The Body Shift, Our Hoffman Lenses, and Super Saturated Solutions

Disclaimer Update to this article written August 28, 2018—

The article below was written a few years ago when many things were still hidden from my conscious awareness such as the fact that I am a #TargetedIndividual having been placed without my conscious knowledge by others into non-consensual experimentation of military weapons on human physiology and consciousness by criminals experimenting on civilians for money.

There is still much truthful information in it, but also information that was a misunderstanding of the true information and direction.  We are shifting and awakening as a race of humans, BUT the evolution experienced is resulting from a very steep learning curve not a magical, romantic movie like change and existence of fantasy.  I think it’s important to look at where we were in the past in our understanding of our own consciousness and that of the whole, so I’m leaving up the original article from 2014, but I no longer believe that our physical bodies will “ascend” like what happens in a super saturated solution.

There will have to be a physical adjustment on this planet though.  There has been a physical form of experimentation going on by the same criminal faction.  They have exposed us to something, and I’m not sure if that toothpaste can be put back in the tube completely or not.  There is also much more to learn and know concerning our leaders allowing A.I. to be released.  That toothpaste will most likely not be able to be put back into the tube either.

I think that Reverse Speech can have a roll to play in our guidance and communication concerning these things so that we don’t end up exterminating our race or allowing our consciousness to fall again in the same cycle humanity has been in as a result of allowing psychopaths to work together and indulge their psychopathy in secret on our planet.

I think that we can think of a better direction and more fun adventures to move toward besides being caught between two extremes of psychopathy for eternity.  I’m sure that the direction of our human evolution can move PAST the very juvenile existence of perpetual reaction to psychopathy.  Onward and upward!

Original Article starts here–

My personal experiences have told me something about the shift, and that is that… IT’S ON NOW!!! In other words, we have passed the point of no return and the shift is a natural event that can NOT be stopped, but it can be sped up and encouraged along on its way.  It’s only a matter of time before we hit the tipping point for our bodies to shift similar to how we’ve observed is happening to consciousness.

WHEN the tipping point happens for our bodies to shift depends on US BECAUSE WE ARE GUIDING AND DRIVING THIS EXPERIENCE.   When I say it depends on us, I mean it depends on what each and every one of us is doing and being in response to what our past experience has taught us, and the target we want to reach collectively and individually for ourselves and our children in the future.  A good Native American rule of thumb on an action before it is taken, is to think about the consequences of that action for seven generations into the future not just for us as individuals, but also for our families, community, and the rest of the world keeping in mind that sustainability stems from unity, and what one does to another, one does to himself although sometimes the cause and effect of this is very hard to see.

WHEN the body shift hits is a multidimensional phenomena driven by our collective choices, and so is VERY difficult to predict.  Weathermen predict the weather and get it wrong all the time, and I’m seeing a “kill the messenger” mentality going on quite a little bit in response to folks who have tried to predict when a certain thing will happen, but who’ve gotten it wrong.  Killing the messenger is really unwarranted from Christ all the way up to Kennedy, or even friends, or family whether in real life or on the Internet.  PREDICTIONS are called predictions because we are not certain WHEN they will occur.

The best we can do is to form an educated guess according to our own knowledge and experience. People are doing their best to be helpful in sharing their predictions, knowledge, and experience, and are being shot down for their trouble from what I’m seeing left, right, and center.  To compound and complicate matters even more, we have people deliberately thrown into the mix who are trying to stir the pot to create as much havoc, confusion, distraction, and DISUNITY as possible.

Many times it is very difficult to figure out who those people are because most of the time coming to a point of reconciliation between two parties looks identical to someone who is purposely trying to piss us off, upset the apple cart, and lead us astray in perpetuity having absolutely no intent to EVER get to a point of resolution because their clandestine goal is to keep as many people as possible in a constant state of dissolution and breaking apart rather than always trying to come back together as being the goal.  The ONLY difference between the two situations is intent which can be very hard to measure in person much less over the Internet.

Being afloat in so much disinformation as we have been, mostly created by these UNfine, UNfriendly folks, it is very easy to become so skeptical that we loose perspective and begin to trust no one and attack everyone that is not identical to us.  The enemy is seen everywhere and fearful, suspicious minds abound.  This kind of behavior is just fine with those that want us broken and under control.  So, a HEALTHY balance of skepticism (not too much, not too little) along with a big dollop of tolerance  is what seems to be in order.  And, going back to recheck that balance every once in a while is not a bad idea either.

