Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of John Kerry Blaming Russia for Hospital Bombing in Aleppo

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Source Used— Note. This is not my original source, but is the correct speech given. The original source link is now dead.

*Read each reversal in the transcript then you can listen to its corresponding audio file by clicking the Mp3 below it. If you are having trouble making out what the words are saying, follow along reading the reversal from the transcript AS you listen to it.

**If you are NOT familiar with what Reverse Speech is, scroll WAY down to “What Is Reverse Speech?” Then pick a mode of learning about it, interview, and/or text.

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***Please feel free to download the IPhone ireversespeech app in the Iphone and Android App Stores. Audacity is a good desktop program with tutorials on Youtube for how to download and use it. Or, you can use ANY other device that records and will play both forward and backward, to check my work if you like! Keep in mind that app’s that do NOT allow slowing down in order to listen for detail are NOT very reliable in my experience. Hearing the detail is important. To check my work, go to the video I used, record the forward speech of the reversal you’d like to check, then play it backward so that you will hear what I heard. 😀

****F= What was said forward, R= What was said in reverse. [Brackets are around the exact forward speech where the reversal was found] followed by time indicators and the interpretation. The forward speech will play. The reverse will play at regular speed then slowed down twice more for more detailed listening.

*****I am a Reverse Speech Analyst trained by David Oates and am nearly done with my Practitioner level certification in Reverse Speech. Interpretations are MY BEST OPINIONS about what is being said having been consciously immersed in the language we speak of truth that is in reverse due to our timeless, true multidimensional nature. Reverse Speech is involuntary and begins to form in humans starting at about 4 months of age that tells us about what is in our own subconscious and also includes information from our collective unconscious and information from spirit, and or The Universe, Higher Self, God, whatever you feel comfortable calling that.

And Now the Transcript:

JK= John Kerry (Secretary of State, U.S.); JMA= Jean-Marc Ayrault (Former Prime Minister of France/Current French Foreign Minister

F1: JK- My [great pleasure to welcome] Jean-Marc Ayrault to Washington.

R1: Make a witness out here.

F = 0:00:31 to 0:00:37, R = 0:00:32 to 0:00:33

  • Kerry introduces has brought the Former Prime Minister of France in front of the audience as a witness.  JMA also mentions it later.  This seems like some sort of cabal rule system of witnessing



F2: JK- The oldest alliance and [relationship with the United] States, and a great friend and partner.

R2: Now they do business. Shill ’em.

F = 0:00:44 to 0:00:50, R = 0:00:46 to 0:00:47

  • The verb to shill means to act as an accomplice for a swindler as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others. It appears that the intent being presented in this reversal is to act in concert together to swindle.



F3: JK- Ah, ranging from Iran nu[clear agreements]…

R3: Slim your group.

F = 0:00:54 to 0:00:57, R = 0:00:56 to 0:00:57

  • This reversal appears to be talking about Mexican “Elite” cult member, Carlos Slim who is in Kerry’s group in some way.  And, Kerry and Slim are in some way connected to the Iran Nuclear agreement.
  • “illuminati Mind Control Victim Gabriela Rico Jimenez Briefly Breaks Free (English Subtitles)”
    Youtube Channel– “Q69573
    Published on Aug 31, 2012
    In August of 2009, then 21 year old Gabriela Rico Jimenez lashed out at luxury hotel and accused the Queen of England of cannibalism.
    (cannibalism in satanic rituals
    This event took place in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico in front of a hotel located at Ocampo Street in between the avenue Cuauhtémoc and Pino Suárez.
    The girl, who seemed in shock, shouted that she wanted her freedom and insisted on asserting that they ate humans, referring repeatedly to the Queen Elizabeth II of England, among others.
    One of the things she said was that “everything started in 2001, the one that knows the truth of what really happened is Carlos Slim” (the man that owns Telmex, a multi-billion dollar phone company and other enterprises).… (This link is included in the notes under the video, but the link is broken.)
    Carlos Slim is part of the Mexican elite and is worth 53 billion U.S. dollars. You can check him on Wikipedia. She is no doubt a mind control victim. I noticed some spelling errors like “discusting” I believe the translator’s use of English was flawed due to it being a second language, but I can confirm the authenticity of the translation.
    Finally Gabriela Rico Jiménez,the woman who was arrested outside a hotel In Monterrey, was helped by DIF Police of Monterrey,and after she was detained in jail by the regional police was sent to the psychiatric center of the Buenos Aires colony where she will stay indefinitely while she receives “Help and can be well cared for”. Please pray for her, and all victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse.”



