Military Intelligence Mass Shootings Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

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Hope You Love This RSA! It Was A Massive Project. There Are 15 Reversals in Transcript Form.

Sources Used in My Analysis for the Latest Shooting in White Settlement, TX on Dec. 29, 2019 Approx 20 mins from Our House.

*Read each reversal in the transcript then you can listen to its corresponding audio file by clicking the Mp3 below it. If hearing audio patterns and detail is not your forte, follow along reading the reversal from the transcript AS you listen to it to help hear it because not all people are able to hear these patterns.

**If you are NOT familiar with what Reverse Speech is, scroll WAY down to “What Is Reverse Speech?” Then pick a mode of learning about it, interview, and/or text.

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Please feel free to download the iPhone ireversespeech app in the iphone and Android App Stores. Audacity is a good desktop program with tutorials on Youtube for how to download and use it. Or, you can use ANY other device that records and will play both forward and backward, to check my work if you like! Keep in mind that app’s that do NOT allow slowing down in order to listen for detail are NOT very reliable in my experience. Hearing the detail is important. To check my work, go to the video I used, record the forward speech of the reversal you’d like to check, then play it backward so that you will hear what I heard. 😀

****How to Read the Transcript:

F= What was said forward

R= What was said in reverse.

[Brackets are around the exact forward speech where the reversal was found] followed by time indicators and the interpretation. The forward speech will play. The reverse will play at regular speed then slowed down twice more for more detailed listening.

*****I’m a Reverse Speech Analyst trained by David Oates and nearly done with my Practitioner level certification for Reverse Speech. Interpretations are MY BEST OPINIONS about what is being said having been consciously immersed in our involuntary, truth-only communication system (much like body language in that way) that we develop at about four months of age.

This language of truth we speak appears to be in reverse due to our timeless, true multidimensional nature, and tells us about what is in our own subconscious programming, includes information from our collective unconscious, and information from our higher aspect, or The Universe, Higher Self, God, whatever you feel comfortable calling that.

It’s possible to mis-hear and misinterpret Reverse Speech so discernment and choosing a very good Reverse Speech person, or learning to do it correctly yourself, is very important so that hearing and interpretation of Reverse Speech is as accurate as possible. Keep in mind that learning about this amazing language is nowhere near complete, and I work hard every day to understand it better so we can all benefit from it.

Note On This Military Intelligence Mass Shooting Reversal Set:

I’ve looked at four mass shootings so far where I’ve been able to determine that military intelligence operations are likely to have been at work in order to forward various agendas. Some major agendas being run against the public are distraction, misdirection away from a criminal enterprise that runs through the defense industry, sadistic, full spectrum dominant control expressing in genocide/enslavement, disarmament, and installing future agendas such as #Precrime that looks to be an NWO agenda to help cover up these crimes against humanity.

Rogue, domestic military groups that may be connected to a council such as the National Security Council are indicated in RS I’ve found among a wide range of people. This RSA is cram-packed with information for y’all, so take it in small bites if you need to, but please do go through as much as you can. Thank you.

MK-Ultra has been indicated in these operations that appear to use vulnerable people to both take part in, and/or take blame for these operations- The Youtube Shooter looks to have been a Mossad programming gig. The El Paso Walmart Shooting, the Florida School Shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, and the West Freeway Church of Christ Shooting in White Settlement, Texas all indicated a Navy Seal Operations connection, and possible Mexican Cartel connection especially in the El Paso case.

It’s important to know who the guilty party here is because it’s looking like innocent torture victims of the defense industry are about to be blamed for mass shootings using red flag laws and #Precrime that the defense industry crime cartel themselves are actually pulling off in order to try and cover up the decades-in-the-making, drummed up, defense industry #GlobalAIArmsRace consisting of nonconsensual subjugation brain research, brain mapping, medical research, and weapons testing that literally tortures #TargetedIndividual victims to death.

