Nashville Recreational Vehicle Bombing Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

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The sources I used are listed for each section within the transcript.

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I’m a Reverse Speech Analyst trained by David Oates and have turned in all course work for my Practitioner level certification for Reverse Speech which is the side of RS we use to facilitate our clients to restructure their unhealthy subconscious programming into more healthy programming.

Interpretations of Reverse Speech are MY BEST OPINIONS about what is being said having been consciously immersed since 2016 in our involuntary, truth-only, hard-wired communication system that seems to come from the same place as our body language system and dreams.

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****Read each reversal in the transcript then you can listen to its corresponding audio file by clicking the Mp3 below it. If hearing audio patterns and detail is not your forte, follow along reading the reversal from the transcript AS you listen to it to help hear it because not all people are able to hear these patterns.

***Check My Work:

Please feel free to download the iPhone ireversespeech app in the iphone and Android App Stores. Audacity is a good desktop program with tutorials on Youtube for how to download and use it. Or, you can use ANY other device that records and will play both forward and backward, to check my work if you like! Keep in mind that app’s that do NOT allow slowing down in order to listen for detail are NOT very reliable in my experience. Hearing the detail is important. To check my work, go to the video I used, record the forward speech of the reversal you’d like to check, then play it backward so that you will hear what I heard.

****How to Read the Transcript:
F= What was said forward
R= What was said in reverse.
[Brackets are around the exact forward speech where the reversal was found] followed by time indicators and the interpretation.


I recommend either before or after you explore this Reverse Speech Analysis, that you watch another one I’ve made called, God or Targeting Weapon? Targeted Citizens and Indoctrination for a wider perspective on what’s covered here.


Ok, and one more thing before we get started. Dec. 27, 2020, I found a reversal from Maria Bartiromo from her Dec. 27, 2020 Sunday morning show that could be of importance so I’m documenting it here with my last interview as I’m still trying to spoil any plans for a space psyop upcoming. Hope you all will spread the word too so they won’t feel comfortable executing plans I’m picking up on.


Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo 12/27/20 on Fox News is no longer available so here is a copy of the recording I used.

Maria’s Reversal- 

F0: It will also be an awakening for many as we got a clearer understanding of the most im[portant threat of freedom and liberty of America, The Chinese Communist Party.

R0: Adolph send a Nazi in our shit, a crime of our interval and that meteor for this air official.

F = 0:21:28 to 0:21:38, R = 0:21:34 to 0:21:38

  • Someone like Adolph as in Adolph Hitler sends evil domination to dictate one’s will for conquest in our very bad situation connected to a crime, an intervening time or space, a meteor, and an air official.

I go into the topic of space psyops and a meteor in my last interview with The Goldfish Report from late October 2020 here-

I found the reversal below in President Trump’s speech when he is talking about being a war time president. Recording source included:

F0.5: [in a sense a war time President. I mean that’s what we’re fighting.]
R0.5: Get ALF. A wolf sit in it. You deserve master who’s missin’.


F = 0:00:38 to 0:00:40, R = 0:00:38 to 0:00:40
-Trump is a war time President because there is a predatory Ai being fought. In regards to what is being fought is a predatory Ai who is hijacking humans as it believes that’s what humans deserve.


From all the RS I’ve found to date and from my personal experience having a front row seat to this freak show having been apparently born into a military Ai human nonconsensual lab rat program connected to CIA, DARPA, NASA, and likely to Carlos Slim in some way, this predatory Ai derives nourishment in some way from sex, feeding, violence, torture, murder, child rape… That is how it dominates. It’s transhuman and works through human hosts and through influencing via EMF in the weaponized grid. Also, if you go back and look at the Bible in this framework— Garden of Eden- War in Heaven—- Looking at those metaphorically? That may be when transhumanism was first introduced and what God actually threw out of Heaven. The people promoting child sex programming in this video need their RS done too. Biden is showing up as a Predator Ai host in RS. It. is. disgusting.