All consciousness is not on the same level, but ALL consciousness levels ARE INCREASING.  Give folks room to grow while keeping unity in mind.  None of us thinks the same as we did years ago.  We do go through stages of consciousness, and not everyone hits each stage at the same time or age.  It’s ok to be different.  It is ok to agree to disagree and still love each other while keeping unity as the goal.

So keeping in mind that the shift is coming no matter what, but the point in the cycle where it will actually hit, and where our bodies will shift into 4D can be brought closer with what we are thinking in terms of loving ourselves and each other in the form of the choices we make and how we act that makes this concept very interesting because it feels empowering to know that every thought, word, and action we make can move this shift in our bodies forward.

Anything we can do to CREATE A FEELING OF LOVING EMPOWERMENT, while moving away from a feeling of helplessness helps to move us forward by leaps and bounds regardless of how big or small the change is, and they all have a cumulative effect!!! Right on!!!  Love that!!!  Also, the cabal and folks now at the same sort of level of consciousness as they are do hate when we are getting along and feeling empowered by taking positive action spawned from positive thoughts and words if that helps to motivate you. 🙂 🙂 🙂  Plus, the negative actions they are taking are causing waaaaaaay more positive than negative effects and each of those actions they continue to take are waking even more of our sleepwalkers.

Another great thing about the shifting of our bodies that is coming, is that the body shift alone will go a long way to flushing the cabal right on down the terlit for good. The ca-ballers and the shift ARE NOT mutually exclusive. Because our bodies shift DOES NOT MEAN that the cabal will magically disappear. However, if we have not already extracted the cabal by the time our bodies shift, the cabal will indeed be dead in the water shortly AFTER our bodies shift… BECAUSE:  We will have gained the ability to SEE, discern, and hear any little buggars trying to make mischief (It’ll be like putting on your Hoffman Lenses from the movie THEY LIVE)…  AND, eating food will be something we CAN do instead of something we MUST do in order to stay alive. Other abilities will also kick in, but those two alone will cause everyone to not have to depend on money… which removes the cabal from power right there.

The ca-ballers are unable to stay in power if we are not using their money, and we are not dependent on them or anyone else for food. This food independence will immediately free us up from the soul-killing 9-5 jobs that so many of us have, paying taxes…yada, yada, yada… Instead we will be able to spend that time and energy on our loved ones, and on going on full-throttle about the business of creating WHAT WE TRULY WANT THIS PLACE TO BECOME!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! So awesome!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh, and this is sooooooo cool… I was thinking about the BODY SHIFT as to how fast it will be and if it might be a gradient type thing or something else…that kind of thing… when something hit me hard… that usually means I have received an answer by my team or my higher self, and when I put what I received through my own little heart-mind-spirit sifter for consideration, it felt right-on with my feelings, knowledge, AND REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES as to how things ACTUALLY work DOWN HERE ON EARTH… so here is what I got about the shift for our bodies when the tipping point hits…

Y’all know that Science experiment that most people have either done in a Science class, or have seen done where a substance like salt is added to a glass of water until it reaches saturation point and then the next grain of the substance that’s added causes the mixture to crystalize??? Let me see if I can find that on Youtube… anyway that is the METAPHOR I got for how the BODY SHIFT will happen… I found exactly what I saw in my head in this Youtube video of a demo for super saturated solutions which is a little less than 3 minutes long… AWESOME!!!!!  You folks that know a ton about energetics, DNA, manifestation, sacred geometry, biology and the like may be able to envision a more complete picture to combine with this imagery.

Here is a Youtube video clip of what putting on your Hoffman Lenses will do for us, and is from the movie THEY LIVE (about 3.5 mins):

And, in this hilarious 20 second long clip also from They Live, you’ll be able to pick out the beings that are portrayed as ETs, but who are easily recognized by many people around the world as pro-elite-control-paradigm agenda, cabal-connected malevolent ET reptilians in REAL LIFE… Disclaimer= explicit language= Don’t click this link if cussin’ is a problem for you:   And, ladies… Rowdy Roddy Piper was fi-I-I-I-ine back in the day when They Live came out in 1988 which is the year after I graduated from high school!! I had such a crush on him back then!!!  In fact, I think both of us were sporting a mullet at the time… business up front…party in the back!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Big, BIG LOVE from Tejas (Texas,)



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11 responses to “The Body Shift, Our Hoffman Lenses, and Super Saturated Solutions

  1. Howdy. Got a few comments for yer posts, some of which could be very well interesting.

    First, on the Super Saturated Sollutions, had a dream that I believe pointed to the transition process. The video link provided reminded me of this dream I had. I was sitting at home looking up info on what was going on in the world and in the dream it looked like the SHTF was already on the way and that the sweeps were pretty much happening already, although I don’t remember ETs in it, I do think however that they were involved in that. I started to feel sort of tingly, looked down and saw and felt changes, my left knee that gives me pain every now and then sort of shifted and I felt no more pain while moving it, my posture changed remained straight, my excess fat started to warp and recede and became energy that got transferred to me, and all the little cuts and other blemishes on the skin sort of dried up and fell off or just receded. In the dream, these changes seemed to happen over something like 20 seconds or a few minutes, so it could very well be that a worldwide change would be gradual in this way.