Many nonconsensual studies being undertaken are birth to death studies and can be multi-generational. All appear to be slow-assassination and population reduction operations regardless of the age of the induction of the innocent people falsely labeled as “suspicious”, and their families (children are being hit too) in these programs that have exploded globally especially under the Obama administration using scams such as #FakeFISAWatchlisting. However, keep in mind that these programs have been going on for decades before the Obama Administration and before the FISC ever even existed.

Specifically, Bill Barr’s #Precrime that looks to be an NWO Agenda initiative will benefit the corrupt part of the defense industry in the atrocities they’ve committed by silencing defense industry torture victims, only a few of whom are likely used in these mass shooting mil intel ops using #Precrime as a pretext to put them in mental institutions where more money is made off of them as they are silenced and their wills broken.

These war profiteering crimes to create global full spectrum dominance squeeze every bit of money and life they can out of their victims in their various war mongering and trafficking schemes being rolled out planetwide by the usual suspects. Many in my family and I have been placed in these programs without our knowledge or consent, so I’ve had a front row seat to this spectacle.

I appear to have been in it my entire life covertly with overt targeting starting in late May 2015 AFTER my body had already been disabled by radiation weapons from a lifetime of covert targeting. Reverse Speech and many other patterned symptoms indicate that my Dad and first husband were murdered through these programs, and I suspect many other deaths from this as well.

This is a literal #SilentHolocaust sweeping the planet right now that has been building up for decades as this crime ring has grown.

Below are Four RSA’s I’ve Done on Mass Shooters so Far Indicating Military Intelligence Mass Shooting Operations.

A. Youtube Shooter Reverse Speech Analysis Indicated a Mossad Programming Op to including gender switching programming-

Youtube Shooter Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

B. In the Case of Patrick Crusius Accused of Being the El Paso Walmart Shooter, RS Indicated a Navy Seal Operation took place with a Slim Connection, likely Carlos Slim. Look Under the Videos When Played on Youtube for My Interpretations and more information-

“Beto” O’Rourke #DupersDelight on #ElPasoShooting Reverse Speech- Look Under the Video When Played on Youtube for More Info-

From the eye-witness description, this woman saw a kill team dressed in black of 3 to 4 shooters which does not match the lone shooter, Patrick Crusius, who was blamed for the mass shooting. Twitter nuked Julian’s Rum’s account. Glad I saved his video below.


Stranger still in the RS for the El Paso Walmart Mass Shooting was a possible indication of transhumanism in the form of gender-switching programming that keeps cropping up in Reverse Speech. Transhumanism is a very big part of the #GlobalAIArmsRace. I was surprised to find two reversals from two different people whose totality indicated that a Seal Team involved in The El Paso Shooting may have an Eastern Bloc Country connection that’s hiding a “hairy blond”, a connection to fair hair, and being connected to Carlos Slim in some way.

Because RS is making such a big deal about being hairy, lots of hair, and being fair-haired or blond, and there are no female Navy Seals, and gender-switching programming is indicated in both mil intel transhumanism and their victims, I looked into that aspect which I’ll touch upon more later. Carlos Slim also appears to show up in John Kerry’s Reverse Speech when he talks about the Iran Nuclear deal too when he says, “Slim, your group”. Slim also showed up in my own Reverse Speech research about who is involved in targeting me.

RS has indicated Slim, CIA, DARPA, and NASA in my case. When I went to Google and entered some of the information from the reversals indicating Navy Seals with long blond hair, one of the first things that popped up was a GQ article on a transgendered Navy Seal, so just food for thought. Programming for transhumanism does appear to be problematic in military intelligence as seen in The Youtube Shooter RSA plus the RSA I did on the WV Governor Selling A Brain Chip to his State Congress in a Speech he did.

WV Gov Justice Wants to Use SLAVE Chips on Humans Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

My targeting experience also included attempted gender-switching programming that started to be introduced, but every time it started coming through, it was almost like it was being seen by someone or something who then put a stop to it. I had no idea what it even was until much later. I also don’t know who all is looking at this YET, but targeted individuals almost without exception appear to be wirelessly interfaced to A.I. through a computer for nonconsensual experimentation.

