Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot on Trump Space Force, Buzz in Antarctica, And, We Lost the Tech to Go Back to the Moon?

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*Read each reversal in the transcript then you can listen to its corresponding audio file by clicking the Mp3 below it. If you are having trouble making out what the words are saying, follow along reading the reversal from the transcript AS you listen to it.

**If you are NOT familiar with what Reverse Speech is, scroll WAY down to “What Is Reverse Speech?” Then pick a mode of learning about it, interview, and/or text.

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***Please feel free to download the IPhone ireversespeech app in the Iphone Store. A future Android app is in the works. The more support RS gets, the faster that can be brought to the public. Audacity is a good app with tutorials on Youtube for how to download and use it. Or, you can use ANY other device that records and will play both forward and backward, to check my work if you like! Keep in mind that app’s that do NOT allow slowing down in order to listen for detail are NOT very reliable in my experience. Hearing the detail is important. To check my work, go to the video I used, record the forward speech of the reversal you’d like to check, then play it backward so that you will hear what I heard. 😀

****F= What was said forward, R= What was said in reverse. [Brackets are around the exact forward speech where the reversal was found] followed by time indicators and the interpretation. The forward speech will play. The reverse will play at regular speed then slowed down twice more for more detailed listening.

*****I am a Reverse Speech Analyst trained by David Oates and am nearly done with my Practitioner level certification in Reverse Speech. Interpretations are MY BEST OPINIONS about what is being said having been consciously immersed in the language we speak of truth that is in reverse due to our timeless, true multidimensional nature. Reverse Speech is involuntary and begins to form in humans starting at about 4 months of age that tells us about what is in our own subconscious and also includes information from our collective unconscious and information from spirit, and or The Universe, Higher Self, God, whatever you feel comfortable calling that.

And, now the transcript for R1-R16:

Trump Announcing Space Force
Just a note. It has been long known to many in the know that there are many levels to a Secret Space Program that’s been going on since at least the 1940’s. Trump simply made one part of it public.

F1: [When it comes to space.]

R1: See ebb switch to mark an O.

F = 0:00:02 to 0:00:04, R = 0:00:02 to 0:00:04

  • The flow of energy is switching to mark or damage O, or most likely, Obama. This also likely comments on Trump moving ahead where Obama did not in making this program public.



F2: [Too often for too many years our dreams of exploration and discovery were]…

R2: Her will Reich sittin’ the sheer oak scab is mere Nazi, and I must have seen her foul wit.

F = 0:00:04 to 0:00:09, R = 0:00:04 to 0:00:09

  • This reversal appears to be saying that the country found itself with unimportant (seems to be a demeaning use of the word, “mere”) Nazis in power causing thin strength and protection for the U.S. Trump recognized this was a bad idea for the country.



F3: Too often for too many years our dreams for discovery were [really squandered by politics and bureaucracy and we knock that out.]

R3: Bright eyed con unit is Zakari and this gets the law help. They now see loop.

F = 0:00:04 to 0:00:13, R = 0:00:09 to 0:00:13

  • In Reverse Speech, many times there are shortened and/or combined words. In this case might the name Zarkari be short for CNN and Washington Post Journalist, Fareed Zakaria? Might he be the con unit referred to by Trump? So, in that case Zakaria and/or people like him may be somehow attracting the attention of a particular group who can see something that is being repeated over and over again that may be connected to a particular behavior.  Perhaps Americans are catching on?  Citizens of the World? Perhaps Operation Mockingbird journalism is being commented upon where journalists are recruited as mouthpieces for the CIA? There may also be a connection to Loop Capital here that is connected somehow as 8 Chan has found very serious issues concerning corruption and the Deep State Globalist Crime Syndicate.



F4: [So important for our psyche what you’re doing.]

R4: Marry this so we can serve your horse.