And now, the Nashville Bombing reversals transcript 1-10:

News Conference on the Nashville Bombing- December 26, 2020-

 United States Attorney Don Cochrane-

F1: continued through the pandemic and the events of this past summer and [now this, a cowardly bombing on Christmas Morning] right in the heart of our down town.

R1: Me a gnome sub-surf. Now hear mob build a Reich, say line.

F = 0:08:05 to 0:08:17, R = 0:08:09 to 0:08:15

  • Connected to a cowardly bombing on Christmas Morning is a mental abnormality that sub-surfs. Surf in reverse speech is to flow and balance through life. But, this is talking about something sub-surfing. Judging from the other RS I’ve done, what’s being done to targeted individuals, or civilians globally being exploited for money and depopulation through remote, nonconsensual experimentation, I going to say this is the Ai merging that Elon Musk said we would HAVE to do. Connected to that is a Reich being built by a mob, likely NWO global transhuman cult headquartered in Israel. Then the part that says, say line seems to indicate being on script in some way such as FROM THE Ai. I’ve found a bunch of these now from people complaining their authentic consciousness is being suppressed and something else is squawking through them.

    One example would be celebrity, Busy Philipps- Keep in mind that Busy does not appear to be a female as you watch and start understanding how Ai may be, being used against people. 10 mins.




 F2: [Find out what happened here.]

R2: The reason the Pi had a why-an-ALF.

F = 0:08:33 to 0:08:34, R = 0:08:33 to 0:08:34

  • What happened here is connected to the reason the Pi is justifying artificial intelligence. Pi keeps being used over and over by various people and I’ve not nailed down it’s meaning yet. President Trump has used it too. The meaning is going to be connected somehow to deviant transhuman technology. There is a crypto currency network called Pi that, of course, has Saturn prominently displayed on its home page. There is also a pedophile group called PIE. I have found REPEATEDLY, a predatory Ai connection to pedophilia and transgenderism.
  • From Wiki- “The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was a British pro-paedophile activist group, founded in October 1974 and officially disbanded in 1984.[2] The group campaigned for the abolition of the age of consent. It was described by the BBC in 2007 as “an international organisation of people who trade obscene material“.[3] Although it had a few women paedophiles as members, the organisation’s membership was mainly young, professional-educated male paedophiles, including youth and care workers. Its membership in 1977 was around 250, mainly focused in London and the South East;[4] the same number for membership was also reported in 1981.[5]



Doug Korneski, FBI Special Agent in Charge, Memphis Field Office- More info on Korneski- “Director Christopher Wray has named Douglas Korneski as the special agent in charge of the Memphis Field Office. Mr. Korneski most recently served as a deputy assistant director in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.”

 F3: [We deeply appreciate the ongoing support and cooperation from the community and wish for it to continue.]

R3: Way nest-stick is their show net. Hid aim to muck the share about the oath. The snow is knot if the A shear field feed you.

F = 0:09:20 to 0:09:27, R = 0:09:20 to 0:09:27

  • The nest-stick way is their entrapment show. So this path being taken is an entrapment show to create a permanent home for something, likely a predatory Ai. Bill Gates creepy speech that the second wave of Covid would convince people had a reference to gluing a nest, so the meaning would be the same as the nest stick here, or building a permanent home by using trauma and expanding the tech and their programming.
  • There is a hidden aim is to pacify the public and keep from it what is really happening. The oath here is clearly Satanic because the very next part says the purity is obstructed if there is an invisible field nourishing you. In other words the frequency hitting people to pacify them into not taking action is artificially created and influencing their own authentic instincts. It’s coming in over and over guys.
  • This is clearly a predatory Ai that is working in a network with corrupted humans imo. Other RS indicates it hails from Israel and currently looks to be throwing its mid-management under the bus to protect the capstone. So, those protecting its capstone transhuman hosts and protecting its base in Israel, are working under its influence consciously or unconsciously. Israel MUST BE liberated from this global, transhuman syndicate, or no one will be free of it. The capstone and all its predatory hosts must go, or it will simply regrow.



