The Shift, Ghost Reality Shows, and Bill Cosby’s Brain-Damaged Children

So, this morning I went into my uncle’s room to reboot the Internet, and he was watching a ghost reality TV show where the video was being shot in the dark making everything look black-and-white on the screen.  The man standing in the middle of what looks like some sort of giant empty room starts shouting that he wants the unseen ghost to come up to him and squeeze his neck.  Then he reiterates to the unseen presence that not only does he want it to squeeze his neck, but he wants the guy to just squeeze it as HARD as he can. Strange request…

Before continuing reading the article,  you might like to pause here for a short break to view the following approximately 4 minute clip on the kind of childhood brain damage we all have according to Bill Cosby… just to get more into the spirit of this article…  You can press the back button in your browser when you’re ready to return…

Now, I think that this “Ghost-hunting” young man must STILL HAVE some of this brain damage rattling around in his head from childhood.   And, having observed that situation brought back a memory to me from when I was in my twenties, and was in the office of the principal of a School for preschool-aged children, who had just hired me to work at the school.

I was supposed to meet with her at a certain time to deal with employment paper work, but instead of finding the principal ready to meet with me, I found two sweet-looking little four-year-old girls sitting in chairs in front of her desk that had just been sent down to her office from their classroom.

I told the principal that I would just wait until she was finished with the girls, and I had a seat in the chair next to her desk, but facing the girls.  Sitting there, I wondered what on Earth these two little angels could have possibly done to have been sent to the principal’s office.

And with that thought still lingering in the air, question time had begun…  The principal asked what happened to cause the two girls to be exiled from their class, and sent to the office.  Little Stacy said that little Amy BIT her finger.  So the next question was WHY did Amy bite Stacey’s finger?  Silence… Crickets chirping… More silence…

The question was asked a couple more times in different ways when Amy, the little blonde-haired, big blue-eyed child sitting there in a beautiful white dress with black shiny shoes and a big white bow in her hair finally verbalized a response and told the principal that little Stacy had ASKED HER IF SHE WOULD LIKE TO BITE IT.  Odd…  Now THERE’S a situation you don’t run into every day! 🙂

The principal needed clarification and asked Stacy, “Did you INVITE Amy to bite your finger?” Stacey nodded yes.  Looking perplexed, the principal followed up with another question for Stacy.  “And, you GAVE Amy your finger TO BITE????”  Sweet Stacy said that she did, and that not only had she offered up her finger for Amy to bite, but that when Amy DID bite it,  she bit down HARD!!!  Bizarre…

And, what do you think the little short person who did the biting said when she was asked WHY she did it?  …wait for it…………    “I don’t knnnnooooooowwww.”  This is a clear cut case of brain damage and matches perfectly with the type of childhood brain damage Bill Cosby tries to convey to us in the hilarious video clip above from his stand up comedy routine, Bill Cosby, Himself in 1983.

Now why this type of brain damage still periodically manifests in adulthood is just as much of a mystery.  As we move closer and closer to the shift, more and more of us will start to use a natural gift we have that’s coming online, and that others have already discovered called telepathy or mindspeak.  We will hear things that our loved ones, guides, Source, The Universe, ETs, and other celestials want to say to us as we go through a process where we learn how to talk with them.

As a result, we REALLY need to get past the idea that we are the only ones here.  The idea that we are the only ones here is a VERY 3D-centric idea.  Just because WE incarnated in here at the 3D level does not mean that EVERYONE did.  Those with NON-3D bodies are around all the time, and they know that the shift is coming, so those of us who are ready to have relationships with these guys will and SOME already are.

However,  these NON3D people ARE just that… folks…beings…   They come in all shapes and sizes, but they are just like the different varieties of 3D people, animals, and insects, including all 3Ders that live on land,  in the air, and in the water… that we already see before us.  They have personalities, likes, and dislikes just like any other beings do.  What they don’t have (but what many of them can manifest for periods of time if they choose to) are 3D bodies.

