to interact with them in my humble opinion.

So, in conclusion, when we come across yet another NON3D or 3D being saying he/she/it is YHWH, Jehovah, Muhammad, Cleopatra, Great Ascended Master of the Universe, GFofL, The Domain, Greys, Reptilians, Cabal, Obama, The Bushes, Alex Jones, OPPT, Veterans Today, FOX News/CNN or what have you who are teaching or “putting out there” something we’d like to discern… this is the process I go through that may be helpful for others to use to see if their teachings are useful and in my best interest for living a life that is compatible with fellow Terrans, and our beautiful planet:

Look at what’s being put out by all sides of the issue, then compare it to our own personal past experience, combine that with our observations about how a particular energy works historically out in the world, and in our own lives all the while looking at all those things through the lens of our own intuition so that we can get the proper things coming up for our attention on those matters.

So, for example, if it’s an issue involving greed of the cabal, reading how the cabal operate where greed is concerned from many points of view, how the energy of greed has worked historically in the world, and in our own lives, and paying attention and feeling into all the things coming up for our attention as we go about sorting through how that energy works will help us to pinpoint what is true.

Lasty, it is NOT disrespectful to ASK questions.  If you are not allowed to ask questions, or are made to feel uncomfortable for asking questions, and your are coming from a place of respect in order to understand to see if that information is true in order to come to higher understandings, then that is a big, fat, nasty red flag on the play. 

It’s helpful to be aware that all beings are capable of sending distracting energy which may be a POSITIVE, Powerful LOVING energy FEELING used to distract or negative feeling energy toward you to distract you so that you will not remember, or your capacity to be clear-headed is reduced to be able to ask the questions you would normally ask had they not been sitting there trying to deceive you into NOT asking particular questions.

So, if you feel that kind of energy coming in that makes you foggy and tired, or distracted, or uncomfortable when you are trying to ask questions, it’s also a red flag.  Another technique is to get mad at you or somehow make you walk on eggshells, so that you will not question what is being said. 

If you forget what your question was, all beings are also capable of helping you to remember the question as well.  Some beings are just kind of distracting with how they feel to us and they may not be trying to distract you on purpose, so you need to just let them know how you are being affected, and they will try to help.  If they do NOT try to help, then it is most likely that they ARE trying to distract you with full intent to do so.

But, really all these energies interacting from being to being actually become pretty predictable when looked at in these ways in my humble opinion. You can start to pick up patterns and see how, and under what circumstances, they repeat out in the Universe, and here on Earth in all kinds of relationships as different aspects combine and interact, which then causes our discernment and spiritual awareness to get better and better.

Are y’all familiar with the old adage that there are only seven plots… that there are no new stories, and every plot will basically fall into those seven categories? I think these energies that keep playing out in our Universe are very old, predictable energies just being expressed in new and different variations very creatively.  And, Terrans are beautiful, creative beings!!! 🙂 <3

Hope what I’m saying makes sense and is helpful.

Thanks for your consideration on these matters.  Y’all are awesome!!!

Love y’all so much!!! 🙂 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Here is a scene from the Close-Talker episode of Seinfeld…under two mins:

And one more memorable Close-Talker scene from Seinfeld…22 seconds:

Ok, one more thing… You know what, y’all are not gonna believe this but it is a totally true funny story I have to tell y’all about that episode in my life… when that Close-Talker episode of Seinfeld originally aired, I laughed so hard while I was watching it that I nearly fell off the couch, and just kept bursting into gi-normous belly laughs every time I thought about it all night long!!

So, the next day, I had a substitute teaching job in a nice elementary school that I had never taught at before there where I lived in Oklahoma at the time, and after school that day I was walking down the hall toward the office to turn my pay stuff in when the school’s elderly principal, who was really tall and thin just like Judge Reinhold, started walking toward me in the hall sticking his hand out to shake my hand while still moving in toward me, shaking my hand quickly, but continuing to move on in EVEN CLOSER, then leaned down toward my head so that he ended up with HIS NOSE SIX INCHES AWAY FROM MY NOSE…the night after the close-talker episode…

And, oh my God…it took all the strength I could muster to NOT BURST INTO LAGHTER RIGHT IN THAT POOR MAN’S FACE THAT WAS SIX INCHES AWAY FROM MINE!!!

My eyes got really big and I took a deep breath and held it, and I pursed my lips REALLY HARD TO HOLD IT IN!!! Then he introduced himself with his face STILL SIX INCHES AWAY FROM MY FACE!!! And, I then introduced myself and told him that I really enjoyed teaching at his school that day.

Then as soon as he started walking past me going the opposite direction, I busted out laughing, but in a quiet one where your whole body convulses but sound is not coming out. I made my way to the office, and once I got in, and the door closed behind me, I couldn’t hold it in any more and just was LOUDLY cracking up laughing while asking the front office ladies if they had seen Seinfeld the night before. And, all of them HAD SEEN IT!!!

Then I said, WHILE LAUGHING SO DANG HARD… well, y’alls principal just came down to meet me and was six inches from my face, and I knew there had to be a reason he was doin’ that, but because I just saw the Close-Talker episode of Seinfeld last night, I nearly busted out laughing right in that man’s face!!! And, because we had all seen the episode, ALL of us in that front office were belly laughing big time, and in between laughing where we could barely breathe, they told me that their principal was very hard of hearing and even with a bell tone device in each ear, he still was not able to hear well.

So, that solved the mystery, but it was very interesting timing indeed!!!! Hahahahah…!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Love, y’all,

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