F4: JK- Uh, to Africa, and unrest [and terrorism to the Middle East to]…

R4: Must seal to this arachnid.

F = 0:00:57 to 0:01:03, R = 0:01:00 to 0:01:02



F5: JK- I very much appreciate [Frances partnership with respect to Syria.]

R5: Now you resist this absolute. Pleasure helps us now.

F = 0:01:15 to 0:01:22, R = 0:01:18 to 0:01:22

  • There is resistance from France/JMA to assist in this affair, but Kerry suggests that it is best to try and make the best of the situation.



F6: JK- Last night, uh, the regime [attacked yet another hospital.] And, 20 people were killed and a hundred people were wounded.

R6: Saw her London aid. Disguised it.

F = 0:01:31 to 0:01:42, R = 0:01:36 to 0:01:38

  • Incongruent reversal. Forward Kerry blames a regime and later in the forward speech says Russia is also to blame for bombing the hospital. But, his reversal says that London aided somehow, and that there was an attack that was disguised.



F7: JK- Last night, uh, the regime attacked yet another hospital. [And, 20 people were killed and a hundred people were wounded.]

R7: The new world will be through knot in the void. There will be the ALF-net/Alph-net.

F = 0:01:31 to 0:01:42, R = 0:01:39 to 0:01:42

  • The clarity of this reversal is not of highest quality, but seems to be important so I am documenting it here. Forward Kerry speaks of carnage of the innocent dying and wounded, (and earlier reversals indicate this bombing was caused from a disguised attack by someone or some group he has been an accomplice to.) The reversal could be speaking of the New World Order. Alf could be Artificial Life Form or could be Alph that may be Alphabet connected to Google because it is Google’s parent company. Both could also be true, and do seem to be in my opinion. Google is clearly nefarious from all that I’ve found concerning it. So, presumably Kerry may be referring to a knot that is causing dysfunction such as the New World Order, and dark forces aligned with artificial intelligence that are in play with the Internet connected with all of this to entrap in some way. Some of my work on Google is below.

The Google Creepy Line, Kids, Non-Consensual Experimentation, and UFO’s Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

F8: JK- So, we look forward today [to a very frank conversation.]

R8: Yes, we’re mocking our fear again.

F = 0:02:31 to 0:02:36, R = 0:02:34 to 0:02:36

  • Incongruent reversal. Kerry is faking his concern about the conversation they will have.



F9: JK- …to deal with this bombing of Aleppo, this siege in in in [the 21st Century] this entire siege of innocent people.

R9: Seduce us her hell.

F = 0:02:53 to 0:03:03, R = 0:02:59 to 0:03:00

  • The entire siege has been a seduction of hell, or entrapment into a state of full misery and control over others. As referenced before, the help does not appear to be positive help due to two mentions of entrapment in a web in his speech already. John Kerry is seducing the fly to the spider.



F10: JK- I think it is important [for us to make it clear] publicly that if we cannot implement Minsk in the next months or arrive at a clear plan as to exactly how it is going to be implemented which we are working on, ah then it will be absolutely necessary to roll over the sanctions which is not our desire.

R10: Or else we can suffer.

F = 0:03:14 to 0:03:36, R = 0:03:15 to 0:03:17

  • This forward and reverse speech makes a full sentence that helps it to be interpreted. “I think it is important [for us to make it clear] or else we can suffer.” Kerry believes that if the finger is not pointed squarely at a false enemy, then Kerry and his group will be the ones to suffer.



F11: JK- I think it is important for us to make it clear publicly that if we cannot implement Minsk in the next months or arrive at a clear plan as to exactly how it is going to be implemented which we are working on, ah then it will be absolutely neces[sary to roll over] the sanctions which is not our desire.




R11: To roll over, hear us.

F = 0:03:14 to 0:03:36, R = 0:03:32 to 0:03:33

  • This is a partial mirror reversal where the same thing is said forward and backward. Mirror reversals are congruent. This reversal reiterates that his group will assess sanctions on the false enemy they have accused.



F12: JK- Uh, and I encourage France to work very closely with the EU 28, uh [member states, to reach] a political agreement.

R12: Steer which states surrender.

F = 0:03:50 to 0:03:58, R = 0:03:55 to 0:03:57

  • With France’s assistance, Kerry’s group is using the EU to manipulate which states they want to surrender.

F13/14/15: JK- And finally, let me just extend, uh, [my very best wishes on behalf] of our country to uh Juan Ma, [President Juan Manuel Sant]os for winning the Nobel Prize for his courageous efforts [to try to bring peace to Columbia.]

R13: Viable solution said, “Hear them.”

F = 0:04:10 to 0:04:24, R = 0:04:12 to 0:04:13

R14: There’s no slowing down. No reserve.