Most of them are very awesome to be around, but just like in our own 3D population, you do run into the occasional asshole with a chip on his shoulder.  Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t often go up to 3D assholes with chips on their shoulders and ask them to squeeze my neck as hard as they can much less those who are NOT IN 3D form.  Just sayin’…

Keeping in mind that these are all JUST PEOPLE LIKE US is a very good thing to do, and not JUST because it’s true.  NON3D FOLK are no better or worse than we are.  There is no need to worship them, nor despise them.  They earn trust and respect just like other people have in our lives.  It’s just that they are 3D challenged right now as much as we are 4D challenged at the moment. 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, some of these folks who have convinced some of we, 3D-ers, to worship them and call them Ascended Masters and Archangels just because they CLAIM to have a particular skill set are really getting over on a bunch of us.

We in 3D bodies ALL have talents.  MOST of us deserve trust and respect in all kinds of ways…  but NOT ALWAYS… because we all have weaknesses we’re working on.  And lucky for us, we all still have strengths too!  This very normal way of being is also how it works with NON3D folk.

The fact that we are seeing such strange behaviors and phobias directed TOWARD those people WITHOUT 3D bodies is very amusing to me and I’ll tell you why… because…  before ANY of us were born…  NONE of us were in 3D bodies EITHER!!!  We just don’t remember that because it’s one of the unique things about people who incarnate here on Earth that they must live within the veil of forgetfulness.

So… as the veil THINS OUT because the shift is moving THROUGH, please do remember that WE ARE in the process of becoming spirit folk again once the BODY SHIFT from dense carbon-based 3D bodies into very light crystalline carbon-based 4D bodies is complete…not to even mention the shift in our consciousness that’s been occurring slowly but surely for some time now.  Oh… and let me just quickly take time out to send a BIG, BIG THANKS and shout-out to ALL those beings that are helping with the shift!!!!!  We love y’all!!!!

In closing… you can choose to holler at these folks like they do in the sillier brand of television ghosthunting shows… daring them to squeeze your neck if you’d like… but… you may find yourself in a stunned, embarrassed silence from our spirit folk as they witness another episode of a Bill Cosby 3D brain damage moment.

So, instead of showing your ass to our NON 3D folk, you might consider extending your hand and welcoming them back into a relationship with us as the shift ramps up because we are already starting to hear them and see them more and more.

And, as I’ve said before, this is such an exciting time to be alive to witness our reunion with those we’ve not seen for so long!!!  Very awesome!!!  Love y’all!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Love from Tejas (Texas)!

Tif 🙂 🙂 🙂

For further exploration in this area, you might consider listening to an interview with some people who are already exploring relationships with non 3D Sasquatch beings as well as some of our non 3D Et friendlies from the planet Dakote in the Taygeta star system which is in the Pleiades, who have expressed to us through one of their contactees that they are progenitors of our present day Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota native Americans.  The first link is the interview titled The Long Conversation from their Dec. 4th show (approx. 182 minutes,) and the second is the Dakote migration story (approx. 23 minutes.)  Enjoy! 🙂


Dec. 4, 2013 Show, The Long Conversation… Description from their website below— “Julien Wells begins todays show with another update followed by the complete interview with John Allen and Thomas Hughes. These extraordinary gentlemen both have extensive relationships with and experiences of the Sasquatch people. aka the Hairy Folk…
See you there!”:


The Dakote Migration (to Earth) story:


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7 responses to “The Shift, Ghost Reality Shows, and Bill Cosby’s Brain-Damaged Children

  1. Love this article Tif. Thanks for the bit about Ascended Masters and Archangels – seems like everyone nowadays is suddenly in contact with them, and there are so many conflicting ‘channellings’ they are beginning to lose a lot of their credibility for me at times

    • Thank you so much, Louise! I’m so pleased that you liked it. Yeah, most of those channeled messages inundating folks right now are designed to do several things, but one of the big ones is to continually look for guidance outside yourself and swallow what they tell you about how things are and what you should be doing with your time and energy completely at face value without question. When we allow this, we are putting them in charge of us instead of us being in charge of ourselves. That is what they want…P.O.O…Power Over Others instead of just being content to have power over themselves.

      It’s funny to me that many in this field believe there is a cabal trying to deceive them, but do NOT believe that deception extends anywhere else. Earth is a very, VERY compressed microcosm of the macrocosm, and so anything that you find here, you can find “out there.”