F = 0:00:14 to 0:00:16, R = 0:00:14 to 0:00:16

  • A horse in RS is- to move forward spiritually; to be in control of one’s life with good rapport and intuition; spiritual progress; to seek truth. So this is positive intent being shown to serve for spiritual growth and truth from the commitment to create the Space Force.
  • My teacher and the one who discovered Reverse Speech, David Oates, sent me a reversal he found where Trump, before being elected, talked to us in his forward speech about the truck attack in Nice, but his RS said that he would be seeking NASA’s saucer, and here he is in 2018 putting a public face on the Secret Space Program, at least in part. Score another one for Reverse Speech! High Five!



F5: [And, Russia and other countries leading us.] We’ve always lead. We’ve gone way far afield for decades now having to do with our subject today. We’re gonna be the leader by far. We’re behind you 1000%

R5: Song it ills you, knock her, the net. I shove net.

F = 0:00:26 to 0:00:41, R = 0:00:26 to 0:00:30

  • Trump is calling out that it makes him sick to see the USA entrapped and in pain, so he is shoving that net, or moving to protect the USA.



F6: [When it comes to defending America], it is not merely enough to have an American presence in space.

R6: A crime on your Knesset, we smack an O.

F = 0:00:41 to 0:00:48, R = 0:00:41 to 0:00:43

  • This is the second time I’ve heard RS not pronounce the K in Knesset. I’m thinking it may be because in English K’s are silent when preceding an “n” at the beginning of a word although I have heard the K pronounced in RS when saying the word, Knesset. So, the Knesset is the Israeli legislature. There is a crime connected to the Knesset that is also connected to a punishment being administered to O, likely Obama.



F7: [Very importantly I’m hereby directing]

R7: It go with the RV. Mail go clear.

F = 0:00:55 to 0:00:58, R = 0:00:55 to 0:00:57

  • Ok, in the first part of this one, I can hear both RV and RB. Also, at the end, I can hear clear, fear, and/or here. Imma go ahead and publish it even though the validity factor is NOT high on this one, and everyone can take a listen and see what they think for themselves. So, here is the interpretation as written, but the reversal interpretation is way more iffy the lower the validity factor, so please keep that in mind.
  • So, the interp. would most likely mean that the RV (likely to be the currency re-evaluation) is being paired somehow with the announcement of the Space Force. Then there is some sort of message system that would be cleared as a result of some sort of connection to that pairing.



F8: …[to establish a Space Force] as the sixth branch of the armed forces.

R8: Soap sip see it shill by its suit.

F = 0:01:06 to 0:01:12, R = 0:01:05 to 0:01:08

  • There is an attempt to inject some sort of cleaning up by dressing up a swindle that is in some way connected to establishing the Space Force.



F9: With American Industry [to implement a state-of-the-art framework for Space Traffic] Management.

R9: Get Faust. Sips growth. Grow me a fly with its shit man won’t mate with.

F = 0:01:43 to 0:01:51, R = 0:01:44 to 0:01:49

  • Faust made a deal with the devil. In RS a devil indicates destructive behavior and emotions connected to this venture. When looking at its growth in this industry, there is shit going on in it that man will not accept. Shit in RS, is very bad whatever it is referring to, in this case, it appears to be the framework being rolled out by American Industry in some way. So, this deal has big issues that must be fixed. And, there is something being done within the plan to roll it out that man will not accept that may be the #TranshumanistLuciferianAgenda to mate man with cybernetics, robots, and A.I. Yes, just like The Borg in Star Trek. NOT kidding. They are forcing experimentation in this worldwide RIGHT NOW to include me in order to try and FORCE #Humanity down this path. On Youtube, see Brian Tew, Ramola D. Reports, Dr. Katherine Horton, and the Ella Free Channels for more information.
  • Speaking as a Targeted Individual, and knowing how millions of #TargetedCivilians all over the world are being tortured 24/7 and slowly killed by a global torture-extermination-experimentation grid by a very large, rogue crime syndicate networked within governments including military, and corporations across the globe so they can make money and indulge in a dark power trip together by attempting to “Stepford-Wife” all of the masses eventually through tech, I’m telling you that this crime syndicate and that way of doing business MUST BE ADDRESSED because as it says, man will not accept it. We already know these satellites torturing people all over the globe as ginea pigs, and burning up property and causing loss of life through Directed Energy Weapons is happening, so it is already in space. The reversals look to be saying that this is continuing through the Space Force.
  • So, Trump is going to have to fully address this by shutting down the torture-experimentation-extermination grid, or there will be trouble right here in River City, but this problem did NOT start with a pool table.👇👇👇