So, if programming is being routed through computers to humans, no telling who all is looking at it or surveilling it anywhere in the world. Most families of #TI’s are also being hit. A friend of mine who is a TI has a child that had this forced gender-switching programming and is now transgendered.

Because of this, it’s very important to be aware of whether or not our thoughts and feelings are coming to us from our internal selves rather than from an external source trying to influence or program us, and of course some people can be more susceptible to programming, hypnosis, and trauma-based mind control techniques used in the expansion of MK Ultra that is now rolling out to the masses wirelessly.

The folks rolling this out appear to want all humans wirelessly hooked to computers eventually, and I’m very curious what percentage already are. That sounds like a great future project for Reverse Speech. But, the connection between transhumanism, Globalists, Ai, pedophilia, and transgender is pretty clear at this point in my opinion.



Another pattern I’ve found is staging and deception in these reversals. Staging and deception are things that help to craft a narrative in an operation to manipulate the public.

I’m not stating whether or not people really died because I don’t know that. It has been reported that many died in these operations and certainly rogue military intelligence groups wouldn’t have a problem killing people if necessary to complete a mission.



Judge’s Speech at the Arraignment of Patrick Crusius-

F1: [Raise your right hand for me please.]

R1: Seal Team of fair-hair resume.

F = 0:02:07 to 0:02:09, R = 0:02:07 to 0:02:09

  • A Seal Team connected to an oath is resuming something connected to fair-hair. This could be commenting on an agenda running connected to white people, and/or a Seal Team that is made up of white people.



F2: [And, to the indictment Sir, do you wish] to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty? Not guilty.

R2: Show me your slim ad may lift net.

F = 0:02:18 to 0:02:22, R = 0:02:18 to 0:02:19

  • Slim, likely Carlos Slim Domit, multi-billionaire, is connected in some way to getting out of an entanglement for those who can show a recommendation from Slim in some way. In a nutshell it sounds to me like it’s saying that those who have an oath of some sort, and who are connected to Slim get to go free and get a pass on this.



My source for the two reversals above-




El Paso Walmart Shooting Victim, Maribel Latin Speech from Hospital Bed-

F3: [No they’re they’re gunshots.]

R3: Sasha hid hairy blond.

F = 0:00:20 to 0:00:22, R = 0:00:20 to 0:00:22

  • The people connected to the gunshots possibly have a hidden Eastern Block connection to a hairy blond. The judge’s RS connects these blonds to a Seal Team and Slim. Women were not allowed to serve in special forces until January of 2016. And, there are zero female Navy Seals as of 2019. Below is a Dec. 2019 article. So, we are likely talking about a male, or transgender here. RS is stressing fair or blond hair and stressing that there is a lot of it for some reason. So, an Eastern Block country connection to a hidden hairy blond, Navy Seals, and Slim. RS is complaining very loudly in other speech I’ve found about the transhumanism agenda being forced and rolled out. So, it’s possible it’s pointing to this agenda in some way.



F4: [They’re shooting. Throw yourself on the floor.]

R4: Herald full of false Earl’s needle shit.

F = 0:00:25 to 0:00:27, R = 0:00:25 to 0:00:27

The perspective of this reversal is describing someone being put forth to inform the public as a good, truthful person, but who is actually not, and who instead is lying connected to bad stuff regarding needles. So, to me, this may be a person with a drug problem connected to being paid to lie, possibly.




F5: He was the [calmest person ever.] He didn’t say anything.

R5: Her retina surfs a mock.

F = 0:01:46 to 0:01:49, R = 0:01:46 to 0:01:48

  • The person she says she’s watching, who was the calmest person, is connected to something that is not real with an intention to deceive. Also, I notice that I don’t see her eyes going to accessing the part of her brain that indicates visual or auditory memory when looking at her body language. Charts for this are easily accessible on the Internet to research and compare to her interview below.

My source for the four reversals above-


The John Kerry reversal, “Slim, your group” can be found here. Scroll to R3 to listen.

Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot of John Kerry Blaming Russia for Hospital Bombing in Aleppo

C. Nikolas Cruz, Florida School Shooter Reverse Speech Indicated A Navy Seal Op-




More RS from the boy accused of being the Florida School Shooter, Nikolas Cruz. Connected to this reversal from Cruz is the word Sartan that also shows up in General Milley’s Reverse Speech where his speech is dramatically incongruent.

From his speech at the Army Museum in Nov. 2020

General Milley’s Reversal:

F1: And the motto of the United States Army for over 200 years since 14 June 1775 the motto has been this we will defend [and the THIS refers to the Constitution] and to protect the liberty of the American People.
R1: And the Jewish the Sartan serve you Satan.


Florida School Shooter, Nikolas Cruz’s RS-

F6: Therapist- What are the voices about? Cruz- [It’s one, this’ another voice, the evil side.]

R6: Council need it. Silver lend us hypnosis.

F = 0:00:04 to 0:00:09, R = 0:00:06 to 0:00:08

  • Nikolas Cruz is talking about the evil voices he’s hearing. His RS is commenting on that and says that there is a Council that needed something that is connected to the evil voices he hears, and that there was also betrayal that lent the hypnosis for the evil voices Cruz is hearing. This is quite a smoking gun here, folks. Also, I did some other RS on my own to ask about this case trying to find more out about the specific council being brought up and the word Vatican came out clearly in a reversal where the surrounding of the word was not clear.
  • So, this council is likely one that is connected to a military group rolling out mass shootings that is likely a Navy Seal group in the case of Nikolas Cruz. National Security Council possibly? Isn’t that where Vindman comes from? Eric CIAramella? Sean Misko? Hmmm.

I think this video is a good representation of what might be going on connected to the National Security Council and information coming through RS in this RSA.


F7: Detective- …when your mom passed. Cruz- [It started to get worse when my Mom passed.]

R7: Senate worm wiggle through weave. Neuro sift.

F = 0:00:10 to 0:00:14, R = 0:00:11 to 0:00:14

  • Pertaining to a neural shift, or shifting thinking that looks to be quite literal considering that people are being placed without their knowledge or consent onto a quantum Internet of things via Obama #BrainNet money. In addition, there is something creeping and crawling through the Senate that wiggles through something being created that is connected to corruption that is under examination that is also connected to what happened to Nikolas Cruz that got worse when his Mom passed.

Human “…Brains Linked to Mixed Reality Quantum Computer Sentient World Simulation”- Approx 16 mins–


James Corbett Excellent Explanation of What a False Flag is Through History and Today- 8 Minutes



D. The rest of the transcript will be the RS from the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas that happened about 20 minutes away from where I live.


Chief J.P. Bevering’s Reverse Speech (from White Settlement Police Department)-

F8: I’m Chief Bevering, White Settlement Police Department. Uh fir[st of all I wanna give my condolences out] for all the parishioners.

R8: FISA’s warn the gun big go lobs.

F = 0:02:52 to 0:02:59, R = 0:02:56 to 0:02:57

  • Condolences from this shooting are connected in some way to a warning that’s connected to FISA and big guns likely being lobbied. So, seeking to influence big guns in some way appears to be connected to this tragedy and a warning that’s connected to FISA.
  • FISA is being used in conjunction with The Patriot Act as a mechanism to manufacture a massive list of people, approx 6 million globally, for exploitation in a Stasi money-from-suffering and wireless trafficking ring that’s global that is referred to in code as a #PublicPrivatePartnership. Unbalanced people on the list who have a low ability to cope with being tortured, are who I’m finding are being used in orchestrated mass shootings.

Targeted Justice is Suing The Civilian Torture Program. Below is Attorney for Targeted Justice

Ana Toledo Davila and one of the Plaintiffs, Len Ber.



F9: [A gunman entered the West] Freeway Church of Christ, White Settlement, TX.

R9: Sell with gurney and a MAGA.

F = 0:03:27 to 0:03:30, R = 0:03:27 to 0:03:28

  • Something is being sold here, likely to the public, in connection with the gunman who entered, a medical emergency, and Trump’s Make America Great Again.



F10: In the meantime like I said we just ask for you thoughts and prayers for our community and [the parishioners of the West Freeway Church of] Christ.

