Planet Earth, the Ultimate Spiritual Challenge– Making Lemonade :) <3

In the spiritual battle royal that is raging on planet Earth and beyond, opposition are very good at finding ways to throw their opponents off balance.  They especially love to pick on folks that are unable to see their own faults, or Achilles heels.  In a nutshell, they prey upon our fears, weaknesses, and insecurities.  If you do believe that we are trying to change the planet for the better, but you do not believe there is a spiritual battle going on, you will still find this article ultimately helpful, empowering, and uplifting because everyone knows that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and that striking a good, healthy balance is the sweet spot for which we aim.

Now, to Christians, the fears, weaknesses, and insecurities opposition prey upon translate pretty well as “the seven deadly sins.”  So, for example, if your personal problem is that you are full of yourself and believe yourself to be better than others, opposition will use that against you in situations you encounter to keep you off balance spiritually making you feel beat down and uninspired with life.  Or, it might be that you comfort yourself with things that take you out of balance physically.  Opposition will look at that aspect of you to get you off balance physically and encourage you toward lots of bad habits and to indulge yourself constantly in the physical leading to various addictions and/or illness. So, when you feel bad and/or disheartened, you are out of balance in something somewhere, and it’s possible you’ve been listening to bad advice and allowing yourself to be manipulated into doing things you know better than to do.

Opposition do these things in order to encourage a weakened state of mind and body in order to maintain THEIR TYPE OF CONTROL AND ORDER which on this planet is a system where the few who have worked hard to capture most of the planet’s resources hoard them, are in charge of making all the rules, and who believe in forcing control on others by any means necessary while doing this in a manner not easily detectable because that causes resistance in those they wish to control.

Opposition do NOT want resistance to what they are trying to enact and create, but they DO encourage dissent, distraction, and confusion among those cooperating to be governed by them in order to keep “their herd” in low vibrational states that are much easier to control and manipulate.

So, now guys…  media has been used on our planet to also make this process appear WAAAAAAAY scarier than it actually is too. These scary movies Hollywood cranks out, among many other things they use those for function as a gatekeeping method that keeps us from feeling free to use our spiritual nature to bring back knowledge  to ourselves that opposition also like to covet for control purposes.  I mean… because there’s real life, and then there’s the movies, and they just AIN’T the same…  So, let’s just take out the scary music and stuff concerning the spiritual aspect of this too, ok ’cause it really doesn’t belong there.

This is really just about a person being out of balance and others on the spirit side and in the physical who have learned how to take advantage of that for their own agendas. Terrans, who are functioning like opposition because they are out of balance do the exact same thing.  Whether in the physical, or the spiritual, we are still just talking about folks.  Normal folks, or beings who have a range of emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and choices to make just like everyone else.

So for example… in sibling rivalry….your sibling knows he can get a rise out of you nearly every time if he does or says certain things to bother you and get you upset.  Being upset gets you out of balance temporarily because you will scream and cry to mom or dad while in the mean time your sibling has derived much satisfaction out of upsetting you.  Then it takes time and effort on the part of you and those around you to get back to a calm state of balance.  Remember all that from when we were all growing up???? If that did not happen to you directly, then you know of someone else who did experience it, right?  It’s a growing up phase many go through on our planet.  Some never get out of it and are in a perpetual state of imbalance trying to upset others to derive satisfaction in a vampiric state of imbalance.

So, Terrans and spirit folk who never grew up and got out of that stage to understand that those things really do not serve us to engage in them if what we are choosing is peace, love, and abundance for all.  Being in a severe Peter Pan syndrome of never growing up where those things are concerned is not a plus.  Some things from childhood are great and should be encouraged for us to never grow out of, but using someone’s weaknesses to bring him down is not one of them.

So, in that case, what does serve us is to know our own strengths as well as our own weaknesses.  Opposition will use weaknesses to bring both individuals and groups down.  That’s what they do, and they are very good at it.  Most of the time you’re not gonna know if someone else is being influenced by spirit or physical opposition or not, so best to not worry about that unless you’re starting to see a pattern emerge that’s very clear.  Once you do, you can decide what to do about that, that is the highest possible route to regain proper balance and boundaries for yourself.

