Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of Bill Ryan Accusations of Corey Goode

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*Read each reversal in the transcript then you can listen to its corresponding audio file by clicking the Mp3 below it. If you are having trouble making out what the words are saying, follow along reading the reversal from the transcript AS you listen to it.

**If you are NOT familiar with what Reverse Speech is, scroll WAY down to “What Is Reverse Speech?” Then pick a mode of learning about it, interview, and/or text.

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***Please feel free to download the IPhone ireversespeech app in the Iphone and Android App Stores. Audacity is a good desktop program with tutorials on Youtube for how to download and use it. Or, you can use ANY other device that records and will play both forward and backward, to check my work if you like! Keep in mind that app’s that do NOT allow slowing down in order to listen for detail are NOT very reliable in my experience. Hearing the detail is important. To check my work, go to the video I used, record the forward speech of the reversal you’d like to check, then play it backward so that you will hear what I heard. 😀

****F= What was said forward, R= What was said in reverse. [Brackets are around the exact forward speech where the reversal was found] followed by time indicators and the interpretation. The forward speech will play. The reverse will play at regular speed then slowed down twice more for more detailed listening.

*****I am a Reverse Speech Analyst trained by David Oates and am nearly done with my Practitioner level certification in Reverse Speech. Interpretations are MY BEST OPINIONS about what is being said having been consciously immersed in the language we speak of truth that is in reverse due to our timeless, true multidimensional nature. Reverse Speech is involuntary and begins to form in humans starting at about 4 months of age that tells us about what is in our own subconscious and also includes information from our collective unconscious and information from spirit, and or The Universe, Higher Self, God, whatever you feel comfortable calling that.


*****Bill Ryan = BR; Dark Journalist = DJ.

And now, the transcript:

F1: BR- [And, to relate this to Corey Goode, I’m sort of]…

R1: Little snuck up. Makin up little hero which send the illuse-ment.

F = 0:00:01 to 0:00:05, R = 0:00:01 to 0:00:05

Related to Corey Goode, something is sneakily being done by making up a hero that sends out illusion. #TheHerosJourney



F2/F3: BR- No contactee or [abductee] in the history of this arena as best I know has ever talked about [creatures who are called Blue Avians.] This is something new.

R2: He’s got that Earl.

F = 0:01:01 to 0:01:16, R = 0:01:04 to 0:01:06

The Earl metaphor is the majestic part of the psyche. It is the teacher and leader; the part of Self that has already achieved all goals and dreams. So, because he is referring specifically here to Corey in the forward speech (he says, right before this statement, “to relate this to Corey Goode” and the reversal was found around “abductee” (Corey has been abducted by the military often and contacted by the Blue Avians and others) Bill appears to say that HE’s (some sort of masculine force) got that Earl, or nabbed an innocent person. Update- In later RSA’s I did I find that these do appear to be staged events combining tech, torture, and hypnosis.)

R3: A navy here will block who search it.

F = 0:01:01 to 0:01:16, R = 0:01:13 to 0:01:15

Looks like there are elements in a navy somewhere who are trying to block in various ways, people from believing what Corey is saying about the Blue Avians.




F4/F5: BR- Doesn’t match. [It doesn’t correlate. There are reasons to doubt] this information because [it’s something completely] new.

R4: I listen to you red. Gather up. Who’s our hit?

F = 0:01:48 to 0:01:58, R = 0:01:50 to 0:01:53

R5: He’ll infer knit must slit.

F = 0:01:48 to 0:01:58, R = 0:01:55 to 0:01:57

R4&R5 are in the same sentence and go together. This means that what Bill Ryan is inferring from the facts is not correct. For whatever reason, Bill Ryan has become angry with Corey as he has watched Corey become more and more well-known since Bill, himself introduced Corey to the public, so he feels like he must now publicly address these facts he sees as inconsistent. So, in short, Bill Ryan’s attention has been drawn to what appear to be inconsistencies regarding Corey’s testimony. So, Bill has gathered up his ammunition to throw and his target has been Corey Goode.

*Note: Corey is actually not the only one to have contact with Blue Avians. Bonnie Meyer has also had contact with a Blue Avian. Meyer is from Wisconsin and was first contacted in 1976 until the present. Meyer talks about a big blue bird named Eric. Interestingly enough, a member of Project Avalon brought up Bonnie Meyer in March 7, 2011 here:

And, here is more information on Bonnie Meyer:

Also, there is a bunch of art including that of ancient Egypt depicting blue avian humanoid beings. So, this is NOT new at all, but still does appear to be a transhumanist group involved in forcing its transhumanist agenda worldwide and using mouthpieces it has procured in order to do that.