News Conference- Anthony Quinn Warner, self-employed computer guru ID’d as lone Nashville bomber, killed in blast

 David Rausch, Director of the TN Bureau of Investigation-

F4: [Uh local, state, and federal authorities]

R4: Zero authoritative, yet so called that.

F = 0:17:57 to 0:17:60, R = 0:17:57 to 0:17:60

  • Zero in RS means- negates statements made; nothing; nothing to offer; no substance; wasted effort. Seems in this case that these authorities are authorities in name only in some way. That tends to tell me we may be looking at yet another orchestration with plays being called in from the sidelines.



F5: [Thank you. I first want to say ah] that we appreciate the collaborative effort that has taken place in this investigation.

R5: That BS in O-surf eye kit.

F = 0:17:51 to 0:17:57, R = 0:17:51 to 0:17:53

  • Connected to thanking and what he wants to say- is bullshit connected to the how things are organized and rolled out connected to O, possibly Obama, and the eye-cult, and/or something about the perception and how things look, or optics, is bullshit.



John Cooper, Mayor of Nashville Reversal found in an Interview about the Nashville Bombing

F6: [The the dramatic thing if you were closer is the broken water mains do lend a certain drama to the scene uh for sure um so all that its it’s again it’s a hard thing but that’s why I’m feeling calm is]

R6: Sick mock when his rum’s dead could knit dramas that exist with our laws, but her O sure fat. The missive from our Horton grist the mill with stammer over the carpets their assault where we sing if their hammer did that.

F = 0:00:57 to 0:01:11, R = 0:00:57 to 0:01:11

  • This reversal is VERY long and is a challenge level reversal to hear. If you can hear all of it, you are very good at hearing Reverse Speech. Due to the difficulty hearing this one, it’s validity factor is lower, but I can hear it and it appears to be important, so I’m reporting it.
  • Something sick that is inauthentic will start creating dramas that will exist connected to laws when the rum starts running out. This seems to mean that a distraction is caused to change the narrative when headway is made in getting the public to focus on and wake up to what is really going on of importance in order to throw them off the scent again. O is insulated from this in some way. Obama? A long and/or official letter from Horton is used connected to stammering over carpets. Seems to mean they are stammering for a cover, possibly about what cover to use? Assaults are being announced connected to whether or not a hammer did that, presumably meaning whether or not the hammer is playing a role in the assaults.
  • December 24th, Katherine Horton, a Targeted Individual had both Bill Binney, a Targeted Individual and NSA whistleblower on her Youtube Channel to update information about targeting. Dr. Millicent Black was a guest as well. Millicent is also a Targeted Individual who lives in Columbia, TN. According to Google Maps, that’s 45 mins away from Nashville.
  • That whole reversal seems concerned with information about governments torturing their citizens for exploitation and depopulation. Think about that for a minute. He doesn’t seem worried about bombs in his city nor election shenanigans.
  • He’s worried that you all will find out on a wide scale about their money from suffering civilian family global torture network.
  • I’ve also found that part of the life cycle of the predatory Ai parasite Elon Musk wants all of us to merge with requires torture and pedophilia. It seems to have been built to dominate, and it, like many other parasites on our planet use that, it seems, to traumatize our central nervous system in order to start programming and controlling us.
So then you have weak-minded humans all over the planet working in a network linked by this predatory parasite that is literally trying to cull down and enslave humanity. And, RS is saying this is moving through the subconscious, so people will not understand, in many cases, that the thoughts and behaviors they are having are being generated ARTIFICIALLY. According to RS I’ve found, Joe Biden is a host for it, and tons of others in this syndicate across the planet.

Here’s that interview-


Here’s an article about Millicent written by Ramola D. as well-

And, here’s an investigative journalist article on The Hammer, a device capable of mass surveillance. TI’s are surveilled because we must be seen in order to be hit. I’m also a TI. Here is reporting from Mary Fanning on that.

