Slick Tech– Replicators Replace Dollars

It really is such a shame to reinvent the wheel. This Youtube video ( is of a news report from one of our cabal media infotainment channels informing us of more new obsolete technology that can be purchased to keep us chained to their debt slavery system. However, the replicators from Star Trek already exist and have been used for a long time now by people deeply entrenched in black programs. The technology we are familiar with as replicators, black ops folks call constructors. Remember the trillions of dollars that Donald Rumsfeld announced had disappeared, and then claimed to not know where it went? And, then accidentally on purpose 9/11 happened the next day to bury the announcement for reasons of deniability? Trillions of dollars get sucked into these black projects every year and go completely unchecked.

If those technologies were brought out, then everyone would have their basic needs met, and we could transition almost immediately into a moneyless society…goodbye 40 hour work week. The clean up of Mama Earth begins in earnest with help from light beings and ETs, (might as well get used to that too even though the government has done their damnedest to keep it from the public by stealth and ridicule… this is a fact of life that needs to go ahead and sink in…they ARE here– ,) …everyone pursues his/her passions, and time becomes plentiful to spend with loved ones, and for the first time we will ALL be able to lavish attention on what each of us loves all day every day…the fear and scarcity-based corrupt systems of struggle and survival of the fittest breathe no more as the mechanism for control will have been removed, and we instead will live in systems created based on love and abundance… which is who we really are.

Dear 1%ers… We don’t need no stinking 3D printers. Bring out the good stuff y’all have been keeping for yourselves! You do not need to have more than everyone else has to be happy. Raise us all up to your level of abundance, opportunity, and prosperity. Then we’ll all be happy together, and you won’t have to worry about how you’re gonna keep us under control anymore. Everyone wins! The happy ending is that we can ALL ride off into the sunset, and a great time can be had by ALL instead of only a few. Time to get off the stage or be carried off.

With lots and lots of Love,


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