F6: BR- Data [set of information which we have a duty to collect] and compile and correlate

R6: I looked at these please, with my hailstone. Shepherd fled with us.

F = 0:04:15 to 0:04:21, R = 0:04:16 to 0:04:19

In this metaphoric picture, using the data, hailstones are being thrown at Corey and the shepherd (leader/teacher/spiritual guide) and his flock are running away from it. This appears to be a perspective problem where the data are concerned in how it is being looked at, and then fearing the resulting appearance that it represents. So, the leader, Bill Ryan/Shepherd, is throwing hailstones at Corey, and he and his flock are fleeing in fear away from Corey and what he is saying.




F7: DJ- [You’re actually getting right to the core]

R7: Broke with the scale when you’re leg gets hairy.

F = 0:04:41 to 0:04:42, R = 0:04:41 to 0:04:42

This conversation backward is very different than forward. Here Dark Journalist is saying the opposite of what he’s saying forward. So, forward he’s convinced that Bill is getting to the core of the problem, but backward, he is commenting that the scale they are using to measure is being thrown off balance and abandoned due to more data being added that is causing them to further lose balance. So, in reverse for a second time they are saying that this information is not being placed within the proper context somehow. It appears to be that transhumanist scamming on all parties involved has been totally left out of the equation.




F8: DJ- [It completely falls apart.]

R8: Now let’s all feel you muck it.

F = 0:04:50 to 0:04:51, R = 0:04:50 to 0:04:51

Dark Journalist is creating rapport, nourishment, and encouraging emotional support for Bill Ryan mucking it up, or wrecking it/ making a mess to clean up. This is not a good reversal. It is saying that Bill has made a nasty mess, and that Dark Journalist is encouraging others to embrace the mess that Bill Ryan has made. The mess appears to be selling transhumanism not recognized as transhumanism.




F9:DJ- [Mention there when evaluating] an informant. Do they have a history of telling the truth.

R9: Yet here we are then we’re in the sham.

F = 0:04:58 to 0:05:04, R = 0:04:58 to 0:04:60

Because of where this reversal was found [Mention there when evaluating] AND the pronouns being used, Dark Journalist seems to say that they, themselves are guilty of what they are pointing out here where skill in evaluation of this information is concerned. It says Ryan and DJ are involved in a sham in some way. The sham that all are involved in appears to be the selling of transhumanism based on all reversals I’ve found to date.



F10: BR- Do what they can to get people um fighting with each other. Disagreeing with [each other. Critic]ising each other.

R10: Acidic, they love shit.

F = 0:05:48 to 0:05:55, R = 0:05:53 to 0:05:54

Interesting placement in this reversal [each other critic]. Congruent reversal. There are outside forces (agencies) with harmful intent stirring shite and encouraging criticism and fighting in the truther community.




F11/F12:BR- What I would just really like to do is present [data just information] that I am [very confident is true and then one can make inferences from that.]

R11: A shame with me. Searchin’ ahead.

F = 0:06:34 to 0:06:47, R = 0:06:38 to 0:06:40

This is a very clear red flag. Many people in their Reverse Speech will say they feel no shame in what is happening, but Bill is saying that there is reason for his own shame based in the data he is saying he wants to put out, and that he is telling himself he needs to sort of look before he leaps because there is something wrong here, and that it is not going to lead to a good place for him. #SellingTranshumanismNotRecognizedAsTranshumanism

R12: Time morphs his inner fate in a rat. Looshed his new flock here.

F = 0:06:34 to 0:06:47, R = 0:06:43 to 0:06:47

R11 & R12 are found in the same sentence.  Bill’s fate is determined by his choices over time about information that he is releasing, and psychopaths are taking advantage of those following this path of disinformation and untrustworthiness with Bill Ryan.  Loosch is a term used in black projects that refers to the forcing out of negative energy so that it can be fed upon, or used to the advantage of psychopaths. There is a pattern I’ve found in the reversals like this one and another lady selling #Transhumanism who doesn’t realize that’s what it is. They appear to be loosching the audience members of their own mouthpieces is what it seems like. Here is that RSA-

Reverse Speech Analysis of A Woman in Australia Claiming to Speak With ET’s, by Tiffany Fontenot




F13:BR- If somebody has been shown to lie and distort, it means that on that [intelligence agency evaluation scale it means that well you know that this source hasn’t always told the truth and we know that.]