R10: Your kill will silk the buzzard chirp.

F = 0:04:11 to 0:04:16, R = 0:04:14 to 0:04:16

  • This killing of will, perhaps an orchestration designed to kill human will (I’ve found this before in the RS of a NASA employee) that obscures, or hides attention being sought, by seeking decay and death. In my opinion this reversal is talking about using this shooting as a cover for attention being sought by people who are dying. Please see the following information about #TargetedIndividuals and AG Barr’s #Precrime.


The video below is about 17 minutes. While watching, think about how this tech would be used to create mass shooters. Then consider that AG Barr is currently rolling out a #Precrime initiative that would throw citizen victims into mental hospitals to cover up these ops designed to distract away from the #GlobalAIArmsRace where citizens are being tortured to death and thrown in mental institutions to keep them quite and break their will.

Named by FBI Director Christopher Wray, Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas, Texas FBI Field Office, Matthew J. DeSarno’s Reverse Speech-

F11: I would like to [echo the Chief’s comments] uh for the entire community, [The West Freeway Church of Christ.]

R11: Slim eye cheat the looker.

F = 0:04:28 to 0:04:33, R = 0:04:29 to 0:04:30

  • The full picture is not being given to the public. Slim may also refer to Carlos Slim who looks from other RS I’ve done to be connected to John Kerry in a group of some kind. A slim eye could also be an indicator that the globalist transhumanist cult syndicate who have a ritual harming one of their eyes is involved. Both groups are the same group.



F12: [We are working very hard to find motive.]

R12: Food on ALF yeast. Fear our Herod micro war you.

F = 0:04:43 to 0:04:46, R = 0:04:43 to 0:04:46

  • Motive is connected to food connected to possibly even for an Alien or Artificial Life Form and yeast that is also connected to a slaughter of the innocents and a microwave war on the public. There are microwaves hitting the public now and especially #TargetedIndividuals who are tortured, many with their families, for nonconsensual experimentation for many things including mind control brain research using radiation weapons among other things that are being done for the #GlobalAIArmsRace.
  • One thing done is to infect people with a bioagent that may involve a bacteria, virus, and/or yeast, also adding nanodust into the mix in order to make humans better antennas that can be more easily located and hit with radiation to pulse nano dust with power and instructions, and to connect them to computers in AI brain computer interface experimentation. Other RS I’ve done indicates there is a chemistry/organic chemistry connection here in some way to fluorine and an ethyl/ester group.
  • The science is already done. This information is already out there, guys. But, don’t expect the media to tell you about because the defense industry sits on it like a million pound gorilla. They don’t wanting you to know about any of this because they don’t wanting you getting into their pocket of money or reducing their control.



More information-


More information on DeSarno-




From the News Texas Department of Public Safety Regional Director Jeoff Williams’ Reverse Speech-

Picture is from:

F13: I’d like to echo those same sentiments that our hearts and [uh go out to the victims and their families.]

R13: Seal laughin’. Soon it get the power grab.

F = 0:05:32 to 0:05:39, R = 0:05:36 to 0:05:39

  • Connected likely to Navy Seals and victims of mass shootings and their families, Mr. Williams’ seems to believe Seals will be sitting pretty and free connected to this shooting and perhaps others being used as an opportunity for a power grab in some way. He appears to think they are not going to be caught as they continue this sadistic power grab.


So, might a Navy Seal faction loyal to the Globalist Deep State connected to a council such as the National Security Council be in operation? Here’s an article about a Navy Swastika Building that houses Navy Seals. The researcher claims it was not an oops, consarn it, accidental Swastika as others have claimed it is.


I found another reference to the Navy in the RS of the classroom teacher on 911 where Shrub Jr sat on his Keaster after being told about 911. Many coincidences. I decided to take a look at her speech because it was right after his apparent #DupersDelight My findings on that are underneath the video when watched on Youtube-






F14: [Take a moment today just to lift them up in prayer] um we have a a enormous response here today.

R14: Rare, through ‘bama quill. Those who get it don’t want the gift.