Nonphysical, spiritual opposition influencing is very much like Terrans negatively influencing other Terrans to do stuff we know we shouldn’t be engaging in.  Non-physiscal influencing works the same way.  You have free will to do with what YOU CHOOSE, but they will try to encourage you to buy their product just like a salesman… a salesman whose strengths lie in identifying, targeting, and leading others by using their weaknesses against them.

So, if you do not know what you’re own weaknesses are, then you are pretty much screwed because they will lead you around by your nose using your weaknesses.  We need to be working on weaknesses anyway in order to move to a place of balance, so it’s a great thing to learn to say thank you to opposition of any kind for the learning opportuity given us instead of choosing to get mad and sustaining that emotion for their benefit.

Consider using your emotions for your own benefit, but in a way that’s positive and potentially positive to others who may learn from your example. So, the next time something “makes you mad,” freeze and step out of the situation for just a moment to evaluate the situation, the choices available to you, and the energy being used in the situation by you as well as others involved.  How can you best turn a situation like that around in order for as many as possible to feel better about it and come to resolution?  In short, how can you take lemons and turn them into sweet-tasting, fresh lemonade instead?

When these things happen, you are being given an opportunity to realize… oh right… this is one of those situations where I can make lemons into lemonade.  And I am simply just writing to y’all and relaying to you what has been called to my attention by my heart and spiritual side as an opportunity to learn from situations that are occurring in my own life.  I already gave a good generic example earlier that most folks can relate to about siblings, or relationships that function similarly, so most of us can identify in general with that example.

Now let me give y’all a more specific and personal example that happened to me yesterday…  A man was using a hateful energy toward a very young girl who was serving in a very understaffed business for not noticing him waiting in line, and instead began serving a customer who had been waiting a shorter time than he.  I appreciated that man for that contrast because it caused me to recognize that the next time I feel treated unfairly, that I can choose to call attention to the problem without using the hateful energy he was choosing to use.

Then I started looking for ways to make even more lemonade.  I realized the girl, herself, had an opportunity to better recognize how to treat people fairly and was being presented also with how it feels when that hateful energy is wielded, so when faced with the same situation in the future, she may decide to make a different choice in the energy thst she chooses to use toward other people.  And, I started looking for things I liked in order to bring the situation up energetically, or vibrationally.  So, when it was my turn, I told the girl what a great job she did diffusing that situation where that man was acting hatefully to her, and that I was so glad she was there to help me with the great service she was providing.

I was very appreciative of all those people there as well as all the things they were teaching me with their actions because we can learn from both positive and negative, but ultimately we are trying to decrease the level of suffering on our planet and increase the vibrationin order to bring heart back into our planet and how we live on her.  So, as many of us as possible making lemonade out of all the opportunities we can whether positive or negative is where it’s at, Honey!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now let me tell you, Terrans are known far and wide for their creativeness and individuality.  There are so many different, creative, beautiful ways to do this already being expressed all over our planet.  I love to hear those stories!!!

Examples of how we are making lemonade come in all shapes and sizes from the very small ones that impact us individually, to the ones that affect our entire planet.  All of them are good ripples in the pond and act collectively so NONE are wasted.  So I’d like to encourage everyone to make as much lemonade everywhere as possible that brings us to a healthy, balanced state of being because…when you make lemonade, it FEELS VERY EMPOWERING, and usually not just to you!!!

Because it feels so good, it encourages others to also do it once they learn how.  This is a bit like pay it forward with an additional focus of balance and choice applied.  But, whether you want to think of it as making lemonade, or paying it forward, or something else you’ve encountered that’s similar, these are very old stories because we are still playing very old games.

We are still playing very old games because there is more to learn from playing them, right?  So let’s get busy experiencing, learning, and bringing our existence here to a balance that is a worthy reflection of our hearts, and the beautiful blue planet we love, coexist with, and care for, who gives us a home, air to breathe, water to drink, feeds, shelters, and clothes us.

Please share with us here how you made lemons into lemonade too because others will get upliftment, a feeling of empowerment,  motivation, and ideas from your stories so that they can also create lemonade in their own lives, right?  So, don’t drink-out-of-balance opposition koolaid.  Drink fresh-tasting, balanced, healthy, empowering, self-made lemonade instead!!!

Love y’all!!!

Tif 🙂

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