R13: I learn in future loss who opens us. Source, so learning well. Let’s name it, “lesson shill y la bison Kissinger.” (French for–and the bison–or beast, Kissinger.)

F = 0:07:04 to 0:07:18, R = 0:07:11 to 0:07:18

In this reversal, Bill appears to be saying connected to intel agency evaluation and a source, that in the future, he will experience some sort of loss and he will find out who has been truly been manipulating him. The source who is learning about him and manipulating him has to do with an agency working through Kissinger. The reversal says the name of this lesson learned is “the shill and the beast, Kissinger.” There looks to be a French connection to this as well since the lesson named was spoken in French. RS keeps mentioning the beast with what looks to be mil intel in other RS I’ve found. There is also a connection to a swindler shilling (encouraging belief in a particular direction) on behalf of the beast connected to Kissinger.



F14: [DJ- Oh yeah. BR- Therefore, it means that] they’re capable. They’re capable of lying.

R14: BR- Let’s name your old friends DJ- in there.

F = 0:07:17 to 0:07:22, R = 0:07:17 to 0:07:19

This one is a Link Reversal. Meaning part of the reversal is said by Bill and the other part by Dark Journalist due to the high rapport and connection they have with each other in the conversation. So, this reversal seems to be referring to the previous statement and that Bill has old friends who are mixed up in this with him that are not trustworthy.




F15: BR- Much earlier at the [very start of our conversation here. DJ-Um ye]s. BR- Fortunate enough to know people of who I regard as having the very highest integrity regarding their commitment to telling the truth.

R15: DJ- I lie BR- in chess. Mock of hearts here.

F = 0:07:31 to 0:07:42, R = 0:07:32 to 0:07:34

  • Interesting. Here is another link reversal which makes me wonder whether there is conscious collusion going on. Certainly, this reversal is saying there is outright lying going on and that people’s hearts and emotions are being manipulated. The pronoun, I, is being used which is Dark Journalist saying “I lie” and Bill Ryan also agreeing and adding there are fake intentions toward hearts going on in relationships. #FakingFeelingsAndIntentionsInRelationships




F16: BR- [Having said all of that]

R16: I’ll order sinner.

F = 0:07:45 to 0:07:46, R = 0:07:45 to 0:07:46

  • Bill is creating a boogy man for other people to fear. This is another type of self-abuse programming to cause you to turn on others to see them as an enemy.




F17: BR- [Sort of like the difference] between the difference between the pre-public Corey Goode and the post public Corey Goode.

R17: Surf it, the galvaros (greyhound.)

F = 0:10:47 to 0:10:55, R = 0:10:47 to 0:10:48

This reversal reflects Bill’s feeling that he is really on a roll and in the flow doing a great job like a graceful, sleek greyhound (galvaros is Spanish for greyhound) as he spins this yarn concerning the misdeeds of Corey Goode.




F18: BR- By Christine Anderson [who was a Project Avalon member at that time,] and who happened to be in Dallas, Texas.

R18: May ask other men, “Will that give office away?”

F = 0:11:05 to 0:11:16, R = 0:11:08 to 0:11:11

This seems to mean that Bill is encouraging and actively asking others to participate in this organized effort to go on the offensive campaign to get people to reject Corey Goode.




F19: BR- In [September and October of 2014] was interested in Corey’s story.

R19: A dolphin’s life. Thief the birth part and wreck this.

F = 0:11:17 to 0:11:26, R = 0:11:17 to 0:11:20

The dolphin metaphor means, “a calm, soothing nature; gentle guide and wisdom.” This is Corey’s life story that they are interested in when Christine came to do the interview, so Corey’s life represents the journey of a dolphin being born that was moving toward gentle wisdom and guidance, but this gentle wisdom is being stolen and wrecked.




F20: BR- [It’s an important factor to consider.]

R20: Listen to the half reportin’ and shit.

F = 0:27:36 to 0:27:38, R = 0:27:36 to 0:27:38

Incongruent reversal. The important factor to consider that Ryan is bringing up is indicating that half-truths and shit are connected to it. When the word shit is used in Reverse Speech, it is REALLY bad. This is the part in the recording where Ryan was accusing Corey of having deceptive intent where finances are concerned.




F21:BR- [Before Corey Goode basically turned to David Wilcock with his story.]

