26 Year Veteran World Bank Lawyer Blows the Lid Off of the Cabal


ORIGINAL ARTICLE PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 5, 2013.  Explosive interview with 26 year veteran lawyer for the World Bank, Karen Hudes, blows the lid off of the cabal and brings them screaming and screeching out into the light confirming their existence, and their complicit involvement in: media, the military, CIA (including black projects,) Vatican, Federal Reserve and their banks, the government (from federal, state, and county levels,)… and the list goes on and on trickling into every system that we have. ALL of which affects ALL of us.

I encourage everyone to take the time to both LISTEN TO this interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGCvZuzShSc&list=FLffGAIgW7E8w-ptQJCB2htQ,) SPREAD IT far and wide (as you probably will not see this in our cabal owned media,) and start talking about WHAT YOU CAN DO at the local level to strongly encourage and apply sufficient pressure to your county governments and sheriffs to assist them in making the right decisions FOR the people, and to help them break ANY TIES with the mob-like crony system of debt slavery this good ol’ boy group have created in secret in order for the rest of us to live the way THEY want so that they can continue to enjoy lavish lives at our expense for their friends and family in the system we have allowed them to create while we have been encouraged by them to be highly distracted away from what they’ve been up to. Time to wakey wakey.

One of Mrs. Hudes’ jobs at the World bank was to make sure they were in compliance with the rule of law to support their stated mission to help countries out of poverty. To her surprise, she came to understand that the system had been set up by design to do the OPPOSITE turning countries and the people in them into debt slaves including the US. Also in the process she discovered what many have suspected, that the ENTIRE stock market is gamed.

I have also put links below to two articles from legitimate sources that most should recognize around the World highlighting just some of the fallout from what this courageous woman has been doing to free us from this highly networked, parasitic group whose agenda for the people is very similar to that of Hitler. In the interview many names are named. One thing is very clear, if you run into a person who is making it their mission to work against what this woman is doing, they need to be looked at very carefully as either BEING a cabal member, or being part of the network they have set up to support them.

Dear cabal, time for a come to Jesus meeting. 🙂 Play nice. Those who are digging in their heels… time to get off the stage. The big hook is coming!

Lots of Love,


Below is the Daily Mail article alluding to Illuminatti Accounts being closed by HSBC and doors being closed to them from other banks so that they no longer have a home in which to do their dirty business. The word is out. No more hidey holes. 🙂

Below is an earlier shake-up and the closing of a Vatican account at JP Morgan.

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