  • Here is a recent RSA I did on #Transhumanist, Dr. James Giordano. Space Force will most likely have the usual suspects involved in it that are already targeting humanity in the millions across the globe. And, by the sound of the RS we are getting, this problem has NOT been solved yet.

#Transhumanist, Dr. James Giordano, Traitor to Humanity? A Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

  •  And one more related post from my Facebook Page-



Buzz Aldrin on Antarctica Buzz’s reversals align with some very dark stuff going on down there that I found in John Kerry’s speech he made from Antarctica as well. I’ll link that 3 Part Series below Buzz’z section here.

F10: [I got outta breath. You know it’s nothing new except it’s a little more] concentrated.

R10: Her homeboy was dead. Rescue in the thunder lie. (Interviewer-Uh huh.) Their banana I got.

F = 0:01:04 to 0:01:11, R = 0:01:04 to 0:01:09

  • The homeboy may be referring to the death of John Glenn that happened close to the time that Aldrin had to be taken to safety. He was rescued, but there was a BIG lie connected to it. So something in Antarctica appears to be being compared to slipping on a banana, and may refer to getting sick in some way while in Antarctica.



F11: Cold, you got alot of heavy [stuff and not much] air to breathe up there.

R11: An owl, I need war.

F = 0:01:11 to 0:01:17, R = 0:01:11 to 0:01:13

  • The use of the word owl in this way appears to mean spy. There are spies that need war. This does appear to point to the Deep State needing war. Also, we found a reversal on Pee Pee Dossier, Perkins Coie Lawyer, Brian Svoboda that aligns with this due to the Rothschild connection to the Deep State. You can listen to those in the RSA below. They are R10 and R11.
Related Brian Svoboda RSA—



F12: Cold, you got alot of heavy stuff and not much [air to breathe up] there.

R12: We’ll-heal-the-grey, is now bought in the fudge.

F = 0:01:11 to 0:01:17, R = 0:01:13 to 0:01:16

  • This appears to mean that they have been successful (most likely through a psyop that other reversals are mentioning) in getting people’s buy-in connected to “greys” by using a method of making it look enticing, sweet, and spread thick. In RS, here is the definition of a grey- “this metaphor has been found on people who claim to have had alien experiences eg: contact, possession, abduction, implants etc; presumably referring to alien greys.” The psychopaths doing this are known to pair torture and experimentation. They have also stated that they want to pull through beings they claim will be neutral from other realms using the D-wave.
  • There has been insider info that there was a catastrophe down in Antarctica and that all these CULT members went down to look at the ruins to include the cone-headed aliens they believe they are related to who are psychopathic. So, any and all of that is fair game when talking about healing the grey. Might they be trying to bring them back to life using DNA? Cloning? No idea. What I do know is that those damn people are in-honkin’-sane! Here is a video from Richie from Boston on Geordie Rose talking about the D-Wave mission.

John Kerry RSA from his Antarctica Speech that I Did

Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of JOHN KERRY IN ANTARCTICA, Part 1, Nov. 11, 2016

Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of JOHN-KERRY’S-ANTARCTICA-SPEECH-PART-2, Nov. 11, 2016

Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of JOHN-KERRY’S-ANTARCTICA-SPEECH-PART-3, Nov. 11, 2016

Here Are Ones Not Posted to My Site Yet That Appear Related to Pedogate from Kerry’s Antarctica Speech.



Space Industry People Talking About The Missing Moon Landing Telemetry

Astronaut Don Pettit’s Reverse Speech-

F13: I’d go to the Moon [in a nano second. Uh, the problem is we don’t have the technology to do that anymore. We used to.]