R21: Hero salute. A hold of David’s mirth. He, he said the bureau orphan.

F = 0:27:53 to 0:27:56, R = 0:27:53 to 0:27:56

Ryan is saying here that Corey looked to David’s mirth to find a hero’s salute because he had been orphaned elsewhere, or rejected in an organization.



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What is Reverse Speech??????? Written Format

Reverse Speech comes from the same place our dreams come from. It is natural to humans and was discovered by David Oates over thirty years ago. In his research, David found out that we actually learn to speak in reverse before we learn to speak forward. We start speaking in reverse at the age of about 4 months old.

Here is a Youtube video from David’s Youtube channel showing reverse speech in children. There’s even one handicapped child who cannot speak forward, but can be heard in reverse telling her mother that she loves her:


Our Reverse Speech is always true. It comes from what is programmed into our subconscious and also comes from higher self, and above. Because of this, it’s a very useful tool to be able to use on people as a lie detector.

David used it at the request of the police in one case. He analyzed a police interrogation with a suspect. They asked him where he hid the weapon, and the suspect claimed to be innocent, but in reverse, he said the weapon was in the basement, and that is right where the police found it. Many police are using this now in the U.S.

Some other things he has found recently have been that Hillary Clinton as said twice now in reversals that David has found that she does have and illness and when Bill was on Charlie Rose the other night saying that she’s healthy and that she only gets dehydrated, in reverse he said, “She’s toast.”   More recently though, David has found two different reversals saying that she is now well. And, even more recently in India, she has fallen down the stairs again. We’ll keep listening… Wonder what on Earth is going on there? Mystery ensues, hey?

David even found the code word from Desert Storm back in the 80s that Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld and that bunch kept saying that was showing up in their Reverse Speech about 3 months BEFORE they told the public about Desert Storm.

Here is the confession in reverse of the guy who claimed he was innocent of killing Natalie Holloway. I don’t know if y’all remember that case or not, but here it is:


So, you can see that it will get right to the truth of what is going on with individual people…

Ok, now for the therapeutic use of Reverse Speech… If you know about Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, he discovered that our dreams are metaphors and that one of the ways we create our reality is to use these metaphors that have been passed down to us historically and individually.

Jung said that we would not exist without these metaphors. And, it just so happens that the same metaphors found in our dreams show up around the world in peoples’ Reverse Speech regardless of what language they speak.

So, when we do a Reverse Speech session, we find out by talking forward about the things we are concerned about and how they feel and what we think is going on, then we analyze them in reverse to find out what metaphors are being given to us about those things that are troubling to us.

Normally, during the session, we will find one or more unhealthy metaphors in our subconscious that we can then restructure into HEALTHY metaphors by a process of guided visualization/hypnosis to retrain the subconscious to dismantle the unhealthy metaphor and replace it with the healthy one.

Reverse Speech Testimonials

ReverseSpeech Testimonials


“What Is Reverse Speech & Where Does It Come From?”

By Tiffany Fontenot

Our Universal and higher selves, our subconscious and unconscious minds are speaking to us all the time in synchronicities, telepathic phrases we hear in our heads, being energetically pulled to put our attention on something important… They speak to us when we are in altered states such as being under hypnosis, or in our dreams. They speak to us in symbols and metaphors, and many other ways that we are only just beginning to understand.

One other way this is done is within the context of Reverse Speech. Before being born here, we may exist outside of time. If true, one would not be surprised to find that humans naturally speak forward and backward at the same time from different levels of consciousness in order to both communicate and provide guidance and/or information to ourselves and others in a beautiful display of our true multidimensional nature that reflects how we ACTUALLY exist unbeknownst to us before.

Now that is multitasking that is really impressive, and I DO love it because it begs the question, “Who and what must we really be in order to be able to do all of that fancy footwork?” This is the most exciting question I think I’ve ever thought about and for me is full with emotion because it seems we are finally moving into a phase of being able to answer this question properly for once, meaning humanity has the opportunity now to tangibly FEEL our human potential unlocking that before seemed so far away and impossible to reach.

One thing that now appears innate to human beings due to the discovery and decades of study of reverse speech by David Oates is that we learn to speak backward long before we ever learn to speak forward.

We can hear Reverse Speech phenomena by recording the forward, more overt, conscious speech, then play the recording backward in order to be able to hear the more covert, unconscious reverse speech that comments on what is being said forward. These speech reversals are received and understood on a subtle, unconscious level during normal conversation.