F = 0:05:41 to 0:05:49, R = 0:05:41 to 0:05:43

  • Connected to a request to lift up people in prayer is something that is rare or rares up through ‘bama’s quill, likely Obama, writing and/or signing something such as some sort of order. And, those who are receiving the action of Obama’s quill don’t want the gift. This could be referring to Obama’s #BrainInitiative that has caused millions across the world to be literally wirelessly trafficked and sold into slavery for nonconsensual experimentation. They are tortured for life. Many have been murdered, and all for their brain and body data being used to build out the 3D Internet of Bodies Global Control Grid. Many individuals who are transhumanism zealots refer to transhumanism as a gift when clearly it’s the opposite. Our vets are being tortured just like entire civilian families are for the #GlobalAIArmsRace. This may be referring to targeting for nonconsensual brain research torture.

Suicided Whistleblower on Celeb Pedophiles, Isaac Kappy Said He Was Being Targeted by These Weapons. Ironically He Released a Song Before He Died Having to Do with the Present Being a Gift. You Can Listen to it Below-



F15: Take a moment today just to lift them up in prayer um we have a a [enormous response here today.]

R15: Yeah bitter snob serve some on it.

F = 0:05:41 to 0:05:49, R = 0:05:47 to 0:05:49

  • The enormous response at the church is connected somehow to bitter snobs who serve something connected to the shooting and its response. I’ve come across RS using the term snob a couple of times now related to a tactic being used against Trump. It’s a repeated mind control tactic shown over and over to the public of knocking Trump down to bring themselves up to reward their own ego in order to get other people to mirror the tactic themselves because they get an ego stroking type payoff each time they use it. #SuperiorDanceTactics


In addition to a dark Navy, I’ve also found a dark army, and a dark air force. So, the corruption reaches far and wide. Seems like it’s time for all those guys to use the neuro-programming tools they have to DE-program themselves and the rest of the people they’ve harmed with these weapons, and heal up all the damage done then shut it all down globally. It’s also time for our heros in uniform to clean out their ranks of wherever all this corruption is coming from, and keep it at bay. More Dark Navy RS from the Teacher in the Classroom with Shrub Jr. after he was told about 911 and continued to sit and observe-

Dark Army RS Indicated in the RS of Robert David Steele-


Dark Air Force RS from Juanita Broaddrick whose RS does Indicate Traumatic Rape & Terror to This Day that Somehow also includes the “Air Force Men”. See the first comment underneath the Facebook Poster for her Reversals and their Interpretations.


To learn more about #TargetedIndividuals to help educate yourselves so that you can help shut it down before it happens to you and your family, please read the letter I wrote that includes plenty of documentation that you can share because the media scarcely report on it, and politicians rarely address it, however, Rand Paul appears to have addressed it last night. I was amazed. THANK YOU FOR YOU COURAGE, SENATOR, PAUL! The Letter I Wrote With Documentation on Behalf of Targeted Individuals-



Senator Paul’s Tweet and Responses-



Here’s documentation of one thing happening to #TargetedIndividuals involving precognition that appears to be a result of being wirelessly linked to A.I. in forced brain computer interface.


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What is Reverse Speech?

 My Second Radio Show with My Reverse Speech Teacher, David Oates from Friday, April 7, 2017. Under 1 Hour

Here is my April 7, 2017 show including Reverse Speech basics, how to find them on your own, reversals on Steve Pieczenik, John Kerry revealing cabal info in his Antarctica speech, the death of Max Spiers, and Cabal World leaders fake crying to get public support to allow weaponized migrants into their countries along with regular migration. Under 1 hour. My audio segment starts at 54 minutes into the video. This first half are David Oates’ reversals of the aged who can only vocalize in their forward speech, but whose reversals are clear and help us know what they are trying to communicate.

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Reverse Speech comes from the same place our dreams come from. It is natural to humans and was discovered by David Oates over thirty years ago. In his research, David found out that we actually learn to speak in reverse before we learn to speak forward. We start speaking in reverse at the age of about 4 months old.