    About the Hoffman Lenses, that link reminded me of how after I took a introductory rhetoric class in university, I started to be much more aware of how in commercials and in speeches, especially political speeches, I was able to tell much more clearly when something felt or looked like a crock of bull, like when listening to a political speech that made me think the person didn’t know half of what the stuff he talked about actually meant, despite how fancy and attention-grabbing the language was. It’s almost like words could just appear above their heads reading “no independent thought” or “obey” lol. My particular version of the Lenses are prone to malfunction, but gotta say it beats running blind =P.

    Anyway, have a good week and good luck on yer work against them fracking idiots (ho ho)

    • This transition dream I had also makes me think of Doctor Who and the idea of regeneration in which the character of The Doctor starts to regenerate and change into someone else. In this case we become different, only we don’t change into someone completely different necessarily and don’t forget who we were. Also, in that show the regeneration think didn’t just come around as instantaneous, it warped the body into another form, in this case the body would warp into a possibly younger, and most definetely healthier body form free of all the genetic manipulations we currently have, sporting 12 strands worth of DNA.

      • Wow, Farr! Love that dream! I’d been actually contemplating those very body areas for the transition that you mentioned… fat, skin, and any areas of the body that are damaged… That is amazing to me!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  2. Yup, like I mentioned it seemed quite remarkably similar to the regeneration idea in the series Doctor Who, only without the memory loss and without one having to necessarily look completely different.

    This has been and will continure to be a hell of a ride, it seems.

  3. Juan Morel

    Tiffany this is an amazing piece, would you mind if I posted this on my Univer SalSage FB account? I also have a few questions for you. You seem to be a person who balances intuition and logic, and who has respect for both the divine feminine and masculine energies (these days the masculine is taking a tremendous beat-down in the New Age communities, which is, in my opinion, not the right way to balance things out…but that is another story). When you stated that your own experience leads you to believe that the shift is indeed happening, what advice or recommendations do you have for someone like me, who is still at a stage where I am open to the possibility of this shift being a reality (and in my opinion would be THE best way of exposing the Cabal as you’ve elucidated very clearly) but does not have the level of certainty that you seem to have? More specifically, are you willing to share the evidence that you have personally come across, whether it be through objective evidence or subjective experience? Some people are beginning to postulate that the idea of a shift is perhaps some “Cabal-induced” idea that would keep us distracted from what is actually going on down here. I personally do not have an answer for such individuals, because while I have had some amazing experiences lately, I cannot say that they were conclusive in proving to me beyond any doubt that a physical shift will occur. I am more inclined to believe that this shift will be a shift in consciousness, only because I can see that in my own life and even in some of the people I interact with. Is there any evidence that you can provide for us who are not at that level of certainty? This would be tremendously helpful for many, myself included, as I must admit I was a bit dismayed by the failure of the January 2014 prediction, and even more so by the apparent “silence” that seems to have overtaken some of the source(s) I considered trustworthy. These are confusing times for many, so I do appreciate your thoughts and input. Take care Tiffany.

    • Hi Juan! So glad you like these!!! Yes I do have respect for the divine feminine and masculine, and I do balance intuition and logic… using my life experiences mainly. 🙂 I’m unable to openly discuss my personal experiences at this time, but cannot wait until I get an all clear to do so!!! If it were just me taking the risk, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But, soon hope to be able to do that in detail. What I’ve found though about sharing that information is that even if I tell everything I know and have experienced, it’s still second hand experience that must be weighed by others for their resonance with it. So, it’s still something that happened to someone else and not you. But just know that those experiences and my entire life of experiences are helping me to write these articles.

      I love that you have recognized truth in my experiences and perspective! More and more people are finding their footing in these issues as they move through them. You may have to experience alot of disinfo before you are able to recognize what is true for you when you see it. So, those experiences help you, and learning takes place regardless. So, it all counts to help us steer through this mess!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 As far as the shift and it occurring, and when it will occur, I’d look at David Wilcock’s stuff… We are already in the middle of this shift and can see in our own personal lives if we are keen observers of behavior. David has actually compiled NASA data to show a ton of the changes that are happening to Earth and in our solar system that are big indications of this shift.