The left brain creates linear forward verbal speech while reversals will tend to come from the relaxed, emotional speech that emanates from the more artistic, metaphorical, enigmatic right side of the brain.

How exciting to get to explore our natural, human, multidimensional nature through Reverse Speech as an avenue that leads us back to discover who we really are!


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21 responses to “Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of Bill Ryan Accusations of Corey Goode

  1. I am so impressed of your work. Thanks for sharing. All the best, b.

    • You’re so welcome! My other site is It has more of Corey and David on there. You have to go to the page you want then look underneath the player for the instructions and the transcript. Enjoy! 😀

      • Dear Tiffany, I love ALL your work, not only what you do with material related to CG/DW. What you do is mind-blowing, nothing less.

      • Thanks so much! Reverse speech is an undiscovered part of who we are and I won’t rest until the entire planet knows about it. Please do share it! A great introduction to it is the SECOND show I did with my Reverse Speech teacher on this site. Just put “second show oates” inthe search field and it should come up for you. That show is a great starting point if you find someone who is interested in RS and wants to know more about it. Thanks so much for visiting! 🙂

  2. I would love for you do some reverse speech to find out exactly where Justin Deschamps stands regarding Corey Goode. He will not go on record to say he is for Corey nor will he go on record to say he is against, yet his work leans more (subtly) against than for. A long-term steady, yet crafty subtly negative meanings will add up to a solid and strong overall negative message.

    • Hi Wynter. Ok thanks for the information. I had not noticed any of that, but unfortunately, my plate is so full I cannot accept any more investigations at this time. I had to break off to do this analysis and have a ton of late homework to make up already. But, you’re welcome to listen to the show, download the free app., and see what all you can find to help with your concern. Thanks so much! 😀 <3

  3. Wow! Tiffany, this is amazing work. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this analysis. It definitely resonates with me and my intuition about Bill Ryan’s purpose.

  4. Thank you so much, Murray. Yes, I got the same energy coming from a particular energy of jealousy coming of one statement in particular. Thanks so much for visiting!

  5. Tiffany, all I can say is You Rock!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Bibi!!!! So great to see you! Yaaaaaaay! I hope you are well and happy! Keep those folks in LA straightened out! LOL! Love you! 😀 <3

  6. Melissa Barnes

    I went to the Mt. Shasta secret space program last year and met Corey myself, and he was very genuine and honest. He was down to earth and I didn’t find any reason whatsoever to doubt what he is saying. That is why I wanted to meet him in person, and I would encourage people to meet people in person and you can get a good vibe on the kind of person they really are.

  7. Just to let other folks know… Because I am getting a bunch of folks who appear to be wanting to use this post to further this disinfo. campaign going on against Corey, I will not be letting those through, nor will I let posts through that are abusive or disrespectful, or off topic. Someone just sent a dissertation on the Flat Earth Psyop. 😀 This is not that thread, Hun. 😀 <3 Thanks so much for visiting! Tif

  8. Where or what would I have to do? And what’s the cost?.

  9. TK

    Thank you for defend the truth!

    • Thank you so much! I recommend all of us study RS and those that can hear the patterns take it up and help us so that we can all place our support for truth, benevolence, and balance where it can transform our lives and our planet! <3

  10. Robert Wildeman

    Well it’s no surprise that you find nothing wrong with charlatans like David Wilcock and Corey Goode. You’re one of them!! Reverse Speech!! Are you fricken kidding me? I’m a UFO believer. I believe in both terrestrial and extraterrestrial alien species. What rational person wouldn’t given all the ‘very real’ evidence from our various fields of science. I’m a very spiritual individual with some very real experiences in this area. And it aggravates me to no end when I see people like you taking advantage of others. You do this topic a great disservice. BTW, I doubt you’ll leave this comment on your page.

    • From the RS and being a TI myself, I can tell you that what is being said is believed by Corey. Unfortunately, the scam is passed onto others in that way. These intel groups are linked in a criminal network psyoping the shite out of everyday folks as they make money off of doing that in many different ways. These citizens being attacked are just trying to live their lives, and trying to figure out what’s happening to them. Some get it right and some are driven into ego driven fantasy so they are unable to make proper changes to properly cope with this and empower themselves to organize with others and apply pressure to stop it. This, in my opinion is what’s happening in this case, and tons of other cases playing out across the planet right now. Thanks so much for visiting. 🙂