Young Pot-Stirrers Mirror Cabal Crazies

Some of our youngsters are mirroring the negative role-players incarnated here on Earth that have been called the 1%ers, cabalists, globalists, and a host of other names.  As a teacher, I saw this behavior every once in a while, and yet repeated over and over throughout the years in my classes and other classrooms, and as an example of what I’m trying to say, I’ll explain how it worked. There will be tons of folks out there who’ll recognize this situation among children which also occurs among adults.

There are some children who, for whatever reason, develop a love of pot-stirring.  These little natural born psychologists can take an entire peaceful classroom full of children and with expert precision and skill set them against each other in ways that are amazing to behold.  Once the teacher figures out what on Earth happened to the once-peaceful classroom environment, and finally pinpoints where the problem is coming from through careful observation, that teacher will find the pint-sized pot-stirrer sitting back outside the chaos zone relaxing comfortably and marveling at what he’s accomplished.  This usually includes a deluge of bad feeling pouring out from most of his classmates, and all it took was a little strategically placed distraction and encouragement toward division one against another. The teacher can usually find this short person quietly watching his creation wearing a look of wonderment upon his face that includes a strange little smile of satisfaction.

However, once the other kids understand that their emotions are being manipulated for the pot-stirrer’s benefit, they can begin to recognize when it is happening, and start using other coping skills for that situation such as telling each other when the pot-stirrer is attempting to stir using language like, “Hey, don’t even worry about him/her because he/she is just trying to get a rise out of you.” The happy ending here is that the kids are able to gain new understandings about each other.  They start working together to become more tolerant and aware of each others’ actions and emotions.  They realize that other perspectives exist, and how to work with each other within that framework to distinguish how problems arise when one attempts to exert control over others whether overtly or covertly, or when one tries to make a person appear better or worse than another person.

Well… and so, we have here on Earth,  our small networked group of power-hungry and ridiculously wealthy folks using their money to make laws benefitting themselves while penalizing the rest of us.  These folks are very much like the classroom pot-stirrer.  Most of these guys don’t give two shites about either side of the divisive issues they create as long as those issues set all of us against each other and lead us to hand over more control and wealth to them in some manner that benefits them in multiple ways, leaving us emotionally tired, divided, and feeling less in control of our own circumstances.

The issues they create and systems they’ve set up to manipulate us get us comin’ and goin’.  And, we fall for it every time.  What systems get you comin’ and goin’?  Most can be traced back to this group such as how we are taxed when we both earn our money AND as we spend our money.  Most of this money finds its way into the pockets of this 1% Cabal.

When we see people around us getting in heated emotional debates, we might want to consider this… behaviors that do not serve us, and pot-stirrers.  One percent Cabal pot-stirrers love using their wealth and power to manipulate situations in order to get us to react in particular ways.  They are really good at finding and exploiting weaknesses such as intolerance and apathy.  Now how successful would they be at stirring the pot if we were actually tolerant of each other, and chose action over apathy?

Just sit back and pretend that you are the pot stirrer for a moment… money and power are no object, and you want to set the whole population of the Earth against itself because it brings you even more power and wealth if you are able to successfully distract and divide them.  How would you go about doing that?  What systems and issues would you create?  The one percent media, bankers, politicians and so-called leaders that have brought up these debates over and over and over again are using the same old playbook using our weaknesses to gain profit and power.  Over time we have been conditioned to argue and create our own divisive issues.

So, just like in the case of our young pot-stirrers, as soon as we become aware that we have been manipulated, the buck stops right then and there, and we can begin to empower ourselves by learning exactly what they’ve been up to.  We can begin to realize that as long as INDIVIDUAL people are not hurting others who already live and breathe on the planet, we can allow them to live the way they choose to live.  What would happen if you make the choices you feel are right for you, and let everyone else do the same???

For example, if you are uncomfortable with guns and you don’t choose to own one, then don’t, but know there may be a situation that arises where it may have come in handy.  And, if you choose to own guns, you also must bear the personal responsibility of anything that may happen because you chose to do that. The same is true for any PERSON you choose to love regardless of gender.  Why would two adults loving each other and expressing that love physically hurt someone else?  The biggest weakness our negative role-players are exploiting currently is our tolerance for OUR OWN choices and our intolerance for the choices OF OTHERS.

