Tinnitus or Not Tinnitus, That is the Question… Heads Up, Peeps! More Opportunities to Come Together! <3

There is a large group called the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies that is creating a database of statistics about individuals who are targeted for electronic harassment, abuse, and torture.  Seventy-five percent of their group have the tinnitus symptoms that so many lightworkers and liberation workers are now expressing  that they also have and are wondering what they are.   Seventy-five percent of a group is re-DONK-ulously high for tinnitus symptoms.  Mine started in 2011 as did many other anomalous events for me that year.

Ive listed two interviews at the conclusion of this article.  One of them is on Roxy Lopez’s show where these “tinnitus” symptoms were physically recorded on a file for about two minutes.   They were going to play them, but there was a problem.   Go to marker 15:55 (on this interview: International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies: What should you do?) and you can hear her describing this.

The owner of Revolution Radio that carries Roxy’s show, Hawk, (Mike Ringley) refused to put the recording of the “tinnitus” on the air like they had been planning on doing originally so that people could get an idea of what the tones sounded like because when he played it back, his cats ran out of the room and he got dizzy.

These electronic signals are coming from multiple directions and multiple frequencies according to people who are tracking them, and they are getting more and more high tech as time goes forward.

Hawk, who has a background in sound engineering has sophisticated equipment and looked at the signals closely saying that there was embedded digital code within the tones and were being transmitted at 999.9Hz (first one he tested was 999.1, but the second test came up 999.9Hz.)  Hawk said that embedded within the signal is digital code.

They tested two different groups inside Faraday cages. People who complain of these symptoms and people who do not. They put them inside of a Faraday cage one at a time to be tested because a Faraday cage is a grounded metal screen that surrounds a piece of equipment that excludes electrostatic and electromagnetic influences, and is used to block electric fields, however, the people complaining of tinnitus in their ears continued to set off the RF meters scanning their bodies even while they were INSIDE the Faraday cage.

This means that the frequencies are coming from the body itself and implants, which have been found in many of these targeted people who have NOT consented to having implants, are being used inside their bodies to generate these frequencies.  This is high tech stuff being used that continues to cause the signals that are actually emanating from the individuals themselves.

I personally was at the ECETI Ranch where they pointed an RF detector at me and the needle was buried in most all of the places on my body that were scanned. James Gilliland, who owns the ranch is unable to do the scanning of other people himself because his body causes the needle to be buried as well.  So someone unaffected by it has to be the one to scan another person.

I believe that Facebook has made it very easy to target certain people.  I started hearing these tones shortly after I became vocal about various issues.  I felt free to speak because I was retired, and could start speaking openly.  

I do believe that many of our names have been turned in just like in WWII names were turned in to the Gestapo. There are many, many common symptoms with this targeting, but it is also very individualized.  People actively investigating this INCLUDING POLICE OFFICERS, especially in San Antonio, Texas, as you will hear in the interviews, have actually caught Terrans participating in these heinous activities and doing these things to other Terrans that have been targeted.

Of course those folks are not sitting around and constantly targeting people for free. Someone is signing a check and sending them compensation for all this nonsense they do day and night, and TONS of links are showing up that it is DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO DARPA.

All of those participating in torture and abuse as well as those who signed the check and are supporting it need to be rounded up, tried, and be sitting in a jail cell right this second.  You all understand that when it was uncovered that our Government and military were engaging in torture that Dick (dastardly) Chenney said that yes by God, he did support and encourage that torture to take place and that he would do it again. 

He then gave some very lame excuses as to why he is so addled as to think torture is a good idea.  So, it’s not a very far stretch to see why this has grown in the area of these nasty private contractors and corporations who run everything on and off planet.  But, we’ve had enough now, and play time is over.  EVERYONE must stand united against these few bullies on the playground, period.

This targeted individual (TI) group has a very high number of suicides because they are coping on a daily basis with abuse and torture from the electronic and electromagnetic targeting.

That’s why I had such a cow when Corey Goode said those Alliance people talked about stopping using offensive weapons because they wanted the infrastructure in tact when it was handed over and not one word was spoken about the offensive weapons that are being used to torture ACTUAL PEOPLE every day around the clock and around the world and most probably also throughout our solar system by now.

I mean, you can be concerned about buildings and things, but PEOPLE need to come first that are ACTIVELY being tortured around the world with offensive weapons, shouldn’t they? Eh???