 F = 0:04:10 to 0:04:24, R = 0:04:16 to 0:04:17

R15: They both would seek him in Auschwitz.

F = 0:04:10 to 0:04:24, R = 0:04:22 to 0:04:24

  • As the structure of the rest of this speech is discussing how Kerry’s group are manipulating others in favor of their own agenda, this set of reversals in the same sentence seem to also be continuing in that line. Kerry is very firm that he needs viable solutions for his group’s agenda because they are going full steam ahead on their plans with no reserves. It is also very telling that the Nobel Peace prize winner is referred to in reverse as someone that is sought out in Auschwitz. Auschwitz is a metaphor that entered our collective unconscious from WWII that means intense suffering.



F16: JK- I will be talking later today with former President Uribe (Columbia) [in efforts to try to find out how we can h]elp.

R16: And, if you want an elf in Auschwitz, you’ll find it.

F = 0:04:40 to 0:04:46, R = 0:04:43 to 0:04:45

  • This is the second time Kerry has used the elf metaphor and the Auschwitz metaphor in this speech. It seems clear that Kerry and his group will offer Uribe their brand of helping them to move from order and clarity into confusion, darkness, and intense suffering into Columbia through Uribe. Kerry’s dark group is trying to gain a foothold to surround the innocents, and those who are trying to help them.



F17: JK- [Thank you for being with us. JA- Merci.] Thank you very much, uh, John. I’m very happy to, to see you again.

R17: JMA- This French JK- solo made to freak out.

F = 0:04:50 to 0:04:56, R = 0:04:50 to 0:04:52

  • This is a link reversal. It means that one statement is created by two or more people. It also has a word in French forward whose reversal is in English spoken by JMA. The rest of the statement is made by JK. Link reversals happen when rapport between the people making the statement is high. JMA seems to be nervous about what’s been going on, and Kerry is facilitating and is very attentive to his situation. We know this because earlier in the speech, he suggested that France was being coerced into this agenda, but that they should make the best of it. This statement seems to also reiterate that JMA is not comfortable with the French solo being played in this agenda, and is being forced somehow to “freak out” or do something it would not choose to do under normal circumstances.



F18: JK- Thank you for being with us. JA- Merci. [Thank you very much, uh,] John. I’m very happy to, to see you again.

R18: JMA- Must come bear witness.

F = 0:04:50 to 0:04:56, R = 0:04:52 to 0:04:53

  • Again, information suggesting that JMA is being coerced into coming to Washington DC and giving this speech on camera with John Kerry before going in to have a meeting with him.



F19: JK- Thank you for being with us. JMA- Merci. Thank you very much, uh, John. [I’m very happy to, to see you again.]

R19: JMA- Mais egoiste (But selfish) moved deep by hurt.

F = 0:04:50 to 0:04:56, R = 0:04:54 to 0:04:56

  • Part of the reversal is in French. This is an INcongruent reversal. JMA is NOT happy to see John Kerry again. He is upset. He is upset because he feels selfish and he has been deeply hurt by something.



F20: JMA- [So difficult situation, yeah, like you,] you explain in your speech.

R20: JMA-With doubt, I will share this rickety bus.

F = 0:05:10 to 0:05:16, R = 0:05:10 to 0:05:13

  • Clearly JMA is agreeing to work with Kerry and the group Kerry is assisting, but he has doubts about it because it’s going against his better judgement. He does not feel comfortable with the plan.



F21: JMA- [My first issue] is the situation in Syria.

R21: JMA- Will she succumb?

F = 0:05:18 to 0:05:22, R = 0:05:18 to 0:05:20

  • It is on JMA’s mind whether or not Syria will fall.



F22: JMA- And uh we prepared uh eh a draft for the [security council.]

R22: JMA- This mock the Turkish.

F = 0:06:14 to 0:06:20, R = 0:06:19 to 0:06:19

  • It is on JMA’s mind that an action will somehow ridicule or deny the importance of an influence in or connected to Turkey.

*Note- I’m being experimented on nonconsensually in The Civilian Torture Program. When I originally posted this work on FB, within 10 minutes, our power went off in our entire neighborhood for an hour and I was hit for over 5 days straight full blast in what appears to have been severe retaliation compared to the normal level I’m hit with 24/7/365.


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Here is my April 7, 2017 show including Reverse Speech basics, how to find them on your own, reversals on Steve Pieczenik, John Kerry revealing cabal info in his Antarctica speech, the death of Max Spiers, and Cabal World leaders fake crying to get public support to allow weaponized migrants into their countries along with regular migration. Under 1 hour. My audio segment starts at 54 minutes into the video. This first half are David Oates’ reversals of the aged who can only vocalize in their forward speech, but whose reversals are clear and help us know what they are trying to communicate.