      The shift in our bodies is alot trickier to pull off, but does seem to involve a tipping point that has to do with our consciousness. So, our task becomes to find the balance between what we choose to do and who we are choosing to be by our thoughts and actions and empowering ourselves to do our personal best to bring the shift forward WHILE embracing and enjoying our lives RIGHT NOW.

      So, clearing the cobwebs out, changing perspective to the positive, being in a joyful state of mind regardless of all the crap going on, calling forth the shift while taking action steps to create the world you would choose to live in and be the person you would choose to populate the planet with, all of those things are things that are helping me to stay centered and loving life. Changing focus helps quite a bit. There are always two ways to view something… positive and negative. One fun thing about the shift I’ll let you in on is that some shifting tests seem to be in progress. I have trusted friends who have witnessed parts of their bodies disappearing and then reappearing which is soooo coooool!

      As far as the cabal goes… they love for people to be upset about all their shenanigans. My advice is to look at all of this as an opportunity for growth, and above all keep your perspective. Please view these two, threeish minute clips to see how I see that because they are soooooo awesome to show how we can sabotage ourselves without realizing it where perspective is concerned…Sorry I couldn’t find ones without fekking ads on them…Grrrr! 🙂 1.) 2.)

      Keep asking yourself how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling low and defeated, it’s time to go and recharge and find the wonder, beauty, and personal empowerment in the world before jumping back into the deep end. You’re doing awesome work here, Juan! You might also read the article I wrote called, Young Pot-Stirrers Mirror Cabal Crazies because it may help change that perspective about who the cabal are, and how to shift our perspective on them to make it work for you rather than against you. It may help you to feel more empowered about what’s happening so that you’re able to act as effectively as possible during these times.

      Oh, also, you are so welcome to share any of my articles on FB on your page and in any of your groups. Just use the Facebook link at the bottom of the article, or paste in the URL address so that people who read it can be directed here to read the articles in their original source. Here’s the link for Young Pot-Stirrers… And, here is a song I love and listen to when I forget how much beauty there is in the world! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Juan Morel

        wow thanks for your detailed response, it is very much appreciated, I will reflect on the advice you have shared for my own edification…thanks again.

  4. Hey, nice post about transition Tif, and thanks Juan the part of your post that mentioned the not knowing exactly what the shift entails reminded me of something that seems to cause a lot of fear and division in the community that has looked at any information on the transiton idea. That is, many seem to fear that when this thing hits, the earth will split into two and lots of people are gonna be left in 3d with the cabal still in power, or that they’ll be left behind even if they want to shift.

    Also, there is some fear that some arbitrary system will decide “you ain’t ready for this nice shift stuff” and kill you off so you go back to 3d, or that some thing will magically teleport you to another 3d world because something decided you couldn’t shift. If any of you are in fear of this, or might have had something like someone bragging about how they are going to 5D or something and you won’t, gotta say all of the ideas I have seen and put in this post smell bad. Honestly, the idea that rings the best is the one where the person chooses conciously whether they wish to be part of it or not, and not something that something outside decides.

    Also, if this is something that is causing anxiety, fear, anger, and any other emotion of this sort, gotta say that alot of this stuff reeks of divisive and fear strategy. Also,no need to fear, enjoy your life as I’m doing my best to, which we will undoubtedly enjoy doubly so after all the shenanigans get cleared up.

    So, have a good weekend all! =D

    • Thanks Farr!!! 🙂 Stay warm!! 🙂

      • Thanks Tif! How is your enthusiams for the current situation going? I myself have noticed the information going around about actions and such, even if most news outlets still cling to celebrity gossip-style stuff hehe.

        Also been attempting to get my past life memories back, many of those dreams, like the ones abut magic I have mentioned once or twice, that ring im my head and makes me think it might be a memory sometimes look more like a tease – quite like a nudge when you don’t know what the nudge is trying to nudge you into =P

        Have a good week! Looking forward to future events.

      • Hi Farr!
        I’m seeing the same ole same ole with the usual suspects…same game different day. However, I have been taking a bit of a sabbatical here to recharge my batteries, and gain insight, inspiration, and motivation.

        These energies are very intense and staying centered is key to being and staying effective in whatever it is that we are doing. But, thought I’d hop on here to see if anything needed responding to. So glad I did! Sorry it took so long. Hope you are well and happy!