There is a ton of negative energy this dark network is producing that results in more control for them AND our spirit and Galactic families who are trying to help all these people who are being targeted are tying up a ton of their resources as well, so the game appears to be to squeeze as much negative energy out of people, and to make their bodies feel as uncomfortable as possible, while tying up as many resources as possible in order to try and make us all ineffective at working together to organize and get rid of these nasty folks and their tech that are doing all this crap.  It is all about capturing control for folks who want Nazi Germany 2.o worldwide and solar systemwide.  That is the checkmate for these folks.

So, I encourage EVERYONE to get educated and do what you can do to help bring down this network while replacing it with all the good stuff in our hearts.  And, guys, they are using physical tech to do this, ok? So, joining together in meditation will most certainly help whatever’s gonna happen in the physical to come into play and into being, but this stuff has not turned on a dime even with all that we have done so far.

It would be like turning on a lamp and meditating that the physical switch will click and move to turn itself off so that you can fall asleep properly without having to get up and physically switch it off yourself.  This is an entire network built out of our infrastructure that includes cell phone towers and satellites. It has not just, poof, disappeared because we have been meditating on it, however, it is helping to manifest the needed change IF PEOPLE will get off their butts and DO what they feel called to do in order to properly address it to bring down this dark network, and to bring its stoppage into being. 

There are two parts to change, the energetic AND the physical even though these damn psychotic parasites send in programming to our lightworker communities trying to make everyone think that you can sit upon your butt, meditate a few seconds, and all of it is put right.  This is both a physical as well as spiritual experience and the two go hand in hand.   BOTH are required, so… heart to thought to word to action to change is how these things are birthed.

I do assist in meditation every Sunday concerning the take down of this stuff, but please do not get into the blaming the victim mode because people have not been able to clear it. I have met people who have been affected by this for OVER decades and it is a miracle that each and every one of them is still here to tell about it. I salute each and every one of those people because my story has been one of the most severe cases I have come across so far for the energetic part of the weapons being used, but not in the physical (I’m sure there are worse cases out there, but I’ve just not come across them yet.)  And, please do understand that they are also targeting CHILDREN.  I don’t even like to bring that up because it is so disgusting, but it is actually happening.

There are some people being physically drugged and raped in 3D regularly.  I’m thankful I’m not one of them.  This takes lots of people working together to organize this nasty, dark network that is going on across the globe. It will also take a big group of fearless, balanced Terrans and liberation forces across the globe in order to bring it down properly. And, it better happen quick because they are planning to put ALL OF THE REST OF YOU on the list eventually.

There is much more information in both of the interviews posted at the end of this article, so I highly recommend that everyone listen to them because I’m tellin’ you right now that they want to use this system TO TARGET ALL SURFACE HUMANS for control purposes, and for negative energetic purposes, so those not yet targeted now will be on the list in the future if these ridiculous people have their way.  I feel very strongly that we will be able to put this down very effectively if we simply act together to actually do it.

Now, as far as the information that these are positive ascension symptoms, I can see how the folks pushing these tones on people who are experimenting around with mass programming of human beings would want us to think that because if you think it’s a good thing then you are not going to put up any resistance at all into getting down to the bottom of getting this nasty crap removed not only from our planet, but throughout the solar system.

These people really do a ton of smoke blowing in the lightworker community in order to attempt to stop resistance of any kind. They are highly skilled at deception and use any means necessary to reach their goals.

They are excellent infiltrators so it’s very important to stay in balance and use discernment without going gaga over the next guru that shows up on the scene and continue to both feel these things out as well as to use critical thinking skills while working together in unity to both hit this on an energetic level as well as in the physical.

If we align well enough mind/body/spirit so that we are connecting up properly, then one will guide the other very nicely.  But, opposition do their best to get in the way of that process, so the more you know about their tactics of what they do and why will help you to maintain your center, and continue to be effective, empowered, balanced, and still shining your light.

No one wants to be a member of this club, but ALL of us will be if we all do not get it together here. And, we can do it. We are built out of awesomeness! All we have to do is come together, organize, and so on. We are already doing that right here on Facebook. Ok. Love y’all!!!

Here again are the two interviews. The first one is, International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies: What should you do? 98 mins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyXpJIL501o

And, “Targeted Individuals” Dr. John Hall and Dr. Terry Robertson. 1 hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lwoxYE3Dyg

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