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What is Reverse Speech??????? Written Format

Reverse Speech comes from the same place our dreams come from. It is natural to humans and was discovered by David Oates over thirty years ago. In his research, David found out that we actually learn to speak in reverse before we learn to speak forward. We start speaking in reverse at the age of about 4 months old.

Here is a Youtube video from David’s Youtube channel showing reverse speech in children. There’s even one handicapped child who cannot speak forward, but can be heard in reverse telling her mother that she loves her:


Our Reverse Speech is always true. It comes from what is programmed into our subconscious and also comes from higher self, and above. Because of this, it’s a very useful tool to be able to use on people as a lie detector.

David used it at the request of the police in one case. He analyzed a police interrogation with a suspect. They asked him where he hid the weapon, and the suspect claimed to be innocent, but in reverse, he said the weapon was in the basement, and that is right where the police found it. Many police are using this now in the U.S.

Some other things he has found recently have been that Hillary Clinton as said twice now in reversals that David has found that she does have and illness and when Bill was on Charlie Rose the other night saying that she’s healthy and that she only gets dehydrated, in reverse he said, “She’s toast.”   More recently though, David has found two different reversals saying that she is now well. And, even more recently in India, she has fallen down the stairs again. We’ll keep listening… Wonder what on Earth is going on there? Mystery ensues, hey?

David even found the code word from Desert Storm back in the 80s that Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld and that bunch kept saying that was showing up in their Reverse Speech about 3 months BEFORE they told the public about Desert Storm.

Here is the confession in reverse of the guy who claimed he was innocent of killing Natalie Holloway. I don’t know if y’all remember that case or not, but here it is:


So, you can see that it will get right to the truth of what is going on with individual people…

Ok, now for the therapeutic use of Reverse Speech… If you know about Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, he discovered that our dreams are metaphors and that one of the ways we create our reality is to use these metaphors that have been passed down to us historically and individually.

Jung said that we would not exist without these metaphors. And, it just so happens that the same metaphors found in our dreams show up around the world in peoples’ Reverse Speech regardless of what language they speak.

So, when we do a Reverse Speech session, we find out by talking forward about the things we are concerned about and how they feel and what we think is going on, then we analyze them in reverse to find out what metaphors are being given to us about those things that are troubling to us.

Normally, during the session, we will find one or more unhealthy metaphors in our subconscious that we can then restructure into HEALTHY metaphors by a process of guided visualization/hypnosis to retrain the subconscious to dismantle the unhealthy metaphor and replace it with the healthy one.

Reverse Speech Testimonials

ReverseSpeech Testimonials


“What Is Reverse Speech & Where Does It Come From?”

By Tiffany Fontenot

Our Universal and higher selves, our subconscious and unconscious minds are speaking to us all the time in synchronicities, telepathic phrases we hear in our heads, being energetically pulled to put our attention on something important… They speak to us when we are in altered states such as being under hypnosis, or in our dreams. They speak to us in symbols and metaphors, and many other ways that we are only just beginning to understand.

One other way this is done is within the context of Reverse Speech. Before being born here, we may exist outside of time. If true, one would not be surprised to find that humans naturally speak forward and backward at the same time from different levels of consciousness in order to both communicate and provide guidance and/or information to ourselves and others in a beautiful display of our true multidimensional nature that reflects how we ACTUALLY exist unbeknownst to us before.

Now that is multitasking that is really impressive, and I DO love it because it begs the question, “Who and what must we really be in order to be able to do all of that fancy footwork?” This is the most exciting question I think I’ve ever thought about and for me is full with emotion because it seems we are finally moving into a phase of being able to answer this question properly for once, meaning humanity has the opportunity now to tangibly FEEL our human potential unlocking that before seemed so far away and impossible to reach.

One thing that now appears innate to human beings due to the discovery and decades of study of reverse speech by David Oates is that we learn to speak backward long before we ever learn to speak forward.

We can hear Reverse Speech phenomena by recording the forward, more overt, conscious speech, then play the recording backward in order to be able to hear the more covert, unconscious reverse speech that comments on what is being said forward. These speech reversals are received and understood on a subtle, unconscious level during normal conversation.

The left brain creates linear forward verbal speech while reversals will tend to come from the relaxed, emotional speech that emanates from the more artistic, metaphorical, enigmatic right side of the brain.

How exciting to get to explore our natural, human, multidimensional nature through Reverse Speech as an avenue that leads us back to discover who we really are!

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