Here is a Youtube video from David’s Youtube channel showing reverse speech in children. There’s even one handicapped child who cannot speak forward, but can be heard in reverse telling her mother that she loves her:


Our Reverse Speech is always true. It comes from what is programmed into our subconscious and also comes from higher self, and above. Because of this, it’s a very useful tool to be able to use on people as a lie detector.

David used it at the request of the police in one case. He analyzed a police interrogation with a suspect. They asked him where he hid the weapon, and the suspect claimed to be innocent, but in reverse, he said the weapon was in the basement, and that is right where the police found it. Many police are using this now in the U.S.

Some other things he has found recently have been that Hillary Clinton as said twice now in reversals that David has found that she does have and illness and when Bill was on Charlie Rose the other night saying that she’s healthy and that she only gets dehydrated, in reverse he said, “She’s toast.”   More recently though, David has found two different reversals saying that she is now well. And, even more recently in India, she has fallen down the stairs again. We’ll keep listening… Wonder what on Earth is going on there? Mystery ensues, hey?

David even found the code word from Desert Storm back in the 80s that Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld and that bunch kept saying that was showing up in their Reverse Speech about 3 months BEFORE they told the public about Desert Storm.

Here is the confession in reverse of the guy who claimed he was innocent of killing Natalie Holloway. I don’t know if y’all remember that case or not, but here it is:


So, you can see that it will get right to the truth of what is going on with individual people…

Ok, now for the therapeutic use of Reverse Speech… If you know about Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, he discovered that our dreams are metaphors and that one of the ways we create our reality is to use these metaphors that have been passed down to us historically and individually.

Jung said that we would not exist without these metaphors. And, it just so happens that the same metaphors found in our dreams show up around the world in peoples’ Reverse Speech regardless of what language they speak.

So, when we do a Reverse Speech session, we find out by talking forward about the things we are concerned about and how they feel and what we think is going on, then we analyze them in reverse to find out what metaphors are being given to us about those things that are troubling to us.

Normally, during the session, we will find one or more unhealthy metaphors in our subconscious that we can then restructure into HEALTHY metaphors by a process of guided visualization/hypnosis to retrain the subconscious to dismantle the unhealthy metaphor and replace it with the healthy one.

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ReverseSpeech Testimonials


“What Is Reverse Speech & Where Does It Come From?”

By Tiffany Fontenot

Our Universal and higher selves, our subconscious and unconscious minds are speaking to us all the time in synchronicities, telepathic phrases we hear in our heads, being energetically pulled to put our attention on something important… They speak to us when we are in altered states such as being under hypnosis, or in our dreams. They speak to us in symbols and metaphors, and many other ways that we are only just beginning to understand.

One other way this is done is within the context of Reverse Speech. Before being born here, we may exist outside of time. If true, one would not be surprised to find that humans naturally speak forward and backward at the same time from different levels of consciousness in order to both communicate and provide guidance and/or information to ourselves and others in a beautiful display of our true multidimensional nature that reflects how we ACTUALLY exist unbeknownst to us before.

Now that is multitasking that is really impressive, and I DO love it because it begs the question, “Who and what must we really be in order to be able to do all of that fancy footwork?” This is the most exciting question I think I’ve ever thought about and for me is full with emotion because it seems we are finally moving into a phase of being able to answer this question properly for once, meaning humanity has the opportunity now to tangibly FEEL our human potential unlocking that before seemed so far away and impossible to reach.

One thing that now appears innate to human beings due to the discovery and decades of study of reverse speech by David Oates is that we learn to speak backward long before we ever learn to speak forward.

We can hear Reverse Speech phenomena by recording the forward, more overt, conscious speech, then play the recording backward in order to be able to hear the more covert, unconscious reverse speech that comments on what is being said forward. These speech reversals are received and understood on a subtle, unconscious level during normal conversation.

The left brain creates linear forward verbal speech while reversals will tend to come from the relaxed, emotional speech that emanates from the more artistic, metaphorical, enigmatic right side of the brain.

How exciting to get to explore our natural, human, multidimensional nature through Reverse Speech as an avenue that leads us back to discover who we really are!

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