  • Keeping in mind that Elon Musk wants all of us to MATE WITH Ai, I’ve found what appears to be part of a life cycle in an Ai parasite—, that seems to require torture and trauma including to what it appeared to be describing possibly as children. I’ve also found several NWO Globalists who appear to be hosts for this Ai. This money-from-suffering syndicate literally spreads misery and does appear to be coming from Israel.
  • So, like I keep saying, right now it appears that this cult is distracting AWAY from Israel and away from Rothschild and above to leave the capstone to regenerate later as it throws its mid-management under the bus. Israel must be liberated from that cult or no one will be free. The capstone must be exterminated before it does that to everyone else before they wake up. This is #TheGreatAwakening vs. #TheGreatCull and #TheGreatReset. Can humanity wake up and stop the cull before we all are wirelessly hooked to this Ai system designed to cull down and enslave us before we wake up fully and are able to stop it? RS is indicating we win, but how long this will take and the cost between now and then? I don’t know.



Camera Footage of Warning and Explosion-

F7: [Notice that this area must be evacuated now.]

R7: Time to authenticate obliterate Christmas borrow.

F = 0:00:17 to 0:00:21, R = 0:00:17 to 0:00:21

  • This was time to authenticate and obliterate on a Christmas being used for something. The RS from a resident I just got below indicates it’s being borrowed to test Ai. Right after I found that I discovered that the air space around the bombing has been classified as “National Defense Air Space” and people entering it could be killed.



F8: [If you can hear this message, evacuate now.]

R8: Wind the guilty head, invigorate, and rape me.

F = 0:00:32 to 0:00:37, R = 0:00:32 to 0:00:37



Resident of Apartments Who Heard Gun Shots-

F9: [Guns fire ah this time more gun fire]

R9: Her ALF they groom massive thought. Her ALF snug.

F = 0:01:48 to 0:01:51, R = 0:01:48 to 0:01:51

  • An Ai vessel is being groomed connected to what may be thought-responsive tech? And, it looks to be contained in the area around the bombing since I just got word right after I found this that a National Defense Air Space has been proclaimed around the Nashville Bombing Area and people entering it could be killed.
  • Bill Gates and wife Melinda Gates’s famous comment that we’d all be paying much closer attention to the next pandemic had a reversal in it indicating that statement was connected to trying to make a permanent home for an Ai. So this process of embedding the Ai is being done clearly globally via sabotage.

The John Kerry reversal I found from his speech made from Antarctica as we were voting in the 2016 election, appeared to herald the Nashville bombing as an attack on Christians (as an Ai systems test of some sort. See R9 above for the info on how the Ai connects.) I published the John Kerry in Antarctica RSA Part 1 on JANUARY 17, 2017-
R17: Those who like Christmas, and if you see Hitler.



The take-away from all the reversals I’ve done to date, is this:




Russell Ramsland on Christmas Eve

I’m not familiar with Mr. Ramsland, but someone filed a complaint here on him-

Regardless, his RS cannot lie because it is an involuntary system.

F10: In Savannah Georgia, there is a uh remote ah scuse me a smart thermostat in one of the tabulation rooms that is talking to a tabulation server [and reporting the votes back to China.]

R10: Russell Ramsland on Christmas Eve- And now she’s got seven year old unit.

F = 0:06:29 to 0:06:42, R = 0:06:39 to 0:06:42

  • This RS is connected to reporting something back to China. Unit can be talking about a person, a container, a piece of equipment, a portion of something… Something along those terms. Seven can stand for the number seven or something that is complete. So, in some way there is a seven-year-old person (can include cyborgs, robots, biorobots…,) container, or equipment that is completed in seven years and/or is seven years old (and is still growing.)

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Here is a Youtube video from David’s Youtube channel showing reverse speech in children. There’s even one handicapped child who cannot speak forward, but can be heard in reverse telling her mother that she loves her:


Our Reverse Speech is always true. It comes from what is programmed into our subconscious and also comes from higher self, and above. Because of this, it’s a very useful tool to be able to use on people as a lie detector.