      Legitimate sources know how much deception is going on, on Earth right now as well as from those claiming to be “higher beings” that are in actuality control freaks. Legitimate sources don’t have a problem with questions. They may have a problem with people asking them questions that have BIG OL’ chips on their shoulders who are being jerky with a huge “tude” toward them. I mean, I don’t go out of my way to answer questions from those kind of folks either, who would? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Hey folks =D

        Just stopped by and noticed the posts, and wanted to add some emphasis on the discernment thing, especially if info or the person delivering it gives you a very bad feeling or something like that.

        By this I mean that one tactic to muddying the waters that I find is one of the big ones out there, aside from the well known “ridicule everything under the sun” strategy, is the one where you put out lots of different takes and sources of information that still have disinfo in them to make people confused and divided. That and use this same tactic to make people angry and frustrated. I’d call that the “over saturation of info that sounds different but is still designed to get you into pitfalls” tactic.

        One thing I find that helps when you get into the whole frustration situation is to step back and do your best not to become too emotionally invested in one source or piece of information, and to look at info from different sources. Gotta say I understand it’s actually pretty damn hard for some folks I know to not do this when stressful situations like having the IRS annoying you, but still doing this could help. Good luck to all of ye!

      • Hi Farr, Great comment!!! Thanks so much! I’m gonna also paste part of a reply to one of Juan’s comments here because it adds to what you’ve stated nicely in my opinion. Thanks again!!! Tif
        You may have to experience alot of disinfo before you are able to recognize what is true for you when you see it. So, those experiences help you, and learning takes place regardless. So, it all counts to help us steer through this mess!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 As far as the shift and it occurring, and when it will occur, I’d look at David Wilcock’s stuff… We are already in the middle of this shift and can see in our own personal lives if we are keen observers of behavior. David has actually compiled NASA data to show a ton of the changes that are happening to Earth and in our solar system that are big indications of this shift.

        The shift in our bodies is alot trickier to pull off, but does seem to involve a tipping point that has to do with our consciousness. So, our task becomes to find the balance between what we choose to do and who we are choosing to be by our thoughts and actions and empowering ourselves to do our personal best to bring the shift forward WHILE embracing and enjoying our lives RIGHT NOW.

        So, clearing the cobwebs out, changing perspective to the positive, being in a joyful state of mind regardless of all the crap going on, calling forth the shift while taking action steps to create the world you would choose to live in and be the person you would choose to populate the planet with, all of those things are things that are helping me to stay centered and loving life. Changing focus helps quite a bit. There are always two ways to view something… positive and negative. One fun thing about the shift I’ll let you in on is that some shifting tests seem to be in progress. I have trusted friends who have witnessed parts of their bodies disappearing and then reappearing which is soooo coooool!

        As far as the cabal goes… they love for people to be upset about all their shenanigans. My advice is to look at all of this as an opportunity for growth, and above all keep your perspective. Please view these two, threeish minute clips to see how I see that because they are soooooo awesome to show how we can sabotage ourselves without realizing it where perspective is concerned…Sorry I couldn’t find ones without fekking ads on them…Grrrr! 🙂 1.) 2.)

        Keep asking yourself how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling low and defeated, it’s time to go and recharge and find the wonder, beauty, and personal empowerment in the world before jumping back into the deep end. You’re doing awesome work here, Juan! You might also read the article I wrote called, Young Pot-Stirrers Mirror Cabal Crazies because it may help change that perspective about who the cabal are, and how to shift our perspective on them to make it work for you rather than against you. It may help you to feel more empowered about what’s happening so that you’re able to act as effectively as possible during these times.

        Oh, also, you are so welcome to share any of my articles on FB on your page and in any of your groups. Just use the Facebook link at the bottom of the article, or paste in the URL address so that people who read it can be directed here to read the articles in their original source. Here’s the link for Young Pot-Stirrers… And, here is a song I love and listen to when I forget how much beauty there is in the world! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Also Farr, I’m including a link to another article I did that has a big section in it and deals with disinfo as well…

    • Juan Morel

      I love your writing style Tiffany. Thanks for this piece.

      • Thanks so much, Juan! I don’t do this writing for money, so I do love a Kudo every once in a while!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, and feel free to share it!!! 🙂