CABAL USES CAPSTONE AT Sandy Hook– Wolf Halbig Show Down Meeting– With Partial Transcript

Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, and ALL School personnel, please take note of all of this information concerning Sandy Hook and School Shootings:  Three people have been iced trying to get this out to the public, so I am putting this video and partial transcript out. I URGE ALL OF YOU who do not have time to view the whole thing to at least start at minute 43 to minute 48.5 where he starts talking about CAPSTONE!

This is the video of the meeting of first responders, politicians, and community members in Long Island, New York on Monday, October 8, 2014.  Wolfgang Halbig is the presenter.  Mr. Halbig is a  retired school administrator and retired state trooper, and current national expert on school shooting safety.  This information is VERY important to share because it has explosive potential for cabal arrests.  It is NUDGING PEOPLE AND HAS THE POTENTIAL TO GO OVER THE WALL IN A BIG WAY!!!!!!

Please help the dominoes to fall! I usually don’t get excited about all this stuff because we’ve got a long way to go, BUT THIS ONE IS A BIG DEAL where rounding up cabal and dominoes falling are concerned.  The transcript I did is of minute 43 through minute 48.5 of the Halbig Meeting that occurred on Long Island, New York on Monday, October 6, 2014.  Mr. Halbig’s website is also at the bottom along with other links for news and information that will be coming in on this initiative in the future. 

Please educate yourselves and KEEP UP WITH WHAT’S GOING ON WITH IT.  We really need follow-through on this.  If it gets big enough, the main stream media will have to pick it up, and I’m telling you right now that the cabal media will try to spin it and hand us a couple of scape goats, BUT THAT IS NOT OK. 

At that point we will need to start wearing our congressmen and women completely out with this issue letting them know that WE KNOW.  Our congress are currently either trying to escape this cabal, or are working FOR them.  Keep at them.  We really need to all come together on this because once we get those arsehole paracites out, we can really really get going on how to remake our world into something that resonates with WHO WE ARE instead of WHO THEY ARE. I’ll also added a link to a quick and easy way to write, call, or Skype your congressman/woman.  Transcript follows.

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TRANSCRIPT OF THE MEETING MINUTE 43 THROUGH MINUTE 48.5. The speaker is Wolf Halbig unless otherwise indicated.  Transcripted by Tiffany Fontenot:

“I urge you as parents and grandparents research the word “Capstone.”  It is the most dangerous word that I’m starting to see.  And, it took me fifteen months to figure it out.  And, had it not been for two Connecticut state troopers when I flew up to Hartford… I met with them privately.  They said, Wolfgang, let me show you the script. Let me show you the word Capstone.  Do you know what Capstone is?

It’s an exercise…and, millions and millions of dollars are spent…and it’s a two-and-a-half year process.  It starts at the desk of the president (Tif’s comments are in parenthesis—but we know the president takes orders from higher ups.)  It runs its way through congress…leaders of congress; attorney general; director of the FBI; goes right down to the state and city government;

And, you know what?  I didn’t get it until I did a workshop with 200 school board members the other day, and one of ’em said, “Well, Mr. Halbig…Wolfgang…how did the whole community get involved in this?  …A Capstone exercise is a whole community event.  Audience Member: Is that what this is? Wolf: Yes.

…I promise you.  Nobody died.  Audience Member: It was a drill.  Wolf:  It was an exercise…a whole community exercise.  Audience Member:  Then how do you keep that quiet?  If everybody’s involved, no matter how much money…  Wolf:  They signed an agreement…a national security agreement.  And, guess what?  I go up to Newtown…  They are stonewalling me.  When I went in font of that school board, they’ve got the state attorney Stephen Sedensky, who wrote the report sitting in the room.

Now what is a state attorney doing listening to me speak?  They had fear.  He scared ’em to death.  Audience Member: So if all of the people about in a capstone event commit high treason by interfering with our Second Amendment right, can they all be tried for high treason?  Wolf: Can I tell you what?  We will find out when we start with that member.  Whenever you investigate this kind of a conspiracy…fraud… I mean what they are doing to this country is unbelievable.

But, let me tell you what you do, you attack the weakest link.  We know what the weakest link is.  And, what you gotta have when you attack the weakest link is, you gotta have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that if you take it into a jury…  Guess who you want on that jury?  You want parents who have elementary school children.  You want grandparents who have elementary school children.  They need to hear this Sandy Hook fraud.  They need to hear it!

I can promise you this, that people do not want this case to go in front of the people.  They’ll be unforgiving.  And at Sandy Hook, the dominoes are gonna fall.  It took us fifteen months, and thank God for Rich and John, and David…all of us…  We’re comin’ together!  This thing is growin’! We’re coming!  And, I’ll tell ya this…  Call your congressman and senator.  They won’t respond to you.  Tell ’em that you want a copy of the FBI report.  Tell ’em that you want a congressional investigation.  They DO NOT want to not want to talk about Sandy Hook.

WHY?  They’re your senators.  They’re your congressman. They work for you.  They DO NOT want to talk about Sandy Hook.  (pointing) Yes. Sir.  Audience Member:  How many people were involved in this conspiracy?  Wolf: I believe the whole community. I believe the Catholic church.  I believe the fire department.

Here’s my question for you.  (pointing at firemen in the audience) Whenever have you had the first mass casualty shooting in elementary school history, and all the firetrucks are sitting at the fire station?  They’re all shiny.  They ain’t moved.  And, the worst traffic control ever seen.  They blocked ambulances…people from coming.  But, they DID get the port-a-potties there on time. 🙂

And, you’ll love this one…  It took me about a month to figure out who the owner of the port-o-pottie company was.  It’s called Chatfield Port-A-Pottie out of Southbury, Connecticut.  I called ’em up.  I said, “I want to know who ordered ’em.”  When were they ordered?  Who paid for ’em?  She called the police.

The Southbury Police Department…the sergeant called me the next morning, said do not EVER call the port-a-pottie company again, or you’ll be arrested.  Audience Member:  Why?  Wolf:  Harassment.  I mean, really, he was serious.  Now, I want you to call the port-a-pottie company. Wolf:  It’s called The Chatfield Port-A-Pottie company in Southbury, Connecticut.

Here’s the thing…they got a port-a-pottie company here in Newtown… They got two of ’em.  Why go to Southbury?  This is ALL planned.  Audience Memeber: What’s the number?”  (Audience laughs and Wolf smiles and shakes his head.)  (However, and this is my comment…Tif…I have requested and gotten the phone number from Exposing The Three FB page community in case you would like to research this further.  The phone number for that company is 203-264-4775.  Good luck!) 🙂

This transcript only covers about five minutes of the actual 2 hour video of the meeting held on Long Island.  The link to that Youtube video and other links are below.  I encourage anyone that knows how to do transcript software to start getting these interviews and presentations out in transcript form for our folks out there who are hearing impaired, don’t have the tech to play videos, or are not auditory learners, and prefer written text instead of speech.  Thanks so much to anyone willing to step up to the plate on that!!! Muah!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

And, please contribute money, positive thoughts/prayers to Wolfgang Halbig as he moves forward with the lawsuits as they are costly and he is doing this on behalf of all of us, plus going up against the cabal is stressful.  He needs to be uplifted, supported, AND PROTECTED from these individuals that are raping our planet and our people of what we most hold dear!

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