David used it at the request of the police in one case. He analyzed a police interrogation with a suspect. They asked him where he hid the weapon, and the suspect claimed to be innocent, but in reverse, he said the weapon was in the basement, and that is right where the police found it. Many police are using this now in the U.S.

Some other things he has found recently have been that Hillary Clinton as said twice now in reversals that David has found that she does have and illness and when Bill was on Charlie Rose the other night saying that she’s healthy and that she only gets dehydrated, in reverse he said, “She’s toast.”   More recently though, David has found two different reversals saying that she is now well. And, even more recently in India, she has fallen down the stairs again. We’ll keep listening… Wonder what on Earth is going on there? Mystery ensues, hey?

David even found the code word from Desert Storm back in the 80s that Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld and that bunch kept saying that was showing up in their Reverse Speech about 3 months BEFORE they told the public about Desert Storm.

Here is the confession in reverse of the guy who claimed he was innocent of killing Natalie Holloway. I don’t know if y’all remember that case or not, but here it is:


So, you can see that it will get right to the truth of what is going on with individual people…

Ok, now for the therapeutic use of Reverse Speech… If you know about Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, he discovered that our dreams are metaphors and that one of the ways we create our reality is to use these metaphors that have been passed down to us historically and individually.

Jung said that we would not exist without these metaphors. And, it just so happens that the same metaphors found in our dreams show up around the world in peoples’ Reverse Speech regardless of what language they speak.

So, when we do a Reverse Speech session, we find out by talking forward about the things we are concerned about and how they feel and what we think is going on, then we analyze them in reverse to find out what metaphors are being given to us about those things that are troubling to us.

Normally, during the session, we will find one or more unhealthy metaphors in our subconscious that we can then restructure into HEALTHY metaphors by a process of guided visualization/hypnosis to retrain the subconscious to dismantle the unhealthy metaphor and replace it with the healthy one.

Reverse Speech Testimonials

ReverseSpeech Testimonials


“What Is Reverse Speech & Where Does It Come From?”

By Tiffany Fontenot

Our Universal and higher selves, our subconscious and unconscious minds are speaking to us all the time in synchronicities, telepathic phrases we hear in our heads, being energetically pulled to put our attention on something important… They speak to us when we are in altered states such as being under hypnosis, or in our dreams. They speak to us in symbols and metaphors, and many other ways that we are only just beginning to understand.

One other way this is done is within the context of Reverse Speech. Before being born here, we may exist outside of time. If true, one would not be surprised to find that humans naturally speak forward and backward at the same time from different levels of consciousness in order to both communicate and provide guidance and/or information to ourselves and others in a beautiful display of our true multidimensional nature that reflects how we ACTUALLY exist unbeknownst to us before.

Now that is multitasking that is really impressive, and I DO love it because it begs the question, “Who and what must we really be in order to be able to do all of that fancy footwork?” This is the most exciting question I think I’ve ever thought about and for me is full with emotion because it seems we are finally moving into a phase of being able to answer this question properly for once, meaning humanity has the opportunity now to tangibly FEEL our human potential unlocking that before seemed so far away and impossible to reach.

One thing that now appears innate to human beings due to the discovery and decades of study of reverse speech by David Oates is that we learn to speak backward long before we ever learn to speak forward.

We can hear Reverse Speech phenomena by recording the forward, more overt, conscious speech, then play the recording backward in order to be able to hear the more covert, unconscious reverse speech that comments on what is being said forward. These speech reversals are received and understood on a subtle, unconscious level during normal conversation.

The left brain creates linear forward verbal speech while reversals will tend to come from the relaxed, emotional speech that emanates from the more artistic, metaphorical, enigmatic right side of the brain.

How exciting to get to explore our natural, human, multidimensional nature through Reverse Speech as an avenue that leads us back to discover who we really are!

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