R13: Words sue ye Rome in it. I did the leash along. Get the value symbol off the dot. They cast our name.

F = 0:00:15 to 0:00:23, R = 0:00:17 to 0:00:23

  • The desire to create something incurred a loss due to the actions of a conquering party. To put a leash on someone is to force them to go where you want. A conqueror party appears to have done that here most likely to Don Pettit. They seemed to need to remove something of value from closer scrutiny. Something has been thrown away or instigated that appears to have belittled his reputation in some way.



F14: We ah, [destroyed that technology.]

R14: Bees DeLonge, get that York Cid.

F = 0:00:23 to 0:00:26, R = 0:00:24 to 0:00:26

There is something harmful such as a weapon connected to technology that military leaders are using to conquer territory connected to Tom DeLonge. Tom DeLonge is former rock band member of Blink 182, Mason, and the President and CEO of To The Stars Academy that tons of people ARE DONATING $$$$$ TO.


Is Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy a Deep State Operation?



F15: It’s a [painful process to build it back again.]

R15: I get half of look what’s his half will be.

F = 0:00:27 to 0:00:30, R = 0:00:28 to 0:00:30

  • Appears as if Don Pettit may be profiting off of DeLonge’s venture in some way that may be connected to all the technology being brought up.



Gene Kranz, Apollo 11 Flight Director’s Reverse Speech-

F16: Interviewer-[But your you your own research has shown the telemetry data is missing? Kranz-That’s that’s right.]

R16: Kranz-That’s the snake. Interviewer- He sends the 88 emails. The Bushes receive. Laurie, wee yourself.

F = 0:00:48 to 0:00:52, R = 0:00:48 to 0:00:52

  • The telemetry data missing is being lied about. Looks like there is a collection of emails that have spooked the Bushes, perhaps Laura in particular that is connected to this in some way. The Bushes show up in all things criminal in Reverse Speech, folks. It never fails.


There are still ACTIVE Nazi elements that must be removed from #Humanity on Earth as well as in space to include the #LuciferianTranshumanistAgenda which has produced dark corruption and scamming that is rampant globally. Trump does appear to have the proper good intent so far, but intent alone will not fix what’s broken. I encourage folks to join me in sending prayers out to #Humanity for a full clean out of this dark corruption, and infinite benevolent blessings and protection for all benevolent beings trying to right this balance to turn the system where it should be! Thank you all for doing YOUR PART TO HELP USING YOUR OWN GIFTS AND TALENTS WHEREVER YOU ARE ABLE~!

Love y’all! 😍😘🤗🤠

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Here is an interview I did on The Goldfish Report that will help you to learn what Reverse Speech is. 1 hr. 45 mins. Video Format.

What is Reverse Speech?

 My Second Radio Show with My Reverse Speech Teacher, David Oates from Friday, April 7, 2017. Under 1 Hour

Here is my April 7, 2017 show including Reverse Speech basics, how to find them on your own, reversals on Steve Pieczenik, John Kerry revealing cabal info in his Antarctica speech, the death of Max Spiers, and Cabal World leaders fake crying to get public support to allow weaponized migrants into their countries along with regular migration. Under 1 hour. My audio segment starts at 54 minutes into the video.

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RS folks are in the process of getting a database together so that certified people under David Oates can connect our information together for the public to search through. We need waaaaaay more people to get certified. It’s hard work but is VERY rewarding!!!!

The courses are only available in English at this time, but we need both English speakers AND people who speak AND write FLUENTLY in both English and other languages. So, if you don’t mind hard work and you have good focus, and are good at audio tasks, and hearing audio patterns, PLEASE CONSIDER SIGNING UP!

What is Reverse Speech??????? Written Format

Reverse Speech comes from the same place our dreams come from. It is natural to humans and was discovered by David Oates over thirty years ago. In his research, David found out that we actually learn to speak in reverse before we learn to speak forward. We start speaking in reverse at the age of about 4 months old.