Another big manipulation they like to deploy is the big inaction distraction.  They love to pacify people with all kinds of distractions in order to keep folks from realizing the pot-stirring party they’ve been having at our expense.  Time to turn off the boob tube where we are constantly programed about what to think, what to buy, how to act, and most especially we are encouraged to succumb to programming TO FEAR EVERYTHING around us so that we will choose to stay safe and comfy in our homes rather than taking a long look around to see how we can think and act to deconstruct what we’ve allowed them to create by our habit of not paying proper attention and falling for all their distractions and pacification.

Our one percenters do like to create a problem that causes a certain reaction, then be right there to provide the solution that they have ready and waiting…lead them right where you want them to go. We have got to stop being so gullible and falling for the same tricks. We are absolutely drowning in all the ridiculous laws that have been created to “try” and patch up a fatally flawed system created by folks who do NOT want a system of love, peace, tolerance, and freedom. In other words, they purposely created this crazy system we find ourselves in now, and we have gone right along with it.

Isn’t it time to create something different born of love, tolerance, hope, peace, freedom, joy, passion…?  We are many, talented, creative, funny, beautiful people living upon this exquisite big blue jewel of a planet.  What talents do we have individually and as a group to best fit into deconstructing the scarcity systems they’ve created based on fear, and construct instead systems of abundance based in love???  Everyone can do something, and we don’t need permission from anyone else to start doing and living what we’ve envisioned.

Just close your eyes, be still a few minutes,  and see if you can imagine what that way of living would look like,  feel like, be like?  I imagine a world where money is not needed, free energy horded by the 1% is released so that we can spend time pursuing our passions, and being with and caring for the people and the planet that we love so much all day every day.  Pretty awesome, huh?  Sit with how the love-based world you would create would feel to you… to be out of the rat race, no money worries, in beautiful surroundings pursuing your passions, and embracing all that you love ALL the time instead of just during evenings, weekends, holidays, and after retirement!   Because emotion is one of the great ways that humans create, we can call up that feeling of how it feels to create that kind of passion and love based world often attracting the pieces of that creation to flow to us collectively to build a new system with those core positive tenants that feel so awesome to 99% of us!!!!! :0)

Having said all of that, I do not believe it is helpful to see the pot-stirrers themselves as worse or better than the rest of us either. It is just as intolerant for someone to look down on people who look down on people. :0) This stuff the one percent does is in their nature and is the experience they came here to have. We have just been very consciously unaware of it until recently, and it is challenging us to up our game big time. You don’t blame a snake for being a snake, or a scorpion for being a scorpion, right?

However, having said that, there are consequences for all of our actions, and their time of rule here is ending. I don’t suggest we get in the way of those well-earned consequences as those have been great teachers to us all.  Knowing this about our negative role players allows us not have hate in our hearts for these folks, and yet allows them to experience the consequences for all that they’ve chosen just like the rest of us, AND IT ALLOWS LEARNING TO TAKE PLACE.  I do not wish to remove these learning opportunities from them.  However, hate in our hearts for these people will cause us to become them some day.  I’m looking forward to breaking the dysfunctional cycle we’ve allowed to be created here on Earth.  And, I don’t know about y’all, but I do not need a repeat of this portion of our experience any time soon!  So, I think it best to experience love in our hearts as we create the world the way we choose.

Love y’all so much!!!


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2 responses to “Young Pot-Stirrers Mirror Cabal Crazies

  1. Juan Morel

    Yes in battling those who would subdue us we must be very careful not to become like them, and the surest path to this is the seed of hatred. When I find myself overwhelmed by their actions I ask God for assistance, and I actually try to say a prayer for them. I don’t know that my prayer will have an effect on them due to the nature of who they are, but it has an effect on me; it prevents me from hating those who wrong me. Do I still struggle? Of course! But I suppose the important thing is to just be aware of the emotions you are harboring and to just “catch yourself” whenever you let your guard down. Another great read thanks Tiff.

    • Thanks so much, Juan! And, I couldn’t agree more. Hope school is going well, and you and yours are well and happy!

      Much Love, Brotha!