Mole Hunting, ETs, and, The Cabal Playbook

Mole-Hunting, ETs, and The Cabal Playbook

When you are a mole in an organization that you’d like to control using fear and deception, you place yourself and your brethren in key, high positions, and then start creating enemies for others to fight and fear so that they never end up finding out that you, yourself ARE the mole. You point your finger and holler, “They’re over there! Get ’em!”

As you continue running everyone ragged around you hither, thither, and yon, you go about extracting more and more power and wealth from the larger system making sure that all others, except, of course, you and yours, are either fully distracted, pacified, or both. THIS IS the cabal playbook in a nutshell.

Cabal are well aware that Terrans are now awake and being helped by folks who “walk softly and carry a big stick” which has left them with a few options… 1. to abort, 2. switch sides and help clean up their damn mess, or 3. to dig in their heels.

One of the big ticket items left in their impotent, dwindling, tiresome minute, ever-deflating playbook is one we have already had a tiny little peak at back in the big 80’s when Ronald Regan started pushing “star wars” also referred to as the Strategic Defense Initiative that money must be poured into in order to “keep us safe from asteroids and defend ourselves from ET.”  But, it’s all a crock.  The ones we need defending from are the ones running our planet who cut a deal with regressive ETs.

Our honorable and benevolent Star brothers and sisters have been working to help us free ourselves from these nasty, psychopathic, deviant beings we refer to as the Cabal, and those malevolent ETs they’ve been working with. So, the current incarnation of this spin, part deux, “Star Wars on Steroids” may be coming to a live reality theater near you soon.

They get our money and energy for these black projects in various other scams as well such as telling the world we are working to be able to go to Mars when they know damn good and well that they have extorted money from the surface population in order to colonize Mars already, oh and by the way, tricked the smartest Terrans on the planet into relocating there.  Cabal told them that Earth was about to be destroyed by a cataclysm, and it was their duty as the most intelligent people on the planet to relocate.

So, most of them did, however, once they got there, they were enslaved into a corporatocracy that was waiting there for them instead of the Shangri-La they’d been promised.  But, what would you expect from psychopaths promising gifts???   Intelligence and gullibility are not mutually exclusive, eh?  🙂

So, Cabal have been corralling the Earth surface population more and more ever since then in order to get all of us in that same net except working in a slave corporatocracy on the surface of Earth instead of on Mars.  Many of our black projects folks are coming forward now, and have released this information.

Cabal are psychopaths and they are experts at exploitation and infiltration, but they find it hard to carry on with business if everyone knows what they are doing, how they are doing it, why they are doing it, who they are doing it with,  and WHO THEY ARE, so please dig in, research, and empower yourselves with that information! 🙂  There’s plenty of it about.   I’ve tried to give the basics on my Facebook page about all of it at  Please feel free to use it as a resource and jumping off place for you due diligence on this information.  Many others have great Facebook pages too about this stuff.  There are so many amazing beings down here helping at this time on our planet in all sorts of different ways.  The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be for you, yourself to identify a particular place and issue that you can use your gifts and talents to assist with as we all move up, clean, and heal from what’s been going on here.

You will hear more and more about ET in the coming days from insiders, the alternative media, the Vatican, and other sources.

But before we get to that I like to address our cabal hard liners:  Dear cabal, due to your tireless efforts, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as ascension has not been delayed, but has instead been sped up.  All your efforts now have the opposite effect, so thanks for the Ascension boost, eh?  🙂  Now listen… we’re coming down to the wire here…decision time… Not much wiggle room left in the noose. Don’t you think it’s time to stop wearin’ down the heels of those oh-so-expensive-and-exotic shoes y’all love to wear using the money you’ve extorted and stolen from everyone else? Speaking of which…time to stop BEING a heel and heal instead, don’t you think? Lots and lots of love from Tejas!

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