Here is a Youtube video from David’s Youtube channel showing reverse speech in children. There’s even one handicapped child who cannot speak forward, but can be heard in reverse telling her mother that she loves her:

Our Reverse Speech is always true. It comes from what is programmed into our subconscious and also comes from higher self, and above. Because of this, it’s a very useful tool to be able to use on people as a lie detector.

David used it at the request of the police in one case. He analyzed a police interrogation with a suspect. They asked him where he hid the weapon, and the suspect claimed to be innocent, but in reverse, he said the weapon was in the basement, and that is right where the police found it. Many police are using this now in the U.S.

Some other things he has found recently have been that Hillary Clinton as said twice now in reversals that David has found that she does have and illness and when Bill was on Charlie Rose the other night saying that she’s healthy and that she only gets dehydrated, in reverse he said, “She’s toast.”   More recently though, David has found two different reversals saying that she is now well. And, even more recently in India, she has fallen down the stairs again. We’ll keep listening… Wonder what on Earth is going on there? Mystery ensues, hey?

David even found the code word from Desert Storm back in the 80s that Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld and that bunch kept saying that was showing up in their Reverse Speech about 3 months BEFORE they told the public about Desert Storm.

Here is the confession in reverse of the guy who claimed he was innocent of killing Natalie Holloway. I don’t know if y’all remember that case or not, but here it is:

So, you can see that it will get right to the truth of what is going on with individual people…

Ok, now for the therapeutic use of Reverse Speech… If you know about Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, he discovered that our dreams are metaphors and that one of the ways we create our reality is to use these metaphors that have been passed down to us historically and individually.

Jung said that we would not exist without these metaphors. And, it just so happens that the same metaphors found in our dreams show up around the world in peoples’ Reverse Speech regardless of what language they speak.

So, when we do a Reverse Speech session, we find out by talking forward about the things we are concerned about and how they feel and what we think is going on, then we analyze them in reverse to find out what metaphors are being given to us about those things that are troubling to us.

Normally, during the session, we will find one or more unhealthy metaphors in our subconscious that we can then restructure into HEALTHY metaphors by a process of guided visualization/hypnosis to retrain the subconscious to dismantle the unhealthy metaphor and replace it with the healthy one.

Reverse Speech Testimonials

ReverseSpeech Testimonials


“What Is Reverse Speech & Where Does It Come From?”

By Tiffany Fontenot

Our Universal and higher selves, our subconscious and unconscious minds are speaking to us all the time in synchronicities, telepathic phrases we hear in our heads, being energetically pulled to put our attention on something important… They speak to us when we are in altered states such as being under hypnosis, or in our dreams. They speak to us in symbols and metaphors, and many other ways that we are only just beginning to understand.

One other way this is done is within the context of Reverse Speech. Before being born here, we may exist outside of time. If true, one would not be surprised to find that humans naturally speak forward and backward at the same time from different levels of consciousness in order to both communicate and provide guidance and/or information to ourselves and others in a beautiful display of our true multidimensional nature that reflects how we ACTUALLY exist unbeknownst to us before.

Now that is multitasking that is really impressive, and I DO love it because it begs the question, “Who and what must we really be in order to be able to do all of that fancy footwork?” This is the most exciting question I think I’ve ever thought about and for me is full with emotion because it seems we are finally moving into a phase of being able to answer this question properly for once, meaning humanity has the opportunity now to tangibly FEEL our human potential unlocking that before seemed so far away and impossible to reach.

One thing that now appears innate to human beings due to the discovery and decades of study of reverse speech by David Oates is that we learn to speak backward long before we ever learn to speak forward.

We can hear Reverse Speech phenomena by recording the forward, more overt, conscious speech, then play the recording backward in order to be able to hear the more covert, unconscious reverse speech that comments on what is being said forward. These speech reversals are received and understood on a subtle, unconscious level during normal conversation.

The left brain creates linear forward verbal speech while reversals will tend to come from the relaxed, emotional speech that emanates from the more artistic, metaphorical, enigmatic right side of the brain.

How exciting to get to explore our natural, human, multidimensional nature through Reverse Speech as an avenue that leads us back to discover who we really are!


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